Want SORE abs?: “Fab Abs” Day 10

Hello, hello!!!  Guess what??  I RARELY GET SORE ABS!!! BUT…When I do I am sure to write it down- the following workout KILLED my abs–

So…I thought I’d share my “AB Kill” workout for our Day #10 Fab Abs Challenge

#1 Run several sprints*- 100m as fast as you can GO! (Do 4-6 as hard as you can go with full recovery between)…
#2 Do HIGH KNEE DRILLS (2 sets of 30meters)…

#3 Old school sit ups- about 200 of them…These were right after sprints

Then add in these exercises throughout the rest of your day or workout:

#4 Roman chair/Hanging knee ups- about 60 total (2-3 sets of 20-30 is good)…
#5 Knee ups on a bench 2 sets of 30 reps….
#6 Ab hyper-extensions (like a back bend on the lower back extension machine or you can do it on the ball)- lower slowly 2 sets of 10-15 reps….

#7 AB wheels 1-2 sets of 15 reps…

Try it and Let me know if you get sore!!

* if you can’t “sprint” try doing super intensity 20 to 30 seconds on the bike, elliptical or stair mill or some other form of intervals instead
Have a kick-belly day #10! LOL!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


Day 38

“BuffMotherobics!”- any mode you like (running, swimming, biking, elliptical, jumprope, rowing, etc…)
20 minutes of “Even Minute” INTERVALS
Min 1-3: Warm up
Min 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 hard/ “on” even minutes
Min 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 easier/recovery minutes
Min 16-20 cool down

Then ABS- as a circuit twice through (2 sets of each) a) Roman Chair Knee UPS- 2×20
b) Ball Crunches- 2×15
c) Standing High Knees- 2×20 each leg
d) CATS- 2 x 3 reps of each position- holding both up (CAT) and down (DOG) for 5 seconds each
e) Vacuums- 2 sets of 5 10 second vacuums (10-20 sec rest between reps)

3 for 3!

Well, I am 3 for 3 so far in May…and I LOVE that so many of you have joined in on my “every day in May” challenge with me!! It’s going to be a mighty mojo filled MAY!

May 1- one hour workout at gym upper body and itnervals on stair mill
May 2- walk with the family- about 25min worth
May 3- Leg workout- a short one since Mondays are so CRAZY for me, but good little workout- 30 mins total!

Here’s the detials on today’s legs:
warm up 3 mins elliptical

Abs on ball 2sets
Dead lifts
95x10x4sets- 2 romainian; 2 conventional

lunges on bosu ball 2×15
side Leg lifts laying on bosu ball 20reps, 15 reps

Smith lunges on step

That was all!

It’s so beautiful here today!! I just love it!  My plan is to prep some food and make some ice tea and have a good little lunch outside in my bikini!! WHEEE!!

Hope your Monday is GREAT!


Review & Plan

Hi! Just going to take a few mins to review last week and make my POA for the next

So this past week in review:
M:back- elliptical
T:chest- u-bike
Th:back/sh//bi- run *decided to run on every even date*
F:chest/tri- stairmill
Sa:legs- run
So…6 days lifting and 5 cardios!! I had a GREAT week of workouts!!!

Next week’s POA (plan of ATTACK)
Su:Church- Active rest~ I’ll do something…just not sure what??
M:Back/Bi/Sh/ ABS and run
T: in the morning I’ll take my END of Buffing pictures, stats and measurements- then start BOOSTING Lift Legs HEAVY!
W:Chest/Tris/ABS Run
F:Legs/run– I may wait to do legs until Sat and just run (and maybe add some sprints)…we’ll see??

Also next week I want to get my taxes to my accountant and post my NEW Year’s Resolutions!

Back At It!

It is so GREAT to be back home and back at the gym to work BACK! LOL!!
I am really loving my workouts with my hubby~ and it’s really fun to see how much stronger he has gotten in the past three weeks
warm up- tanned (new bulbs!)
r-bike 10 mins
lower back extensions
Cybex lat pulls
Pull ups 6
hammer strength ISO High lat pull
70x12x3 sets
knee ups between sets
12 front/12 rt./12 left x3 sets
Hammer strength rows
2 sets standing HIGH knees
Shoulder press
front raises with
knee ups on roman chair 3 sets
hanging sit ups 1 set
20 mins intervals 1 min hard; 1 min easy– on octane elliptical– level 7 for most of the easy; level 9 for most of the hard mins
That was it, eats are GREAT today~ off to eat supper now!!

Life as Planned?

I make an effort to set a POA for myself at least once weekly….I also teach my clients to do the same. BUT, I almost never make it though more than 1 or 2 days sticking to that plan. “LIFE happens” and I am forced to adjust. None the less, having a POA is priceless~ especially when you are actually able to stick to it!

This week I’ve amazed myself, I’ve actually stuck to the POA I set out and feel so accomplished! That get’s me wondering WHY? What am I doing this week that’s different than most?? The answer is simple, I am NOT trying to do EVERYTHING at once. I am not over scheduling myself and not putting pressure on myself to DO IT ALL for once. I attribute this to my DH~ who is trying to keep me in my “vacation” mindset until Jan 1. AND to a audio book I recently listened to “the 4-hour work week” that taught to NOT MULTI TASK– I am soooo guilty of trying to multi task all the time! I can’t even JUST PEE~ I have to drink a glass of water WHILE I am on the toilet. I can’t go tanning and just tan…I’ll tan and talk on the phone at the same time, etc….
I handle it well most of the time, but I see the value to NOT MULTI-TASKING also. So…I am going to try to do less multi-tasking as the new year arrives. Maybe its a lesson I need to learn, lol!

