Final Entry Info + Summary: “Fab Abs” Day 28

Today is Day 28 in our “Fab Abs” challenge, I am posting this final entry info NOW but I want you to take your pictures/stats  tomorrow instead of today.


Your challenge today is to PREPARE to take your final pics and stats tomorrow.

Use these 4 tips to help your final stats and pics be even better:

1- put a coat of self tanner on your abs tonight and then again prior to snapping your pic tomorrow

2- limit your salt intake today and don’t eat until after you take your stats and pics tomorrow morning

3- do some extra “sweating” tonight and/or tomorrow morning prior to pics. I like adding 20 mins of extra cardio prior to bed and then again first thing in the morning- pretend like you are a fighter needing to weigh in tomorrow 🙂

4- do at least 2 of your favorite ab challenges today and again prior to taking your pics– it’ll help them POP! I’ve posted a summary of all 28 days below.


Final entry to be posted in your blog titled “Fab Abs entry for __________ (your first name and last initial)” or you can email it to me

RallyRoom user name:


Starting weight:
Ending weight:


Starting waist relaxed:
Ending waist relaxed:


Starting waist sucked in:
Ending waist sucked in:


Starting Front photo:
Ending front photo:


Starting side photo:
Ending side photo:


Thoughts about the contest~ a short essay about how the contest helped you, what your favorite info was and your progress during the 28 days:




*Optional extra stats can be included like cycle day, caliper or body fat measurements.


Thanks so much,


(Summary of FAB ABS goes here)

I DECLARE- November “I am Thankful” month!! Entry for November 2, 2006

As the highly successful October–“I am proud Month” is now OVER–I think it would be fun to continue on with the tradition into November.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I am declaring that NOVEMBER is “I am Thankful month” –So be sure to start off your daily posts with a reason you are thankful!!

I am thankful for my brothers and my sissy

Here is a pic of us all together about 2 years ago-

in the back row you see my brothers Matthew (today he is 17!!), James (he’s about 22 now) and David (2 years older than me so 33 now)–he is holding his little girl…then next to me is my sissy Jeanette(she is now 24)

On tap for me today is the TRACK again…today it is much nicer weather here, so I will take my 3 little girlies with me. I am sure that will be an adventure!

Wish me luck!!!

Here is my Track Report:
It was a crazy time at the track, but MAN what a perfect day for it–sunny 60 degrees–perfect!
here is the low down on how it went
Warm up 800m
First 3 400m- 69 seconds with 4 min recovery
4th- 71 seconds–this one almost killed me! so I had a longer recovery of 8 mins then did
5th- 70 secs…would have been 69 but Tia was in the way so I had to yell at her TWICE to move–poor thing!

We went to the park afterwards and I am still dying an hour afterwards…so time to rest, and refuel and think about what I am gonna do in the gym tomorrow and Saturday!

It was a GREAT experience to be running 400 repeats again…I have a huge love hate relationship with them…they are killers, but UBER EFFECTIVE!!


Headstart on I am PROUD month! Entry for September 29, 2006

I am proud of myself today because I figured out how to download some software to make mp3 files using a microphone I purchase over a year ago…to start the process of moving toward podcasting!! FUN STUFF!!!–I think it would be a great addition to to include podcasts, don’t you?

Does anyone have any first hand experience with creating a podcast? I am doing my usual “learn as I go” thing with the it.

On the workout front, I didn’t do what I had planned yesterday–so no pilates and no leg workout…due to my tummy pain and pms…but I did get in a TENNIS workout–and ouch I am sore in some weird places. The plan for this evening is a super leg workout and then turkey with stuffing, YUMMY!!

so far on eats today
So you can see I need more P’s and G’s
I have another P in about an hour–just had oatmeal–YUMMMY—Maybe I’ll have a salad or some asparagus with my turkey tonight (I plan on eating about 3P’s of turkey, LOL)… and my Treat will be extra stuffing Smiling

Off to work,

p.s. if you missed this yesterday–

I Declare October is- “I am Proud Month”

Inspired by one of my BuffMother Leaders who suggested that all of our post should start with “I am proud of myself today because: _________” . I am declaring October–I am Proud MONTH….so at the start of every post you write this next month, dig deep and find a reason that you can be proud of yourself every day!!!

The foundation of BuffMother! is POSITIVITY…there is such power in being positive—positivity is contagious and inspiring. Sharing your Proud moments will lead to greater positivity in your life…So Let’s shoot to be even more positive and look at what is good in our lives this October.

Any questions or suggestions?

I am so PROUD of YOU!!


I love legs- Entry for May 10, 2006

I had a FAB LEG workout!!
Warm up r-bike for 7 min plus a quick run out to my van to get my phone Smiling
Sissy Squats
45×15 All the way down
95×10 All the way down
145×10- i almost didn’t make it Sad

Dead lifts paired with Sissy Squats
DL- 95x12x4
SS- 15 repsx3 sets

Leg Extnsions paired with leg curls
Butt Smith Squats
Smith Lunges
90x10x2*paired with abs

Hanging sit ups
supersetted with
roman chair knee ups

All in all I loved this workout!! A+

At this point my foot was cramping and I was DEAD…so the plan is to do my walking lunges this afternoon outside infront of my house

Keep those bikinis on you mind,