Weekend News!

HI Ya’ll,

It’s a rainy day here in Arkansas…cool too, 54 is supposed to be the high. Very weird considering Thursday it was in the mid-80’s. That’s how it goes here though. You never know what the weather will be like one day to the next.

Anyhow, thought I’d share some updates with you:


#1- On November 11th I will be hosting my first game BuffMother’s Hot Holidays on; they have asked me to become one of their “celebrity” host…a very cool honor!

Be sure to check it out, it’s a great concept to PUT your MONEY where your Mouth is, You basically BET $30 that you can lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days and then follow along with the game striving to attain your goal. If you do lose the weight you get your money back, plus possibly more because all the winners SHARE the pot… and that works for extra motivation!!


I’ve also started a group on DietBet: you can join for free! Let’s be sure to REPRESENT Team BuffMother there! We are such an amazing FORCE of POSITIVITY!!



#2- Be sure to read and comment on today’s featured “SEXY” posts:

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#3- I uploaded this short video with 4 tips about revealing your SEXY ABS yesterday Please comment and share


#4- I am close to making the decision to develop an APP…Please let me know what kind of items you’d love to see featured on it. So far I’ll be including workouts, diet, some meal plans, access to the Rally Room, shopping options, an INTERACTION board where we can “talk” and a camera for you to upload progress pics, etc… is who will be developing it for me.


I have more “stuff” to talk about, but not quite the time yet to share. Loads of stuff going on to help us help more people!! Go Team BuffMother!!


I’m off to ride my bike then CLEAN– the “deal” I’m swinging with my DD’s is to clean for 3 hours then our reward will be to go to a MOVIE!


Should be good, have a SEXY SATURDAY!!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

What is it you really WANT?

Just finished with some fasted biking and will lift later…didn’t get in any workout yesterday.

Life is so good! I’m very excited for September in many ways…but have this question running through my brain recently… “What is it that you really WANT?”

I’m going to work on answering that for myself this September!

Fitness wise, My goals for the next 3 months are just to be HEALTHY and very CONSISTENT in my workouts.  I’ve been researching and RE-learning much about how the thyroid and insulin hormones work to regulate our bodies for a SEMINAR I’m teaching on Sept. 11th…it’s VERY TRUE that hormones affect EVERYTHING in our body! If we operate blindly without that realization we will NOT have the best results.

Mexico was a blast, Travis and I both really needed the time to “CHILL”, we needed to just escape.

The weather was very nice, a big mish-mosh but overall NICE most of the time.  We had 1 day where the sun was full blast and we made it a “TOTAL BEACH DAY”…it was fun to get in the water with the waves. Thankfully my toe handled most all of what we did great.  It continues to improve daily.  We worked out all but 2 days of the trip, played some ping pong, danced a bit and played pool volleyball too!

The most fun times were the conversations we had– we just really enjoy spending time together!!  We met a few interesting people too… One guy was from England, named Gram…we saw him spend HOURS trying to learn to windsurf. He would not give up! It was inspirational and fun to see him get after it at the age of 46 It inspired both Travis and I to keep trying NEW things in our life.

The kids and Grandma seemed very happy to see us, it’s so fun to come home to people that love you. Last night we all went to Gunner’s first game of the season.  He played mostly linebacker but also played some blocking back on offense. He’s very strong and much bigger than most of the kids on the field. He had some very nice hits and played very aggressive. It was fun to see!

Tonight the twins are going off to sleep overs, Gunner is going to the HS football game and Gracie’s got a friend coming over. There’s always action going on with 4 kids…They are awesome!

Time for me to get rolling on my to do’s…

Love ya,


P.S. finally updated my measurements that I hurriedly took before we left on our trip. Can see the increase in bodyfat, mostly “Belly fat”.  Overall though, I am OVER IT…having the time to just CHILL in Mexico this past week really made me understand how blessed I truly am!

 The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

May is here!!!

MAY is HERE!!! whoohoo!!! Bring IT ON!!

Today was football practice. It went really well despite us practicing in the rain and 45 degree temps.  I was at H-back (tail back, 3 back), Free Saftey and outside linebacker today.  Our first game is MAY 7th!!!  it’s in Bentonville at the HighSchool Track/Soccer Stadium @4pm- Be there is you live anywhere close!!!

I am super exctited for our contest to start tomorrow!!  It’s 6 weeks in length- 42 days~ I am also starting a 40 day prayer/fasting focus with my church.  I may not end up fasting at all…but I will be praying and following a devotional along with the congregation.  I can’t wait!!!

Another thing I’m going to do a EVERY DAY IN MAY personal challenge (I’ve successfully done it in the past)- I will do at least 11 mins of some sort of EXERCISE daily in MAY!!

Gotta go for now…I need to spend some time with my man!!



less productive??

HI!! Wow!! it’s been an interesting week for me~ My March focus was “time management” and so far I feel as if I’ve gotten even less productive because of it, lol!!  Seriously I’ve been really lazy this week- but you know what I’m okay with it.  I’ve been practicing “enjoying” inactivity and I’ve also been sould searching a bit.  I’m at a turning point in my life and feel the need to just “BREATH” a bit and enjoy the little things in life for a while.  I know clarity and some supercharged focus will result in my efforts to just BREATH!

Anyhow- the good news is that my SUPER HELPER Gramma Mary is here and she’s been picking up my slack by helping out around the house a TON!!  It’s been fun for everyone to have her here!

For workouts I’ve been trying to keep rolling strong through this boosting – it’s so much harder for me to have gumption to GO GET IT DONE though….crazy how every month that happens.  Knowing that “it’s just my hormones” is so helpful- Knowledge is truly power!

