28 Days of Christmas: Day 6

I’d like to take a bit  of time today to talk about “Keeping Motivated”…or as I like to call it keeping your MOJO!!! 

It is so easy for us to get GUNG HO about our fitness goals for 1, 2 or 3 days and then totally fizzle out…the #1 requirement for being eligible to win this 28 Days of Christmas contest is meant to HELP-you, HELP-yourself stay motivated… by posting comments and giving ENCOURAGEMENT to other ladies in the contest.

MY #1 solution for staying MOTIVATED … is to take the focus off of me and give energy to someone else.

That’s why the motto of the Rally Room is “The Key to your Motivation is to encourage OTHERS!”

Just try it- give a little of your energy to
someone else and you will be amazed at the motivation
you get in return!!   The way to do that here is to COMMENT on others blogs.  Even just saying a quick “HI” or “AWESOME” does amazing things.

A GRAND Prize will be given to the contestant who shows the MOST holiday spirit throughout the contest. Participate with feedback ,comments, questions, input, ect during the duration of the Contest on our BuffMother Page:

If you want MORE of a connection~ hook into our TEAM BuffMother Rally Room  Http://

The Sole Purpose of the Rally Room is for you to have a place to GIVE your energy to others through Encouragement, Excitement, Love, Support, Help, Friendship, etc..~ I call it planting “energy seeds”!


Now on to today’s workout– It’s the same as Day 2, but if you have access to only DB’s and an exercise ball…here is the “At Home Version” for you:


Exercise #1 DB Chest Press on ball
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)

ABS between sets of presses

Exercise #2- One arm DB LAT rows
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)

ABS between sets of

Exercise #3- DB Flys on ball
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)

ABS between sets of Flys

Exercise #4- Bent over DB Rows

3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)

ABS between sets of rows

BONUS BURN OUT Exercise #5- Push ups
2x15reps or to  failure

Then… Intervals:

20 min is always the goal here is an example for you:

  • 4 min. warm up-marching in place or a short walk around the block
  • 1 min. hard- jump rope
  • 1 min. easy-march
  • 1 min. hard-jump rope
  • 1 min. easy-march
  • 1 min. hard-jump rope
  • 1 min. easy-march
  • 1 min. hard-jump rope
  • 1 min. easy-march
  • 1 min. hard-jump rope
  • 1 min. easy-march
  • 1 min. hard-jump rope
  • 1 min. easy-march
  • 1 min. hard-jump rope
  • 3min. cool down-march or walk again

This is 20 min total: 7 hard min. total


Let’s all focus extra hard on GIVING ENCOURAGEMENT to others, you will reap the rewards!! “GO TEAM” cheerleaders

Your Cheerleader,


SSS 2012 Finalist – Jenny B of NE

I am so VERY proud of Jenny for “finding herself” again through BuffMother.  She over came her Mommy guilt and overcame her fear of the “meat heads” in the weight room.  I’m very impressed with how 7 pounds of weight loss transformed her!! Way to go Jenny~ I expect your fitness future to bring many more successes!!

Name: Jenny B of NE
Number of children: 1

Why did you enter the “SuperSTAR Success” contest by BuffMother?  I wanted to challenge myself and learn more healthy ways to attain my fitness goals. I also wanted the extra guidance that I got from the Youtube videos, emails, journal, Rally Room and fellow BuffMothers.

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?  I really utilized the Rally Room for support, I also used my husband because he also helped keep me accountable, watching the YouTube videos, journaling as well as continuing to reference “Hormonal Timing” book. All of these together helped me keep my focus.

How do you feel about your success?  I am very happy with my results and excited to see how I will look and feel months from now after continuing to live a healthy lifestyle.

What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals?  Some of the obstacles I had to overcome were to fit working out into my already busy schedule, having “mommy guilt” after leaving my daughter to go to the gym to workout, eating healthy and prepping meals. It took me some time to figure out the meal prepping thing.  I also had to overcome the “haters” and being criticized for what I was trying to accomplish.  Another big one was using the weight room at the gym and not feeling intimidated by the equipment as well as the “meat heads”.

