We are already on DAY 6!!


Today Diet challenge is eat olives or avocado PLUS Drink water!!  Good healthy fats and FIBER are in these fun garnishing fruits.  Be brave and try some fun new ways to enjoy olives and avocado!


Today’s Personal Challenge- Text a lot Tuesday…why you ask. It’s a fun way to stay connected, encourage others and to quickly let someone know you are thinking about them. STRIVE to text a lot today.  My goal is to scroll down through my text list and say HI! to some of those LOWER ON THE LIST, lol!


Today’s workout focus is ENDURANCE!! and Lower Body- Slim Chick Purple Boosting 11 minute workout!



My POA~for my next 10 days:


(DONE) May 5 Day 1 FASTED BIKE 20min; Back Interval Treadmill Run

May 6 Day 2 FASTED BIKE 20min; Chest Lower Body- Slim Chick Purple Boosting

May 7 Day 3 FASTED BIKE 20min; RUN Abs/Booty- Slim Chick Purple Boosting

May 8 Day 4 Legs 6-pack of PEPSI ab routine

May 9 Day 5 FASTED BIKE 20min; Back Run the “HAM” Butt workout

May 10 Day 6 FASTED BIKE 20min;Chest 6-pack of LaCroix ab routine

May 11 Day 7 Legs the “BLT” Butt workout

May 12 Day 8 FASTED BIKE 20min;Back Run Upper Body- Slim Chick Pink Buffing

May 13 Day 9 FASTED BIKE 20min;Legs Lower Body- Slim Chick Pink Buffing

May 14 Day 10 FASTED BIKE 20min;Chest Run Abs/Booty- Slim Chick Pink Buffing


I ended up having a very fun day yesterday…got to talk with SUZI!!  She’s such a firecracker.  I cleaned up my office a bit more to make room for a new work station my husband is building me.  Got in a solid workout and then  Went out on a little date with the hubby.


Now today I’ve been working, cleaning, working and soon to be getting in my workout then run some errands.


I’ll check in later with ya’ll!!

have a super day 6!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Pretty Pink

Yesterday turned into a highly productive day!! I love it when things get accomplished!

I started the day with “work time” –adding a ton of videos to You Tube. I’m still a bit behind on the booty workouts though.  If you’ve ever posted HD vids to the internet with a super slow connection, you would understand why. It takes forever!

After/During that I did my chest lifting workout and also packed up a bunch of MY DVD’s with Band workouts to ship out


Then I got dolled up and headed out to lunch with my SIL, Heidi

She gave me the most beautiful pink gem necklace!


Then I got my nails done, ran a few more errands and even got my puppy groomed.

Once I got home I brought Gunner to the DR for his physical and then hit Wal-Mart for food.  We spent the night doing some “target practice” and finished the evening off with a “night hunt”.


VERY good fun day!!

Today is Day 19 of our Hot Hiney contest~ and I will be working MY BOOTY off today~ I’ll be taping the TUNA and the MELT today!

Here’s the post for today:


I’m off to have another productive day!!


p.s. check out my new feature on Pinqii…-disagrees-explains/

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Fun Day!

I have a fun girls lunch today with a friend of mine who I’ve not been able to hang with often recently due to us both being so busy…followed by getting to hang with my buddy Emily at her new photography studio!! I am so excited for her to finally have a “place”…Growing up is so fun, lol!!

I’m also neck deep in working on my website updates and trying to get our next contest organized.  FUN, FUN!!

The contest is going to be our shortest yet–  just 21 days!  The goal is to help get everyone involved a jump start towards their 2012 goals and to help establish new habits.  They say it takes 21 days to attain a new habit~ i think we’ll be able to accomplish just that!

I should be able to post the official contest announcement by tomorrow at the lastest….Promise me that once i post it, you’ll invite your friends?? :bff:

I’m off to get some work done before the fun!

Your Friend, Michelle

40 days to FIT~ Day 39

Hey ya Ladies!! Well I feel sooo much better today than yesterda and I DID do the SMART thing and listen to my body by taking it easy on my workout yesterday. I just did a couple sets of push ups…one set of 14 and another of 35. Today is going to be a FUN day~ we are going golfing.

Here’s a quick vlog about it:

Hope you have a fun day!!
~OH and be sure to join our “Sunny Side Group”!!
I am Living on the “Sunny SIDE!!”

40 days to FIT~ Days 25 & 26- "Boosting"=bad blogger, LOL!

Hey~ I feel like such a scatter brain and a bit antisocial during several days of my boosting phase- mostly cycle days 21-26.  I feel much better today and am ready to enjoy the beautiful weather, a GREAT workout, my kids being out of school, and some good food!  My DH and son are going to go armadillo hunting this afternoon and maybe we can have some Armadillo stew! J/K Laughing

My workouts have been hit or miss this week…Missing more than I want!  I’ve been really extra busy with some work projects and my son’s Football stuff.  It’s crazy how much time it takes when there is even 1 “extra” event added to the day.  I plan to make up for the missed workouts this weekend with 3 good days in a row- Chest  and some intervals today, Legs tomorrow and Back  with some more intervals on Sunday.  Then I plan on taking MONDAY off and getting a ton of work done!!

