From Old RR for Jan 2012

Super quick hello!!! View Edit Outline Track Fri, 2012/01/06 – 9:35pm — BuffMother HI!! Today was an awesome day~ I loved being able to spend […] Read More

I won!! from last night and Today~

Last NIGHT: I am so happy…. I won my race tonight and it WAS a blast. Thanks for all your cheering on and support. I […] Read More

Home away from home YIPPIE!!

I was so excited to workout today for many reasons: 1- reading all of your super awesome posts 2- I was pumped about working out […] Read More

133#s up from 126#s in 11days!

Building results 9-10-05 Michelle @133#’s 8-27-05 measurements: Calipers: Tri: 4mm Illiac: 3mm Thigh: 5mm Height 5-6.5 Weight 126 Bust 36.5 Waist 25 Hips 35 Chest […] Read More