Success BREEDS Success!

HI Ladies!! I’m so excited to announce that we are going to embark on the 6 weeks to SEXY contests starting Sept 22nd!! Please join […] Read More

28 days of Christmas: Day 23

XMAS Day 23: Well HELLO!! This morning I went on a fasted run~I planned on doing a basic out an back of 3 miles total…well […] Read More

Be HAPPY in the process~ Shine in 49: Day 37

HI!! my Happy Friends!! I am so happy you are my friends~ I am a very lucky lady! Sunday,  we didn’t make it to church […] Read More

16 days to go…

Hey ya…we have just 16 days to go to kick our habits!! It’s the weekend and that means we have to be even more focused […] Read More

Birthday ?'s ~ S6Day41

Weekly Q ~ Your Birthday!   This week’s “Weekly ?” is a timely one for me because It’s mine this Tuesday!!! When is your Birthday?… […] Read More

3 day photo prep!!~ S6day40

Here’s the photo shoot prep for the last 3 days of the “Sizzlin’ in 6” contest!!!   Photoshoot – 3 day prep 2 days before […] Read More

GET MORE FIT!!~S6day34

  I spent the morning motivating myself to get MORE FIT!! Honestly I am VERY fit compared to 95% of the population BUT, I know […] Read More

FINISH IT!! ~S6day33

Do you FINISH?  Would you consider yourself a finisher?  I would have to say that I AM~ most of the time… When I don’t finish something […] Read More