Holy cow! I am not quite sure i am recovered from Vegas yet???  I apparently was expending a lot of energy over the weekend, lol! […] Read More

Confession Time!

I ate a bunch of JUNK yesterday!!!  Pizza, coke, rootbeer, ice cream, waffle bowl, choc and carmel syrup and a smore to top it off!  The […] Read More

Sweet Squattin’ Saturday! I was so happy today at the gym when my squatting went well…as many of you know I’ve been in “rehab” mode for the […] Read More

Booty Kill!!

bad A$$ buffing rocks! I tell you what I feel GREAT–long and lean and loving it–NOTHING beats being buff, well maybe good sex does, lol! […] Read More

Mission Annihilate Legs

I had one goal in mind for my workout today…to Annihilate my LEGS! Every millimeter of them So here is how it went: Warm up […] Read More