28 Days of Chistmas: day 1

HI!!  It’s Day 1 of the 4 weeks…ARE you READY!! Be sure to comment, like, share and post your #workoutproof pictures!!

Today’s workout is as follows…I am **”Buffing” so I will do 3 sets of 10 of each exercise. If you are “Boosting” do 3 sets of 6

Here is what my workout log looks like filled out~ Below that I’ll detail it for you:

Leg Day
10 minWarm up

Exercise #1=Squats

do crunches between sets of squats
2sets x15

Exercise #2=Dead Lifts

do knee ups between sets of dead lifts
2sets x15-25reps

Exercise #3= Leg Extensions
do ball crunches between sets of leg extensions
2sets x15-25reps

Exercise #4= Leg Curls

between sets of leg curls
do 2sets of cats/dogs x 5- of 5sec each postion

BURN OUT Exercise #5 = Walking Lunges

**For more info on what “Buffing” or “Boosting” means refer to my book: “Horomonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved” by BuffMother~ for purchase on


HI!!  It’s Day 1 of the 4 weeks…ARE you READY!!

Today’s workout is as follows…I am buffing so I will do 3 sets of 10 of each exercise.

Here is what my workout log looks like filled out~ Below that I’ll detail it for you:

Leg Day
set 1
set 3
10 min
Warm up
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
between sets of squats
Dead Lifts
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
between sets of dead lifts
 knee ups
Leg Extensions
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
between sets of leg extensions
 on ball
Leg Curls
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
between sets of leg curls
Walking Lunges
 15ea leg


·         If the above spreadsheet looks like it’s written in a foreing language to you~ here is a SUPER DETAILED view of the workout from START to FINISH:
Start with a warm up~ I like to do 10 min of the Recumbent bike(r-bike).
EXERCISE #1- Then I head over to where I am going to do my first exercise. SQUATS: I start by doing a warm up set that I don’t count as a real set. No Weight x20 reps and then stretch and maybe do a few more- It’s always good to be “lubed up”. I have just recovered from a bad back injury so I am being VERY careful to ease slowly back into squatting and many other leg exercises. It’ll take me a few months to get back to lifting the weights I was prior to injury. Slow and Steady weight increases are the smartest way to lift
·         Set 1 of squats: 45# on my upper back x 10 reps…then move right into doing my abs
·         Set 1 of ABS: The ABS exercises are up to you~ I’ll do crunches first: 15 reps slow and controlled….then go right back to squats. Remember “I am buffing”, so I want little rest between sets and I want to keep my heart rate up.
·         Set 2 of Squats: 55# on my upper back x 10 reps
·         Set 2 of ABS: 15 crunches
·         Set 3 of Squats: I feel good so I think I’ll ad another 10 pounds, 65×10
EXERCISE #2– Dead Lifts: I like doing this with a slight bend in my knees lowering the weight slowly while keeping the curve in my lower back—all the movement in my hips.
·         Set 1 of Dead lifts: 55# held with one hand over, one hand under x10 reps
·         Set 1 of ABS: Knee ups x25 reps
·         Set 2 of Dead lifts: 55# held with one hand over, one hand under (alternate which hands from previous set) x10 reps
·         Set 2 of ABS: knee upsx15 reps
·         Set 3 of DL’s: 55#x10
EXERCISE #3– Leg Extensions- An important tip for women when doing these are to keep your feet flexed up and toes pointed slightly out…if you don’t have access to this machine you can do stationary lunges here instead.
·         Set 1 of Leg Extensions: 135×10
·         Set 1 of ABS: Full crunches on the ball x15 reps
·         Set 2 of Leg Extensions: 135×10
·         Set 2 of ABS: on ball x15
·         Set 3 of Leg Extensions: 135×10
Exercise #4– Leg Curls…if you don’t have this equipment you can do leg curls with a Ball
·         Set 1 of Leg curls: 75×10
·         Set 1 of ABS: CATS arch up for 5 secs hold…repeat 5 times
·         Set 2 of Leg Curls: 85×10
·         Set 2 of ABS: CATS 5-5sec
·         Set 3 of Leg Curls: 85×10
BURN OUT EXERCISE! Walking lunges holding dumbbells
·         Set 1 of Walking Lunges: 15#DB’sx30 steps (15 each leg)
·         REST for about 1-2 min…do some stretching
·         Set 2 Walking Lunges: 15’sx15 (same as set 1, just written shorthand)
Then I am done….most leg days I don’t do any extra cardio or intervals. Leg workouts burn a ton of calories and use a ton of energy…to add Cardio on top of the workout unless I am in GREAT shape often makes me too tired to function the rest of the day.

