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40 days to Fit! Day 36~another Monday!

Another Monday!  My plan for today’s workout is to work my BUTT with lots of LUNGES~In order to hit your GLUTES when lunging there are several things you can do-

  1. Focus on using your Front leg for the movement.
  2. Bend forward at the waist (chest to knee) at the bottom of the movement to gain a GOOD stretch in your glute
  3. Pre exhaust your other muscles with exercises like – squats, leg extensions, leg curls, etc…
  4. Utilize WALKING LUNGES with weight they are proven to be the most effective at hitting butt muscles

Here’s a couple on of my FAVORITE moves for working my butt~ Smith BUTT Lunges: By bringing my  front foot in and leaning my chest towards my knee, my glutes are stimulated much more. BE PREPARED for a sore BUTT the day after these, lol!

And a couple other links to BUTT exercise videos:

Walking Lunges:

Starter Style Walking Lunges:

In other news…We have ton of FUN Stuff going on and many great tools that will help you get buff!
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Now to catch you up on my workouts for the past 4 days~

Thursday- Did legs- had a GREAT workout!!
Friday- Had a great RUN outside!
Sat- Did a good Chest/Tris/Shoulder/bicep workout
Sun- Did a GREAT run Outside

The PLAN for this week is:
M- legs
T-Back, intervals (run)
W-Chest, intervals
Th, F, Sa- REPEAT M, T, W 🙂
Sunday- OFF

Let’s all have a GREAT WEEK!!