What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother ?  I was able to find myself again through BuffMother.  The knowledge I gained about eating, hormones, and workouts will stay with me for years.  I met some great friends through the Rally Room, which I found to be a very safe place for me to express my feelings and share my successes as well as struggles. I wish every woman wanting to learn and make changes could be a part of the BuffMother community.

Can I have your permission to post your entry and photos online? Yes

#2-Beginning/Ending STATS-

DATES taken- 08/20/12   11/01/12

Height: 5’4”
Weight:   130       123
Bust:        34         32.5
Waist:     29          27.5
Hips:       39.5      37

Before Picture

After Picture

Additional Measurements:

Today’s Date: Before 08/20/12         After 11/01/12
height:_5’4___ weight:_130_____ age:_33______
**Start of your last period date:_2 years ago____
Length of last 2 monthly cycles (average is 28 days): Unsure
Today’s day in your monthly cycle (c-date)-Unsure   C-21

Please list the following measurements:
Bust (around the biggest part, women only): 34  32.5
Chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides): 33.5  29
Waist (the smallest part): 29   27.5
Hips (the largest part of your butt): 39.5   37
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides): 40   39
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm): 11.5  11
Thigh (8” above Knee cap): 20  21.25
Thigh (12” above Knee cap): 22.25   21.75
Calf (7” below knee joint): 13  13.5

“MAINTENANCE” is a myth

Each and every new month, I like to give myself a theme and set specific goals for my fitness.  I am a big believer that “MAINTENANCE” is a myth- we are either moving forward or backwards in life, and more specifically in our fitness!

My goal is to keep the mojo I’ve gained over the past couple months!

I have 2 specific fitness goals:

1- I want to stay excited for Tennis…I’ve changed my lesson day to Tues and added in a FRIDAY Drills day!!  the extra time on the court will help me to keep progressing!!

2- Based upon my “after” photos from the SSS I need to  be STAUNCH about work my legs/booty HARD at least 2x’s a week !!

As for a theme of the month…I am all over sharing success stories.  I’ve had good intentions for a long time about this goal– but keep putting it off and being lax about updating with them.  NO MORE– this month is all about giving PROPS to some amazing TEAM BUFFMOTHER ladies.

Speaking of which, I continue to get SSS contest entries (I’ve emailed confirmation to everyone whom I’ve received) !! thanks so much for all the effort and kind words!! The SSS was a SUCCESS!!  The last day to get your entry in is MONDAY the 5th.

This week has been a bit of a mish, mosh for workouts– nothing structured, just doing whatever I want.  I’ll start back to more of a set routine come next week-

Monday- tennis with my girls

Tues- Push ups and other chest exercises, plus some squats, a short run + 4 sprints

Wed- Tennis and Trampoline, Did photos, Walk during trick or treat-

Yesterday I did a mish mosh of exercises– Bench, shoulder press, bicep curls, dips, dead lifts, abs

TGIF ladies, I’m heading out for my run in a bit– it’s very nice here today!



My ABS secrets revealed!


Today I am sharing my AB Secrets with YOU!! this detailed video is an instructional how to for my book “AFTER BABY ABS”

The book is available in my store– you get the ABS book free with the purchase of my Best SELLER “Hormonal Timing”


Printed Book(s) SPECIAL!!

$49.90 $29.95

Buy product

This video goes over the exercises contained within the book “After Baby ABS”


Passive Abs
Sit ups- hands on hammies
Vacuums!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Knee ups- roman chair are best
Traditional AB crunch
Ball Crunches


I know you can regain your beautiful tummy, after babies— just use the info and put in the work!!
Love ya,

September Goals!

Well, I feel a bit soggy today as Isaac is here dumping it’s remnant rain on us today.  We need the rain since we’ve had a drought and are 11 inches behind for the year.  It’s a perfect day to work on the computer and think about my September goals.

