Holy cow! I am not quite sure i am recovered from Vegas yet???  I apparently was expending a lot of energy over the weekend, lol! Which by the way I’ve been putting together a “vegas recap” blog and should have it complete today!


I spent yesterday catching up on work, cleaning, laundry and took in a bit of sun, since it was the last day of it for the week.  My workout yesterday was Legs: Squats- high set was 155 x10 hip twists Bulgarians- high set was 30# db’s–holy cow that was hard! Knee Extensions Hip lifts Standing hip ups Hip circles Butt Pops

Knee ups on roman chair

I had our booty contest on my mind during the workout– I’ll demo some of the moves during the contest for you~ The song “Sexy Bit$#” was playing on my Ipod when I too my #workoutproof pic, can you tell?

I ended up having to cut the workout short- I had to get to the post office before it closed. BY THE WAY! if you won a shirt in the S2S contest, please message me your address and what shirt you want.


Then it was off to the races– guitar lessons, wal-mart, more cooking and cleaning in time for Hubby to get home from a work trip (he was in MN yesterday)…Once he was home, I cuddled up with him to CELEBRATE his successful trip — my hubby is such a great provider for us!



Today I slept in until 9am~ crazy! I am still beat!  Anyhow, my little TIA was home sick on a day she was suppose to celebrate her benchmark success with a “walk to sonic”…since she missed I picked her up and we “drove to sonic”


After I got her back to the school I hit the gym

My workout today was Back (and shoulders and biceps and as always ABS!):


Lat pulls

75×10 90x10x3 Rows 75×10 90x10x3 Calf Raises

70x15x4 (various foot positions) Knee ups on bench

25 reps x2 sets– + finished with single leg on second set T-bar row machine (never done this one b4) 45x10x3sets One arm lat rows 40’sx10x3sets Bent over lateral raises– super focused on rear delts 10’sx10x2 12’sx10 Hammer Curls 20’sx15 25’sx10 Shoulder press machine 60×10 frontward + 60x 10 backwards 75x10x2 90×10

Lower back extensions with booty focus- 2 sets


Then cardio– working on my VO2max– Recumbent bike 23mins with about 4 more intense intervals of 1 min; 30 seconds; 1:20 and 1min

Then elliptical- forward and backward intervals for 20 mins- first half at level 5; second half at level 6


I plan to run on the treadmill after my food digests @ about 4pm-

I got some new shoes!! Actually 2 pair~ wore the white and hot pink ones today:


What is your goal for May? workout daily? quit the dessert habit? build shapely muscle? lose weight? …My goal for may is to fuel my body for my running/track workouts and forget about the SCALE– this month is all about PERFORMANCE!  Diet is always a hard item for me– partly because I can’t eat many carbs and I’m always trying to “walk the line” of getting enough, but not too many.  Anyhow it’s my focus for May
Today I’ve had 4 eggs over easy cooked in butter 1 cutie
2cups coffee with half and half
1 tater tot and 1 mozzarella stick– took Tia to lunch
3 large straw berries large chicken salad: Romain, spinach, pea pods, carrot, cashews, shredded sharp cheddar and ranch dressing
Gotta go get a bit more work caught up on and finish my Vegas recap post–
Keep up the great focus!!

Confession Time!

I ate a bunch of JUNK yesterday!!!  Pizza, coke, rootbeer, ice cream, waffle bowl, choc and carmel syrup and a smore to top it off!  The only thing halfway decent I consumed yestrday was a pre-workout apple.  I honestly don’t know if I even got in 2 servings of protein for the day…What’s up with ME??  Seriously I have one of the worst diets sometimes~!  For those of you who can eat “clean” day in and day out, I am in AWE! I say that because even my BEST days are usually not what anyone would consider “clean”.

The good news is that I did get in my leg workout! Last night at 7pm-8pm- very late for me!

Here it is:

Warm up stair mill 5mins

Stretching, high knees and bw bulgarinas between sets

Seated calf raises
70x15x3sets (toes out, toes in, toes straight)

Dead Lifts
45×15 warm up
95×10+5 conventional x2 sets

45degree hack squat- just machine weight
30 reps various foot positions and emphasis on glutes alternating between rt and left leg x 2 sets

Leg curls

Smith butt squats- a new smith machine it has an angle to it
no weight x 1 set of 10 each direction= 2 sets
50×1 set of 10 each direction= 2 sets

Smith lunges
50×1 set of 10 each direction= 2 sets

Knee extensions
140×10 + 5 VMO focus

Roman chair knee ups
25 reps

I was tired so I called it quits…

Today we played tennis again for about 2 hours- it started raining right at the end.  We had fun!! I was laughing so hard I could barly hit the ball and I choked on my drink, lol!