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Hormones control everything!

I had just given birth to twins by C-section… My body was stretched out, fat, and disgusting! The following program is designed specifically for women who are fighting the hormone battle while trying to get fit! Take control now, right here!

By: BuffMother

Are Your HORMONES Keeping You FAT?

Over the past 5 years I’ve experimented with a training strategy designed for women only. My goal was to create the fastest possible method for women to achieve radical physical transformation. I believed the key was to capitalize on the positive effects of our hormonal fluctuations while also diminishing the negative effects.

I used myself as my first test patient. I had just given birth to twins by C-section which were my 3rd and 4th babies in less than 4 years. My body was stretched out, fat, depleted in every way and just plain disgusting.

At the time, I just wanted to see radical transformation in my body. I had no idea that I was on the verge of discovering something that would change the lives of thousands of women. To make a long story short, my body transformed radically by using what I now call Hormonal Timing .
+ Click To Enlarge.
Michelle Berger’s Transformation.


I began designing custom Hormonal Timing programs for women online. I charged $1200.00 for an 8 week program. It wasn’t long before I was sold out! I simply didn’t have time to take on any more clients. The results my clients were experiencing were amazing and I soon realized that I had to develop a way to share this amazing program with every woman in the world, so I wrote a book!

Here is an excerpt from “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved” by BuffMother!

Hormonal Timing:
Female Fitness Evolved By BuffMother!
Author Michelle Berger


Foundation #1:
Realize That You Are in a Battle!


I’m sure you’ve felt it: that sudden lack of ambition that just seems to overcome you. You might say, “This time I’m going to stick to my plan!” And you do for a while, but then you suddenly realize that you’ve been slacking for the last 5 days! What happened? You then blame yourself thinking, “I don’t have any self-discipline, self-control, motivation, etc…” You feel guilty about your lack of willpower.

Maybe you feel like you’re close to reaching your goals but just can’t quite get there. You work so hard but when you look in the mirror you are always disappointed! You constantly ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong”? What am I missing?!?

The fact is the vast majority of us have a personal battle going on inside. It may be about your diet, exercise habits, smoking, drinking, scale/weight, dress size, etc.

Every woman’s battle is unique but while we fight against all these “visible enemies,” an invisible enemy comes along and defeats us. It’s our HORMONES! Our hormones are the invisible enemy, and it’s time that we learn how to fight back.

“Millions of women fail to reach their diet and fitness goals simply due to their hormones.” This affliction is called Hormone-Induced Failure (HIF) and it will sabotage your success unless you’re prepared. I believe that HIF is a huge problem in America!

arrow Are You A Victim Of HIF: Hormone-Induced Failure?

    • Are you a habitual yo-yo dieter?
    • Do you periodically suffer from uncontrollable cravings that sabotage your efforts to lose weight?
    • Do you start exercise programs and then quit for no apparent reason?
    • Do you ever suffer sudden weight gain that makes you want to quit trying?
    • Do you catch yourself saying things like, “I have no willpower” or “I’m just not motivated…”?

Answer these 4 questions to find out if you have Hormone-Induced Failure:

In my experience, most women answer yes to many of the above questions. Most women blame themselves but YOU must understand, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!!

Hormone-Induced Failure (HIF) is to blame!!

Hormones Control Your Diet & Fitness Success!

FACT: Your appetite, cravings, motivation level, mood, energy level, water weight, belly bloat and metabolism are controlled by your hormones!

