Day 2~Every Day in May

It’s Every Day in May! ~ Day 2
Today’s challenge is to consume lettuce or cucumbers and it’s Friendly Friday!! Be nice peeps 😉
Also, remember the week’s diet focus is to Drink More Water! Chug-a-lug. Our fitness focus for the week is building Endurance. Get to it!  More about how and why to do both are in yesterday’s blog~

Don’t forget to get in your  11 mins or working out today– here’s a suggested workout:

All-Star August!!

Team BuffMother is chock full of super amazing women.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many ALL-STARS who continually inspire me!!
That’s why I declare, “August is “All-Star” month- it’s all about YOU my sweet TEAM BuffMother sisters!!”.

I’ll be blogging about YOUR success all August long.Let’s Celebrate together and ENJOY the inspiration!!
READ their Success Stories

My August Fitness Goals:

  • Take pics and stats ASAP
  • Get back to lifting at least 4 days a week
  • Keep up with my sprinting- 2x’s a week
  • Get back to some MMA training 🙂

AUGUST will be GO TIME!!

  • Aug 2nd my girls start school! I have 2nd and 3rd graders now!! wow!!
  • August 9th we’ll start our next Team BuffMother! “challenge”- a shorter 30 day one
  • August 19th Gunner starts Middle School~ wow he’s so old!!
  • August is my Anniversary month- August 28th… so that’s my personal Fitness focus! To be HOT for my 17th wedding anniversary.
  • August will also be the start of Football training and pre-season for my son and the Pros 🙂 GO VIKES!

August will be a good Month!!

Lets have an All-STAR AUGUST!