PMA Monday

I am pressing hard to have a PMA (positive mental attitude) today…I woke up a bit blue today…not sure why?  BUT I have a good […] Read More

5 Days!!!

5 days left until I am in CANCUN!!! I am so excited to get away from it all and just chill! It’s a busy, busy […] Read More


Had a great conference call today about “ABS: 3 Focuses to Accelerate Resutls!!”  We talked about all sorts of important factors that go into making […] Read More

Energy up!!

HEY!!  I am so happy to report that my ENERGY is UP again after a couple physically DEAD days on Monday (cday2) and Tuesday(cday 3). […] Read More

Diet HARD!! "S6" ~Day 10

The plan is to DIET HARD!   HI Girls!!…well I made it through another boosting phase!!! Today was the last day~ WHEW!!! I am so […] Read More

Timely Advice ~ Days 3 & 4

I just love all the timely advice I’ve been giving myself, lol!! Yesterday our focus was HORMONES- Of which I have no shortage of at […] Read More

May is here!!!

MAY is HERE!!! whoohoo!!! Bring IT ON!! Today was football practice. It went really well despite us practicing in the rain and 45 degree temps.  […] Read More

Wild Times Ahead!

I am very excited for the next several months, but it will be WILD Ride!!! My first football game is May 7th.  I am excited […] Read More

I "heart" Creatine!

Thursday, April 21, 2011 @ 15:17pm I “heart” Creatine! Seriously! for any athlete that is looking to perform their best CREATINE can’t be beat!! I […] Read More

Happy Hoppy Easter POA

Happy, Hoppy, Easter week!! I love this holiday!! LIFE abounds because of all the Love shared on Easter! I love, love, love Easter!! My girls […] Read More