Hormones control:


  • Appetite/ junk food cravings
  • Motivation level/mood
  • Energy level
  • Water weight gain/belly bloat
  • Metabolism
  • ETC…



arrow Hormones Control Your Appetite (Junk Food Cravings):

Do you have those days when you just wanna eat? I mean really “pig out,” on things like doughnuts, cookies, chips, chocolate, etc? It is a sad-but-true fact that our hormones cause us to DESIRE these items.

Our Hormones Cause These Desires.


Specifically during the time of the month when your concentrations of hormones are at their highest, you will desire quick easy sources of carbohydrates (carbs), the easiest source being junk food. These carbs spike the secretion of serotonin, your “feel good” hormone so-too-often you find your cravings seem out of control.

What can you do to avoid this? Simply, having a plan to eat enough healthy carbs really helps keep your cravings under control, and supplementing your diet with the proper vitamins and nutrients can help your cravings diminish.

arrow Hormones Control Your Motivation Level & Mood (Mentality)!

The psychological affects of hormones are well documented. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are many symptoms of hormone imbalances including anger, low self-esteem, difficulty concentrating, irritability, tension and more. An imbalance in hormone levels may cause you to feel sad, lonely, apathetic, self-critical, and unsure of yourself. Just a little bit of being “down” can wreak havoc on your diet and fitness efforts.

My motivation to accomplish anything, especially anything hard, often disappears during the second half of my cycle. When I hit day 22 of my cycle, my reason behind working out or dieting gets lost. I say to myself, “Why am I doing this? I don’t want to!” I also find myself taking less time out for my other needs.

Even simple things like doing my hair, nails, shaving, and putting on make up, become difficult and a pain. Personally, I was never a consistent exerciser until I was aware of my own hormonal lack of motivation, or HIF, and took action against it.

On the positive side of things, the instant your hormones drop, signaling your body to menstruate, your motivation will begin to rise again… and after a couple days you will feel powerful and ready to conquer mountains. This powerful feeling typically continues until a few days after ovulation and when you will feel the “lazy bug” hit again.

This is when you may fall off your fitness/diet program. Time and time again I have had clients, friends and family who literally “fall off the face of the earth” at this high hormone time of the month. This is classic Hormone Induced Failure (HIF).

arrow Hormones Control Your Energy Level & Sleep Patterns:

Do you have days where you are just dragging, limp and lifeless? Yet you can’t figure out why? Hormones control your energy levels. Based upon the balance of your hormones in your body your energy levels may be high or low.

Each month, energy levels rise and fall according to the balance of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in your system. If a you are unaware of this cycle when you hit a low energy phase you may think you are just being wimpy, not eating enough, getting sick, etc. BUT, if you know that your low energy is caused by your hormones you will be able to utilize my program to prevent these low-energy days, or at least get through them without beating yourself up about it and losing all momentum. You will be able to honestly tell yourself, I am tired just because of my hormones and tomorrow I will be fine.

As your hormone levels rise toward the end of each month, your sleep may be disturbed, causing energy during the day to be scarce. Often times simply allowing yourself more rest or a nap during this time of the month is all you need to be happier, healthier, and consistent in your fitness efforts.

Conversely, after your period is over and through the remainder of the first part of each monthly cycle, your energy levels are high, you sleep deep, and have energy to accomplish your objectives.

arrow Hormones Control Water Weight Gain And Belly Bloat:

Oh man! This can be bad!! As a woman, the scale is not your friend for several days of the month. No matter how perfect you may be in your diet and exercise, the scale has a mind of its own when hormones run high.

Your rising hormone levels will cause you to retain water toward the end of each monthly cycle. This is part of why you appear “soft” in comparison to a man. Your natural sex hormones help keep your skin full and plump, which is all fine and dandy, until it holds onto 3 pounds more than just the day earlier and fluffs you up so much that your pants don’t button!

Water retention doesn’t just happen in one localized part of your body – it affects your face, hands, feet, belly, butt, etc. Another nasty result of water retention is that our cellulite looks even more dramatic at this time of the month. I point out to my clients that I can actually “see” the hormones in them – it is visible as ripples due to hormone metabolites (toxins), especially in the hips, legs and abdomen.

