1 day

1 day Here is my leg workout from yesterday: 10 min. r-bike warm up Free motion squats 3 sets warm up for squats Squats 95x20x2 […] Read More

2 days to GO!

2 days Well I got a BONUS workout of sorts yesterday…I was only planning to run, but DH wanted me to lift with him…so I […] Read More

3 days to Go!!

3 days…Just 3 days to Go! Do you remember how focused you were during the first 3 days of this contest- REGAIN That EXCITEMENT!! You […] Read More

8 days to GO!

HI!! We have just 8 days to go of our 21 day Kick the Habit contest. I certainly hope you are focused and ready to […] Read More

10 days

10 days to Go!! warm up 5 min on r-bike incline press machine, sets of 10 65 80 100 Bench 95×10 115×10 135×6 115×10 Cable […] Read More

11 days to Go!!

11 days to go… Holy cow!! we are at the halfway point of our 21 days!! I certainly hope you are progressing nicely and having […] Read More

16 days to go…

Hey ya…we have just 16 days to go to kick our habits!! It’s the weekend and that means we have to be even more focused […] Read More

20 days to go!! LEG plans~

20 days to go in our 21 day: kick the habit contest!…. I SO EXCITED about this contest and all the great goals my BuffSisters […] Read More

LEG!! Hoochie Momma workout :)

Okie Dokie- I had a great day! My hair is feeling perfect, much lighter and cut nicely, I can’t wait to fix it tomorrow and […] Read More

9 days out!! and new Camo TANK

Well I had a good day of working out today! I didn’t go to the gym yesterday and it felt like I hadn’t been there […] Read More