September Fitness Goals:

  • Last year I had a goal to run every other day in September– I’m going to do that again.  I’ll start tomorrow and run on every ODD day of the month~ that’ll help me improve on my running a bunch!
  • I am starting the month with a Boosting phase– I am actually going to do a BIG TIME BOOST– eating a lot more than usual and trying to gain weight– I have been trying to “lose” for way to long– I need to RESET and BOOST my metabolism– then I’ll be set up to finish the month with a GREAT Buffing phase.
  • Another fitness goal of mine is to get my DH working out again– he wants me to “force” him to workout.  Not the easiest task, but I guess I can put on my DRILL SERGEANT cap for the task and get it done.
  • Keep up with my tennis lessons and try to get in ONE other day of playing each week– I’ll have to get my son, DD or my DH to help me with that.


September Personal goals:

  • Keep accomplishing renovation projects– the list is endless, but the main ones of focus are Gunner’s room completion and Fixing up the shed.
  • Learn to shoot a shotgun
  • TAXES!– once again I am behind, I must get them done
  • Get in the habit of going to church again– since we’ve moved, we haven’t gone…bad!!

September Business goals:

  • Keep everyone engaged and fired up for the SSS contest- keep sending out update emails, uploading content and promoting it on the web (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Continue work on site update
  • Get “band” workout DVD’s in store- i have 3 DVD’s from my “slimchick” program
  • Run a SEPTEMBER BLOWOUT sale– Big savings on stuff in my STORE! — look for this next week 🙂

September is going to be a great month!!

Winners for the “Shine in 49” Contest!!

HI Everyone!! Just in time for the 4th of July~ I’d like to share a bit of a celebration with you.  Let’s CELEBRATE the winners of the Shine in 49 contest!!

OUR 1st Place winner is…..


Kristen did an amazing job and overcame some very difficult obstacles to attian a 11 pound weight loss during the 7 week contest.  She truly took the contest seriously and was determined to SHINE in 49!! Way to go Kristen!!!

AND…we had a tie for our 2nd place winners, they are…

Lara Braddy and Monika Ellis

Both Lara and Monika were constantly involved as encouragers in TEAM BuffMother over the 7 week period. They truly exemplified the fact that encouraging others gives you intense motivation to get after your own fitness goals!! The transformation in these ladies was more than just physical it was deep down within!! Thanks Lara and Monika for shining your LIGHT on us!!

–I’ll add blogs to feature Lara’s and Monika’s entries very soon–

Plus, WE had 5 additonal runnner-ups (hand picked selections from our judges) in our “Shine in 49” contest (listed in no particular order):

  • Kim Hurt
  • Sarah Pacia
  • Merry Sheffield
  • Dayle Stevens
  • Denyse Wilson

EVERYONE’s effort was amazing during the 49 days.  I’ll make an effort to highlight their entries as blog posts over the next several weeks!! CONGRATS LADIES!!!

Contest Prizes*:

1st Place– an 8 week MIRACLE 8 Customized online training program with Michelle Berger, BuffMother (worth $2000)!! PLUS “The Royal Treatment”~ you get all of my products FREE for an entire year~ Books, supplement, shirts, video coaching and the Rally Room!

2nd Place– The Royal Treatment~ you get all of my products (except customized online training) for FREE for an entire year~ Books, supplement, shirts, video coaching and the Rally Room!

FINALISTS= anyone who submits a complete final entry- you will get a FREE “BuffMother!” shirt


A panel of 5 judges (leaders in Team BuffMother) will pick their top 3 picks for the WINNER based on participation, results, attitude and the “light” shining within. Each judges picks will be put on a piece of paper (15 little pieces of paper) will be placed in a hat and the winner drawn from there.


Thanks again for all the effort! Your tenacity and determination to SHINE made the “Shine in 49” contest a huge success!! Be sure we will have another contest– it’ll get rollin’ towards the end of summer!!  For now, it’s time to CELEBRATE!! Happy 4th of July!!