As you become leaner, you will experience greater water weight fluctuations because muscle cells hold a lot more water than fat cells. Don’t lose heart when this happens!! It is actually a good sign that you are headed in the right direction with your body composition.

arrow Hormones Control Your Metabolism:

As you go through the month, your hormones effect your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories). Documented studies show you can actually burn up to an extra 500 calories per day during the week prior to your period. NO WONDER you feel like you want to eat everything in sight!

Related Calorie Articles:

Your body is telling you that you need the extra energy. Why then do you feel horribly guilty if you eat a bit more? Probably because you are already bloated and feel frustrated, so eating extra food seems like the worst thing to do.

Don’t let guilt turn your fitness quest upside down. Accept that fact that you may need a few more calories right now, plan for that, and enjoy your indulgence. This will enable you to end the cycle of guilty binges and emotional eating before they start. As a result you will build your fitness momentum instead of quitting due to Hormone Induced Failure!

arrow Hormones Control Many Other Aspects That Affect Your Body & Life:

The list of other ways hormones affect you is long but here are a few: digestive issues, allergies, etc. I’ve personally been concerned about these symptoms from time to time. However after, I connected these symptoms to my hormones, I was free from worry because I knew, “It’s just my hormones.”

Michelle BuffMother Berger
+ Click To Enlarge.
Author, Michelle “BuffMother” Berger.

Every woman is a bit different in regards to her biggest hormonal struggle. But no matter what, there are effects from your hormones–good ones and bad ones–and they must be considered in your diet and fitness program.

The key point to know is that there are nutrients, mental strategies, and physical fitness/diet applications that will help prevent or minimize the bad effects and allow you to capitalize on the good effects.

As you apply the diet, exercise and supplementation principles of my program you will establish consistency which will lead to progressively gaining momentum month after month. This massive momentum will allow you to realize your full potential and live a fuller, less stressful life.

Related Stress Articles:

Dr. Lisa Staudt’s Hormonal Timing Testimony

This woman knows how to hit it hard and be a success in whatever she does. From the moment I met Lisa through, I have been captivated by her determination to LIVE life to its fullest. She successfully juggled her career as a chiropractor, and job as a mother of 3 young children while training hard for her first figure contest last fall. She won that contest and is looking forward to more wins in 2008!
+ Click To Enlarge.
Dr. Lisa Staudt.


I know Lisa will accomplish her goals because she stays positive and always gets it done! Lisa has an amazing view of how my program will change the world of women’s fitness:

“I think [this program] (HT) could be a major breakthrough for women’s fitness. I love it!! When I first read about it, I thought “this is so cool, it really makes sense.” As a chiropractor, I’ve taken seminars and studied a lot on the female hormones, cycles and nutrition.

I think the key point to this program is that your workouts change as you are going through hormonal fluctuations in your cycle. The second half of the month can be a time of stress, increased emotions, depressed feelings, bloating, pain, etc. So having a workout that is less intense and being able to eat more calories just makes sense! Personally [this program] has helped me establish consistency. The coolest part is that HT is a long term plan, something I will do for life!!”

How Does Hormonal Timing work?

    • This program will harness the power of your natural hormones to create dramatic changes in your body and your mind.


    • The program’s diet will show you what to eat and when to eat it. Success revolves around your monthly cycle: Timing is critical!


  • The program’s exercise philosophy will teach you when, how and why to exercise according to your cycle. Believe it or not, there are certain times during your cycle when the most effective thing to do is rest. This results in massive momentum which is the key to experiencing radical physical changes


  • The Hormonal Timing Pill uses next generation technology formulated for women only. This pill gives your body what it needs when it needs it according to your specific monthly cycle. Your body changes throughout the month and so should your supplementation! I experimented with different formulations for nearly 4 years until I was happy with the results! Your body will be supported every month as it becomes accustomed to this product.


  • It’s time to raise your expectations of what you think is possible! The past doesn’t matter. The above program will give you the power to create your best body ever, but it’s up to you to make it happen!