Well…I’ve gotta go, GO, GO workout!!! :jump:  But I’ll be back to hang out with you, my “friends” , for a bit this afternoon~


P.S. sorry about the double up on the feature for day 25 & 26 of the “40days to FIT”~ I’ve fixed it now…but for those of you who missed the actual day 26 feature…

Love ya!!

40 days to FIT!! Day 11~Hasher!

Hey all~ today I am a “Hasher“…I am writing this just after a hard interval run and I am drinking a BUD LIGHT Angel

Don’t expect to lose any weight following my example today, lol!

I am living it up as this morining I officially declared that I am on “VACATION” for the remainder of this week…but I am still compelled to visit my friend on the web~ I’d miss you if I didn’t!!  Today we had another family fun day…a good lunch out to eat Mexican and then to the mall to buy gym shoes for the kids.  Then we went to the open house at school to meet their teachers and get them set with school supplies.

My DD who is 7.5 years old lost her very first tooth today too~ I think the tooth fairy was getting worried that she’d never lose one!  That reminds me…I gotta find some money and remember to get it under her pillow at some point tonight.

OH~ and I got my photos back from my shoot today…they rock!!!  For you Rally Room members I have the link here to where you can see them on the web … for everyone else, you’ll just have to wait until I post them one at a time or on one of my public galleries 🙂

Love ya!!!


Here’s one of my new pics~ me in a Green bikini on a WHITE background~!

I didn't cut my run short … thanks to YOU!

Well HELLO!!

This morning I went on a fasted run~I planned on doing a basic out an back of 3 miles total….well not even half way through I felt like cutting it short. Over and over again I had to talk myself into going the entire way…my thoughts of YOU kept me going!! THANK YOU!

Yesterday was a “active” rest day for me…I had a fun day! I cleaned in the morning, sun bathed in the early afternoon while listening to a few good Biblical messages on my Iphone, went for a couple little bike rides around the block with my DD Tia, then I messed around in my flower bed: weeding, transplanting, watering, etc…, then my DH and I played some “redneck golf’, and some1 on 1 basketball, then we painted a couple walls in the front room of our house and I finished off my day watching “under the tuscan sun”

It was a good day!

My POA for this week is to get a ton of work done before the 4th!!

M-run (done!), pay bills, work
T- legs, laundry
W- run and upper body
Th-photos, stats, final entry for contest…I am doing them on Thursday because I want to workout on Wednesday

Hope that thinking of me can help you get through your workout as much as thinking of you helped me! Thanks again!!


Fun Day!

What a fun day~ It was fun for many reasons:
1. I got to spend some extra time talking to my DH today in route to an from his job (his car is in the shop)
2. I got to buy my kiddo a sonic “whacky pack” for them today–Tia thought the word Whacky was funny!–so do I!
3. I got to workout with my DH, sorta– not actually together, but we were at the gym at the same time
4. I went shoe shopping– the only kind of shopping I tollerate– and I bought a pair!
5. I had fun talking on the phone about BuffMother! My favorite topic!

My workout was good–OH an I am DYING from my sore butt today–those lunges and Dead Lifts–totally killed it!
I lifted a weird upper body mix today:
R- bike warm up
Chest press machine
4 sets…can’t remember weight- I don’t usually do this machine other than for warm up prior to bench, so I wasn’t really focused on the weight
Incline flys

Standing barbell military
right shoulder pain– i have a tricky rt. shoulder that I have to keep in check
lateral raises, front raises, hammer curl –mix of about 2 sets

tricep push downs
one set of cable raises between
10×10 each arm

pull ups
8, 8

Lat pulls (cybex pull down)

Seated rows– oh my poor sore booty
90x20x1 set–my pain was too great on my bottom half to do any more

run total of 4 min warm up
10 mins medium/hard 1 mile at 8.6 mph or a 7:03 min mile
good enough since I have a hard killer Track workout tomorrow

Then abs- old school sit ups- seriously for like 2-3 mins straight…next time I need to time myself
Bicep curls on hammer machine
45×15 (5 full, 5 short, 5 full motions)x2
shoulder rehab rotations- 10# db x 10×3 sets


I was Attacked!

EEEK! I was attacked and had to use my mace last evening on my run. I was attacked by a dog. Thank God it was just a dog and not a man. BUT-
Always remember saftey first when you are outside walking, biking, running, etc.
Always carry mace. It is light and easy to cary during your outdoor activity and could save your life!

Stay Safe,