Love ya,



“Sizzlin’ in 6″: Week 1; Day 2 GOALS!

My titles sure are a little bit boring this week, lol!  But it’s helping me keep on track…

It’ll really be fun to put more faces with names~I wanna SEE you~ it really helps me remember who is who :) AND I really do want to remember you! So if you can please do try to get your photo up so I can see your pretty face!! To get a picture (avatar) next to your comments on my blog simply sign up here with your e-mail and upload a picture.


Today is day 2, of our contest and it’s  time for setting goals, thinking purposeful thoughts and committing to a PLAN!!

1.Goal Setting~ …what do I want to accomplish?  Take an honest look at where you are at and make goals that are attainable, yet challenging.  A good place to start is by taking your pictures and stats.  Once you have that truthful baseline you can asses how you are going to get to your destination.  Another key item to keep in mind with goal setting is set an EVENT~ a beach party, a special reunion, a wedding, a photo shoot, a trip…that EVENT will keep you accountable to your goals when things get “tough”.

My goals:

To take one day, one week at a time.  I’m looking to succeed in baby steps.   I expect to be fit in mind, body and spirit for the summer. I want my Ending pictures to show awesome results but  My #1 goal is to keep God #1 t; and keep the rest of my priorities in line after that- God, Travis, Kids, Family/ Friends and then …fitness and work.

My fitness goals revolve little around my weight, but more around my health and fitness level.  I’ve been struggling with eating enough to fuel all my training for football- so I need to focus on EATING .  I also want to increase my running capacity.  I plan to put some MILES on my new running shoes this month!  The goal is to run 3-4 times a week!

2. Thoughts~ be sure to journal or blog here about what you are thinking- some questions to ask yourself are: where you are at in your health? what you’ve been doing with your time the past few month? are you happy? how have you been eating?, etc…

My thoughts:

I have been in a season of “rest” for about 6 months.  I’ve recharged a lot, built up my immune system and increased my overall health.  The issues I had last year with stress are past me now.  Now it’s time for me to attack!!  I’m excited to attack all areas of my life again.  Fitness wise- I’m very excited to be sizzlin’ for my birthday.

3. Commitment~ It is important that you decide to stay committed…don’t allow yourself to QUIT.  Even if you miss an entire week of workouts due to a cold, you MUST NOT quit!  It’s never too late to start again!  The only way anyone ever attains their goals in life is by NOT QUITTING!  Decide here and now that you won’t quit!

My Commitment:

I am committed to my fitness…it is my medicine and it is VERY important to every aspect of my happiness and success in life.  Being committed to fitness is not a choice…I will never quit and I am committed to this plan for the next six weeks!!.


What are your goals?

Are you thinking on PURPOSE?

Are you committed?

I am!!  And that’s why I will be Sizzlin’ in 6 weeks~ come on the journey with me!!

Whoohoo, It’s gonna rock!!


p.s. today’s workouts

Lift Lower Body and ABS:

LOWER BODY- Circuit- do all exercises lower body in the order as listed; repeat the circuit 3 times.  #1 then immediately #2 then immediately #3 etc…then the entire series again for 3 rounds

#1-Squats or smith squats or hack squat machine
3 sets x15 reps
#2-Calf raises
#3-Stationary lunges or smith machine lunges
#4-Dumbbell Dead lifts
#5- Leg curl machine or Ball Leg Curls
#6-Leg extension machine or Laying side leg lifts
Passive Abs
Sit ups- hands on hammies
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Knee ups- roman chair are best
Traditional AB crunch
Ball Crunches

Sizzling in 6 day 2 workout PDF for download


HORMONE! HA!! ~ SSS day 29/70

“How do you make a Hormone?” ….don’t pay her… LOL!! ♥
That’s my hubby’s joke…but I thought it was really funny especially since I am all about HORMONES! I am still amazed by the lack of acknowledgement the average fitness trainer places on how much hormones interfere with a woman’s goals to get fit. Hormone Induced Failure (HIF) is an epidemic among women…and I for one won’t stand by and let it be ignored.