Are you ready to get started on your own path to success?

For more information on how to use your natural hormones to create dramatic physical and mental changes, please visit



Ice, Ice Baby!

Iced my back first thing this morining…amazingly it really helps, lol! If I get desparate enough, an ICE BATH is on the horizon. Have YOU ever taken an ice bath because you were so desperate to heal your injuries???

I actually have gone in up to my upper thighs many times, but don’t remember if I’ve gone up to my waist in the past.  It terrifies me to think of how COLD I’d get from it!

Anyhow…I’m having a good day so far.

MY Plan for the remainder:



Have any of you heard of Urban Directory?  Well, last night I tried to submit a definition for BuffMother to that site and it was REJECTED~ anyhow here it is in case you are curious:

Ubran Dictionary: Tried but DENIED submitting this..

definition of: BuffMother

BuffMother is a person- Michelle Marie Berger born June 14th, 1975. She had 4 kids in 4 years including twins via c-section, but is now living proof that you can be Buff and beautiful after children. In 2005 She founded BuffMother LLC and to spread her message of hope to all women. She is also the author of 2 books “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved by BuffMother!” and “After Baby ABS by BuffMother”. Often times BuffMother is followed by an exclamation point (!) and said with a slang pronunciation of BuffMutha!

examples:, Team BuffMother!, Man she’s a BuffMother!, by BuffMother!

tags: fitness, diet, abs, exercise, hormonal timing, weight loss success story

Love ya!!


about vc

You are here for a reason! My mission is to help you harness the power of your mind and body to reveal the beautiful person God created you to beVideo Coaching

Michelle Berger Before and After Picture
Michelle Berger Before and After Picture

Michelle Berger is the author of After Baby Abs and Hormonal Timing. She is the only woman to have 4 children in less than 4 years and then go on to win 5 NPC figure titles the following year. She credits Hormonal Timing for creating such a dramatic transformation so quickly.

Please Read Michelle’s Inspirational Story

If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight and get in shape in the past, it’s probably because you didn’t factor in your hormones. Did you know, Your hormones are making you FAT? Female Fitness Fitness expert Michelle Berger will show you how hormones can burn fat and make you THIN! Her revolutionary diet, fitness and supplementation plan will transform your body and life!

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Video Coaching By BuffMother!

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A bit About BuffMother!

This is the Official Blog of BuffMother! A fitness revolution founded in January of 2005 by Michelle Berger.
You are here for a reason! My mission is to help you harness the power of your mind and body to reveal the beautiful woman God created you to be!

About Michelle:

Michelle Berger is the author of After Baby Abs and Hormonal Timing. She is the only woman to have 4 children in less than 4 years and then go on to win 5 NPC figure titles the following year. She credits Hormonal Timing for creating such a dramatic transformation so quickly.

Michelle Says:

Hear my Rally cry: “You can be BUFF after having children, I am living proof!”

Michelle is the proud mother of 4 young children which she had from 99-03′ and in 04′ she won 5 NPC Figure Titles.

I want to share my fitness success secrets with YOU!

Please Read Michelle’s Inspirational Story

“If I can do it, anyone can.”

If you are searching for:

…Or anything else necessary for attaining your ideal body, plug into our team and prepare to transform your body, life and legacy!!!

Thousands of women from all over the world have used Hormonal Timing to achieve their goals. PLEASE READ their Success Stories

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FACT: Hormones control every area critical to successful female body transformation.

If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight and get in shape in the past, it’s probably because you didn’t factor in your hormones. Did you know, Your hormones are making you FAT? Female Fitness Fitness expert Michelle Berger will show you how hormones can burn fat and make you THIN! Her revolutionary diet, fitness and supplementation plan will transform your body and life!

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Happy Mother’s Day!!