My eats have been better today- more protein!!  I gotta go find some more food!!

See ya later!!


Sweet Squattin’ Saturday!
I was so happy today at the gym when my squatting went well…as many of you know I’ve been in “rehab” mode for the past several months with my lower/back hip area. After months of working through pain in March and April I totally STOPPED squatting and doing Dead Lifts so that my back could heal. It almost killed me not to be able to squat, but~ now I am back at it and feeling quite good. I am still a lot weaker than where I was prior to the injury but I am feeling and seeing the effects of being able to do Squats and Deads again!!!

my workout for today:

warm up u-bike 7 mins

Some abs between those sets-
Ball sit ups 20 reps x 2 sets
Decline sit ups 40 reps x 2 sets

Dead lifts
95×10 to15 reps x4 sets (various foot positions)

Barbell Lunges
followed immediately by Bulgarians

2 sets light quite a few reps

Ran intervals on treddy– mostly at a 3% incline
easy mins at 7
hard mins at 9, 9, 9, 2mins at 9, 10, 10

then some Abductions and knee extensions then my time was up~

My son’s football season is in full season now, so we were tieded up with that yesterday and this afternoon. Later we are going to my SIL’s house for a little tiny b-day celebration for her :)

Have a great day!
p.s. today is c-day 28 and I weigh 127#…can’t wait to have a SUPER awesome final week for our Super STAR contest!!!

Booty Kill!!

bad A$$ buffing rocks!
I tell you what I feel GREAT–long and lean and loving it–NOTHING beats being buff, well maybe good sex does, lol!

Okay, today’s goal was to kill my butt– I’ll let you know tomorrow if I can move:
warm up 20 min on the r-bike: had to “save” a man on the bench press he couldn’t get the weight up, was laying there stuck, looking around–so In swooped “THE BUFFMOTHER” duddda!! to save the day!!
poor guy he, seemed very embarrassed that a girl had to help him, lol.

On to my wo
45x 10
45×10 full
*paired with rotary calf 170x10x4 (various foot positions)

Barbell lunges
paired with bent over leg curls

Dead lifts(stiff/Romanian)
155×8 conventional
paired with abductions

Smith Lunges
paired with
decline bench abs
2 sets till failure (about 40-60 total:various angles and concentrations)

Butt squats

Then I saw one of my little princesses looking out the childcare window–so sweet and thought, “I am gonna go home to spend time with her–my booty has been worked hard enough for the moment.”

So now I am home on the computer, AKKK! gotta go get some snuggle time in with the kiddos b4 I have to get supper going.

Have a great night,

Mission Annihilate Legs

I had one goal in mind for my workout today…to Annihilate my LEGS! Every millimeter of them

So here is how it went:
Warm up 6 min r-bike
Full Squat 45×15 warm up
Bulgarians body wtx10 warm up

Full Squats 95×10
Bulgarians 30’s x10
Bulgarians 50’s x 6 x 3 sets
2 sets of walking calves in between these
And one set of 10 underhanded pull ups

Full Squats 115×10
Full Squats 135×8 PB!
Some sissy squats with no weight…about 25 reps focusing on squeezing my booty.

Parallel Squats 155×5—by this time my squats were fried!

More sissy squats 3 sets holding the 25 of 10-20 reps
3 sets total of the hammer seated calf raise with 70#’s to failure—about 20 reps each set

Dead lifts
155x10x2 conventional

Walking lunges 55#’s on back

45degree hack squat
90+machinex15 reps various foot position, going very low to hit upper hammies

The other seated calf
70#’sxfailurex3sets various tempos and foot positions

Smith Lunges
90+machinex10x1 set on ground and 2 sets on a step

Abs Roman chair knee ups
3 sets to failure—killers of about 50-60 reps each set—some to the sides in there

Leg curls

Leg extensions
170×6 +110×10 feet out

Went home nauseous
Now off to bathe myself and the kiddos to prepare for beddy bye!