I had a decent leg workout yesterday and then last night had football practice.  We found out our scheduel has changed and our first game is a whole month earlier.  April 9th in the Kansas City area (I think)…anyhow that means we have less time to get “skills”, lol!  I am playing the “H”-back postion mostly (also known as the Tial back or 3 back) and I’m also playing some wing back and of course defense too at the Free Saftey postion.

Today I am going to meet up with my friend Denise to try “HOT YOGA”…she loves it and invited me to go as her guest.  It should be fun!!

I have to go get some work done before heading out to the class- I’ll be back later to post my bikini pics for this week’s challenge and tell you about what I thought of yoga.

Let’s make this a Terrific Thursday!!!

Love ya’s,


p.s. i had an interesting “conversation” going on facebook on Tuesday about football~
What is your honest opinion of women’s tackle football??
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Larry B. – I love it, actually!!!

Lori H. –  Don’t love it.

Tracey J. -Barry I WANNA PLAY!!! (0:
Tuesday at 12:47pm · LikeUnlike

Larry B. – Yes ma’am!!!!!!

Janienne K. – I would love to play it to get out all this pent up aggression. I think it would be great to have a woman’s tackle football league.
Lauren L. –  YESAH!

Mehdi –  are you talking about soccer?
Then let me tell you that the entire planet loves this game, and the women version of beach soccer is the favorite of all men 😉
Jessica R. – There was a girl on my high school football team back in the day, and it was a huge controversy. Guys were always taking it out on her and she’d get tons of cheap shots etc. I’m glad to see that more females are interested in football (as it’s a wonderful sport) these days and that they can play each other.
Kathy K – I’ll let you know in May after I see you play 🙂

Larry B. –  Thanks Lauren, Ah Mehdi I love women’s soccer to – only over here it is called FOOTBALL!!!
Joe H – Be crazy. I’d love it! Uh may I coach?
Ashley S. – Love it!
Mark S. -I think it can lead to needless injuries and scaring. I have seen some women in Walmart who could make good defensive line women, but no one would want to date them.

Jessica G. – We played tackle football instead of powder puff in highschool (without pads, or permission from the school) and it was a lot of fun..I wasn’t a bruiser or anything I was also taking ballet at the time..I think for those that can handle a little pain its great..I like paintball a matter of fact I have two big bruises from our game this weekend:)

Mark S. – I’m thinking its American football and not soccer..It sounds fun and exciting but in a wee bit of realism there is a lot of hurt and broken noses and bones involved when you get hit and get smeared in the dirt.
BuffMother! Well…I love it and I do worry about injury. I find myself asking: is it worth it???… to me YES it is. My God given talents lie in my physical body- I enjoy sports like many women enjoy shopping or decorating. Until this year a real opportunity for me to play football was never available- I see it as my first and last chance to enjoy a sport I’ve longed to play since childhood…I think is a BLAST!!

Jayetta R. – Well I love football as much as the next person, my husband played against a girl in high school and my son did this year as well… BUT I say leave it for the guys… As much as I would love to play too let the guys do it and save that body for something else 🙂

Judith P – I got my first and only black eye in a pick up game of football in high school (girls against guys). It was the last play of the game and I made the tying touchdown!! I say let ’em play.
Gym S. – If it were to be taken serious, the linewomen would have to weigh 200 pounds or more! Just sayin!
Mark S.- I understand, just want to protect your exquisitely beautiful self from being hurt. There are some cruel jealous people out there. Be careful have fun you’re the best!
Carol C.- Agree with Gym, if they play real ball no one would want to watch them. Isn’t it about the short shorts??
April R. – I think it’s bad ass! LOL! Wish they had it near me! 😀
BuffMother! ‎@ Gym and Carol- You all are thinking of the” Lingerie football League”. I am talking about full pads- REAL tackle football check out ;; , etc….

Jessica G. – I say go for it girl, I think it is a great opportunity. And just like anything else physical there are risks, but you are a strong woman and you could kick some butt 🙂

Ali S. -I played powderpuff in high school. I thought it was fun. I loved ramming people. LOL Is that bad? But I’m not sure if I’d do it, now. I feel injury prone as it is at the moment, so I’m not sure I’d risk it.
But for you…and others……why not?! Have fun!!See More

Maggie M. – Sorry I can’t believe some of these statements are being made in the year 2011. If women and girls want to play Full on Tackle Football. More power to them!

Angela H. – Love it – I have always wanted to be a middle linebacker and think its awesome that my son, who is 14, has played football with one or two girls on his team and doesn’t think about them any differently than his other team mates.
Carrie C – Bring it on!!!

Charles O. – hot … but to be honest I worry about those ladies! 😉
Tim M. -Your old teammate Trina Steffes plays for a team in Wisconsin. She loves it!
Rodney C. – I don’t watch it, so hard to say. If someone of interest to me is playing I might be inclined to watch a highlight or 2 but that would be about it.
BuffMother! ‎@ Tim I found that about Trina a couple weeks ago- she’s played for 10 years now and is the owner of the Wisconsin Dragons!! isn’t that awesome !? 🙂
Mark S. -If they want to play with boys then they have to prove they can keep up/play hard/take a hit. I think with younger girls that may not be a problem but as kids age there becomes a greater discrepancy in size and strength. Then safety is an i…ssue. I am all for empowering women but in some cases the “boys club” should be kept that way. I hope that doesn’t sound sexist. That’s not my intention. There are reasons for estrogen and testosterone. If it’s an all girls tackle football then the playing field is much more balanced.See More
BuffMother! Thanks for all the responses~ I asked for honest opinions and I appreciate that’s what you gave!!
Brenda H. – I think it’s SO COOL you are playing, Michelle! You are a BEAST!! 🙂 A very beautiful one! Proud of you! XOXOXOXO
Leonardo F- I love them!