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The Hormonal Timing Pill TM
It took me nearly 4 years to finally perfect the formulas for the Hormonal Timing Pill .
I experimented with countless different supplement combinations until I was finally happy with The Hormonal Timing Pill (HT pill). The key breakthrough came when I realized that the female body requires special supplementation depending on each particular phase of her monthly cycle. The HT Pill uses next generation technology to capitalize on both phases of your monthly cycle, Buffing & Boosting.
The HT Pill gives the female body exactly what it needs when it needs it. You will have peace of mind knowing that your body is getting proper nutritional support in each phase of your cycle. You take the PINK Buffing pill for 2 weeks out of the month and the PURPLE Boosting Pill for the other 2 weeks of the month.
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Thanks again for being such great Mothers!!!
Your friend,
BuffMother, Michelle Berger

Legs and LEGACY!

I am a firm believer in firm LEGS and leaving a great LEGACY!!  I want my family to be proud of me while I am here on earth and while I am long gone.  I want my actions to leave a lasting positive imprint on my family, friends and even strangers :)

Here is a simple exercise to help you towards living your life with a LEGACY PERSPECTIVE (once again it’s an excerpt from my book “Hormonal Timing by BuffMother!” :

Success Tool #6-The 24-HOUR Legacy Test

Imagine that today is your last day on Earth.  Your entire legacy will be based solely on the imprints you leave behind TODAY.  If you are a mother, your children will model their behavior based on what they see you do or not do TODAY.
That’s right, you have just 24 hours and your children will mimic every imprint you leave behind.  They will also pass these imprints on to their children and so on…your legacy from this one day will live on forever in future generations!!!

For this ONE DAY:
What will your attitude be like?  Circle one:
Will your children hear you complain?
Will you make excuses all day?
Will you show anger toward anyone?
What will you choose to eat?_________________________________
Will they see you take even 5 minutes to exercise?
Will you hug your children/husband?
How many times will you say “I love you”?
What kind of language will you use?
Will you say things that encourage those around you?
Will your focus be on you or will it be on those you love?
Will you focus on positive things or negative things?
Will you sit on the couch and watch TV?
Will your kids see you drink water? Coke? Beer/wine?
Will they hear you laugh?
Would you take a few minutes to show them how to work hard on something?

Was this 24 hour period extremely different than your  normal day?  Did the “legacy perspective” have an influence on your thoughts and test answers? You must realize the incredible power you have to influence future generations simply based on the choices you make on a daily basis.  Everything leaves an eternal imprint!
Think of the huge payoff here!!!  You can have a positive impact on your great, great, great, grandchildren simply by making positive little choices each day.  Every good decision you make from today until you die will benefit your family for generations to come.  You have TOTAL CONTROL over the most important aspects of your Legacy. Imagine how incredible your life would be if you lived every single day according to your answers on this 24 HOUR LEGACY TEST!!

Today I did Legs at the gym:

Warm up r-bike 12 mins while reading Oxygen
Leg press (both legs)
90×20×2 + 10 calves
180×20x2sets+10 calvesx2sets

One leg at a time seated Leg press

Seated Calves

Smith lunges

Butt squats

Side lunges
one big set of about 50 reps
LOTS of leg stretching in between all the above sets

Walking lunges
Dead lifts

Leg extensions
130×10×2 toes out
150 x10 toes straight

That was it!
Now…to try and relax a bit with my girls…the boys are off doing their thing, so us four are going to hit SAM’s Club and maybe somewhere else :)

Keep your LEGACY Perspective~

Terrific Thursday!

I believe today was a Terrific Thursday, I had a good fairly relaxing time today.  I worked hard this morning and then I got my nails done~ they look so much better.  Isn’t it amazing how little things like that can make you feel some much better!
I also shaved my legs today (my leg hair is very blond and have fine hair on my legs, so I only shave about 1 time a week– I am lucky!), another little thing that made my day, lol!!