Millions of women are overweight simply due to their hormones!
We get uncontrollable cravings for junk food.
We gain weight without explanation.
We suddenly have no desire to exercise.
The negative effects caused by our hormones are endless.
The bottom line is, we are constantly sabotaged by our hormones and it happens so subtly, we don’t even realize it.
It’s time we wake up understand the reason we fail on diet after diet.
Our hormones have the power to make us fat and keep us fat!
If you’ve struggled to reach your diet and fitness goals, you could be a victim of Hormone Induced Failure.
Hormonal Timing is your solution! If you’re not happy with the way your body looks, you need to start living the Hormonal Timing LifestyleTM.

o It will change your BODY.

o It will change your LIFE.

o It will change your LEGACY.

Over the past 7 years I’ve experimented, created and successfully utilize a strategy designed for women only that OVERCOMES Hormone Induced Failure.

My goal was to create the fastest possible method for women to achieve radical physical transformation. I believed the key was to capitalize on the positive effects of our hormonal fluctuations while also diminishing the negative effects. I used myself as my first test patient. I had just given birth to twins by C-section which were my 3rd and 4th babies in less than 4 years. My body was stretched out, fat, depleted in every way and just plain disgusting. At the time, I just wanted to see radical transformation in my body. I had no idea that I was on the verge of discovering something that would change the lives of thousands of women. To make a long story short, my body transformed radically by using what I now call Hormonal Timing.

LET’s overcome those HORMONES!!



"All Star" Leslie of TX

“All Star” Leslie of TX

Leslie’s fitness goals and challenges are a bit different than many of myclients. She wanted to have more curves and add some muscle to her “skinnyfat” body. Being a mother of 2 daughters, one of them being diabetic, Leslie knows the importance of being a good example to her kids. Leslie worked out for years without getting the results she desired but now on Hormonal Timing,Leslie is finally seeing the progress she craved. Utilizing the power of the Boosting phase has enabled her to finally regain her youthful shape. She is very excited to have her best body ever !

Leslie’s Testimony:

I have always known that I get PMS symptoms every month. Cramps, bloating, irritability,sleepiness, you name it…It was responsible for sabotaging my fitness efforts.Hormonal Timing, along with the supplements that Michelle recommends, have dramatically improved how I feel and how I perform. I think my “light bulb moment” was when I started counting my food portions. To my surprise, I was way low on portions and calories.I think the key point about Hormonal Timing is to get women to recognize the pattern of changes that our bodies go through during our cycles and to work with that pattern to maximize our results from our fitness routines/diet. It is so much easier to work/achieve our goals when we “give ourselves a break” when our bodies need it. We don’t need to deprive ourselves for the rest of our lives to look great! Hormonal Timing is something that is possible to do over a lifetime. I’ve broken plateau that’s been lingering too long!My results have been great!

All-Star August!!

Team BuffMother is chock full of super amazing women.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many ALL-STARS who continually inspire me!!
That’s why I declare, “August is “All-Star” month- it’s all about YOU my sweet TEAM BuffMother sisters!!”.

I’ll be blogging about YOUR success all August long.Let’s Celebrate together and ENJOY the inspiration!!
READ their Success Stories

My August Fitness Goals:

  • Take pics and stats ASAP
  • Get back to lifting at least 4 days a week
  • Keep up with my sprinting- 2x’s a week
  • Get back to some MMA training 🙂

AUGUST will be GO TIME!!

  • Aug 2nd my girls start school! I have 2nd and 3rd graders now!! wow!!
  • August 9th we’ll start our next Team BuffMother! “challenge”- a shorter 30 day one
  • August 19th Gunner starts Middle School~ wow he’s so old!!
  • August is my Anniversary month- August 28th… so that’s my personal Fitness focus! To be HOT for my 17th wedding anniversary.
  • August will also be the start of Football training and pre-season for my son and the Pros 🙂 GO VIKES!

August will be a good Month!!

Lets have an All-STAR AUGUST!