Paired Circuits workout video (SSS week 07)

SSS 07- Buffing Experienced Workouts: “Buffing” 3day split- using “paired circuits” Videos of Chest/tri Experienced Buffing phase 4 at home CHEST, TRICEPS and intervals plus […] Read More

3 days to Go!!

3 days…Just 3 days to Go! Do you remember how focused you were during the first 3 days of this contest- REGAIN That EXCITEMENT!! You […] Read More

Leg Curls

Category: Sports Tags: exercise hamstrings ball leg curl sexy buffmother michelle berger   Outline Equipment Demo of Leg Curl Form & Extension Transcription – Leg […] Read More

SX70- Phase 1 upperbody workout example

Hiddy HO!! I woke up singing this beautiful morning, ”good morning, good morning, good morning it’s time to rise and SHINE!!!!” I’ve had some questions […] Read More

Starting week #2- SX70!!

Hey HOT Mammas!! I am so ready to be sexy…just about another 64 days and I will be, lol!!  I will also be 35….isn’t that a […] Read More

PB Day!

Today’s workout was with DH again…we’ve workout 3 days together this week!! FUN STUFF!! Today…I hit a recent Bench pb~ 135×6 times; 145x3times and I […] Read More

Good Day!

I’ve been a bit quiet in my blogs the past couple days because I’ve been busy with family. We had a great Valentine’s weekend and […] Read More