As you may have guessed  I VALUE the “little things”…I truly believe that if you focus on doing the little things each day, making the correct little choices you face hundreds of times a day, that is what will lead you to success or failure.
and entire foundation of my book “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved” is based upon this principle…Here is an EXCERPT

Every wise choice creates eternal benefits:
I believe that every positive choice you make concerning attitude, diet and fitness carries lifelong benefits. Simply put, every time you exercise, your body changes for the better on a cellular level.  Nobody can take it away from you!!  I’m talking about: every set, rep, cardio session, vegetable you eat, glass of water you drink, etc. Every good decision affects every cell of your body in a positive way forever!  When you truly understand this fact, it is powerful!
You must focus all your energy on doing everything in your power to create massive momentum toward reaching your goal.  The more momentum you create, the faster you will be successful!!  Keep in mind that every tiny little thing has an effect on your momentum. If you aren’t doing something to gain “Mojo” you’re losing it!
I know this might sound a little intimidating so let’s simplify. You must understand that success or failure will be determined by the little things that you do on a daily basis.  You need to choose get healthy and fit, to get “buff”, with every decision you face daily.  If you do your momentum will continue to build and you will continually move in a positive direction.  It’s the little things that you do habitually and consistently that create massive momentum.
I call the LITTLE THINGS you do daily the BuffMojo Basics.  They are guaranteed to get your momentum moving in a positive direction.  By now, you know that I believe in keeping things simple.  However, I almost never describe anything as “easy.”  The GREAT thing about the BuffMojo Basics is that they are all simple and easy!!  This is why they are so powerful:

The BuffMojo Basics:
Drink a glass of water
Eat a green veggie
Exercise for 2 minutes
Write down a positive affirmation
Write down 5 things you are thankful for
Identify 3 positive qualities in the next person you see
Pay someone a genuine compliment
Encourage someone
Stand up and stretch
Take 5 deep breaths, exhaling completely after each one.
Clean something for 2 minutes
Stretch for 3 minutes
Eat a piece of fruit
Eat a carrot
Take your Buffing/Boosting supplements
Not doing something negative counts as doing something positive!

Let’s use a mental illustration:
Picture a train parked on tracks that lead up a long gradual hill. This train represents your momentum.  At the top of the hill is success  your dream, goal, etc.).  At the bottom of the hill is a bottomless pit called failure.  Every positive imprint is fuel for the train making it speed up the hill.  Every negative imprint is like lead weighing the train down. Remember, you are either gaining speed going up the hill, creating a positive momentum to your goal, or you are rolling backwards towards destroying your momentum and possibly even creating a negative legacy.
Start making even little decisions based on whether or not it will create positive momentum or negative momentum toward your goals.   Every positive thought, deed, comment, action, and choice has the power to create more momentum.  You literally have thousands of opportunities every single day to gain momentum!!
Water or Coke?
Supplements over candy
Lettuce over cookies
Blueberries instead of ice cream
Banana over cereal bar
Oatmeal instead of fruit loops
Walk instead of a drive
Gym over mall
Workout vs. happy hour
cybex lat pulls
paired with hammer bicep curls

Success Tool 7- “5 Minute Mojo”
You can regain and build Momentum in less than 5 minutes! Do the little things listed below to create instant positive momentum ~
1- drink 10 oz of water
2- march for 1 minute
3- take 5 full deep breaths
4- stretch for 1 minute
5- eat a green veggie!

You have control over every decision!   The big picture is made up of the little things!

Be sure to VALUE the “little things”….

Today’s workout was good, FYI~ I am now buffing c-day 5…the last five days I’ve weighed 125 or 126
r-bike 10 mins

Seated rows
paired with ab glider
25reps x2 sets

shoulder press seated backwards
paired with knee ups on roman chair
45, 30

Hammer iso row
45 each arm x15

lateral raises
paired with
upright rows

1 set knee ups on bench 25 reps

Ran intervals on treddy
hard mins at 9.4, easy mins at 7.4– 1 hard;1easy 8 hard mins total

Then I tanned for the first time in about 3 weeks…it felt good and i talked to my sissy while I was in the bed.

I also got to talked to Julie and Lisa today~~ they are such super great gals :)

Love ya,
p.s. my legs are not nearly as sore as I thought they might be, THANK YOU JESUS!!  and so far I’ve done 3/10 weight workouts and 2 of 8 runs towards my b-day challenge– I’ll need to lift chest and run again tomorrow if I wanna hit my goals!