Anyhow…enough about that!
I had a great back, should, bi and 20 mins stair mill workout yesterday.
Then today I lifted Chest, tris, did some abs and 14 min elliptical and ran 8 mins.

It was good and I am excited for my leg workout tomorrow!
See you then,

Let’s GO!! 2 weeks left~
There is so much that can be done in just 2 weeks, so LET’s GO!

My personal goals are to get in several workouts and runs…I’ve been slacking on my runs since the July running campaign ended- -so today I start again with my EVEN day running.  I’m gonna go in just a bit.

My week last week ended up very good~ here’s the recap:
m-killer upper body workout and intervals on elliptical
t-killer leg workout–my butt was so sore!
W- beginner upper body buffing workout at home and some wii fit
Th-chest tris
F-back, sh, bi, run on treddy
S-20 min warm up cardio; legs

so 6 days of lifting!!! and 2 intervals~
pretty good~

this week’s boosting poa looks like this:
m-chest and run
t- legs again
w- back and run
Th- chest
F-run in am and legs
S- back  and some steady cardio
Sunday= off

I am ready to GO! and remembering “no excuses”
Go!! Go!!! Go!!!



I believe I have had a great month of BELIEF building this MONTH!! There is HUGE power in believing!! WE must believe we can have what we desire in order to ever see it happen. That is why we must learn how to believe. Simply saying positive things about your body, your workouts and you nutrition will enable you to start believing them. For instance if you look in the mirror and see a fat belly looking back- tell that image, YOU will be tiny and flat soon! That will help you start to believe that it will happen. By doing it continually you will take action towards making that happen and soon your belief will be a reality!! BELEIVE that you can be buff and don’t settle for anything less than a spectacular life!! You can live your dream!!! Believe it!!

My Day yesterday was good despite the change in plans. I cleaned in the morning a bit before the photoshoot~ which was good to have done, I also did a bunch of laundry, which now needs folding  🙁

Greens for yesterday:
Ziga, Pea pods- way too many, lol!

warm up u-bike 15 mins
Cybex pull downs
paired with knee ups
40(20front, 10sides)x3sets

pull ups 7
hanging knee ups- all the way up into a ball
15- hard!!

Standing BB shoulder press
45×10 front, 10 behind
65×10 frontx10x2
paired with bicep curls
45×10 bicep curls
added in between 2 sets of inverted pull ups 10 reps each and one more set hanging knee ups

Hammer High lat Isolateral pulls
70x10each armx3sets

Seated rows
paired with
25#plate front raisesx12x3

Ran- on treddy at 2%grade
a couple of intervals then steady at 9mph for 10 mins straight
a total of 20 mins

Good workout~ I will go to the gym around 1 to do a good chest workout with some intervals

Have a fun this LAST day of JUNE~ amazing!

Belief quote for today:
“We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.”
-Louisa May Alcott

Saturday continued….
Well, I got all my laundry DONE, folded and put away.  Then it was time to do my workout~ so off to the gym we went

got there and chatted for 15 mins with a fellow gym ratt then got a good 12min r-bike warm up

Chest press 70×15 warm up for
95x10x3 in a circuit with
10 push upsx3
25 situps x3

Incline flys
35×6, plus 30×4
35×5, plus 30×5
paired with
bench dips 10 focused on shoulder contraction at the end of each

Cable flys
paired with
tricep extensions

pose down Bicep curls
paired with cable flys

Bicep Curls
paired with tricep push downs
95 x10x3
burn out set

Then I did the elliptical
8 intervals mixed alternating 4- 30sec@14 moving arms as if I was running  and 4- 20sec@15 holding on ones….
total time 20 mins

That’s all!
greens today
ziga, pea pods, asparagus

Now to shower~

Leading by action~

I believe in leading by my actions…case in point my workout today.

I don’t ask my clients to do anything I am unwilling to do myself. SOOOO…Since, I am on the same workout schedule as one of my clients LISA of NE, I decided to do the same workout as her today.
The friendly “competition” really helped push me to excel and be relentless!
Thanks LISA!

The rest of my day was busy, I came home- worked on my book, then left to bring Gracie to the doctor for her pre-kindergarten physical and shots…she had to have 5!
She did good, then I had to get the other 2 girls, went to McD’s for a TREAT meal…then to baseball.
Last game of the season!!
HORRAY! I am excited for tomorrow~ nothing EXTRA on my super full to do list!

Here is my workout
Warm up r-bike 8 mins

Pull ups 12 (pb!),8,6
paired with High knee abs 20×3, plus one set of 40 alternating

lat pulls (cybex close grip)
paired with db bicep curls (alternating)

Seated rows
paired with lateral raises (one arm at a time) twist like dumping a glass out at top

Arnolds (alternating arms)
20×6 too light
25×10 too light again
paired with crunches 15, 20, 20

Bent over lateral raises (pause at top)
Knee ups 20 front, 10-15 each side (3 sets)

13 mins on elliptical then ankle got sore- hard 13 easy 11
finished 7 mins on r-bike- hard 6 easy 5
1 min hard 1 min easy

Sleep tight tonight and keep sucking in those tummys!! mine is sore 🙂

Shifiting my day off~ and yesterday’s chest wo

Hi …well I am shifting my day off of lifting to today. I am still a tish sore from my leg workout on Tuesday and since my back has been a bugger I decided it would be best to shift my legs to tomorrow and lift my back on Sunday. Also, I never made it to Wal-mart yesterday~ which I blame on the COLD yucky weather yesterday.

AND I just finished upright bike intervals even min on: odd min off…8 hard mins total of 20 mins

Today is BEAUTIFUL here, though and I will be off to the races soon- wal-mart, b-day party for Gunner and dinner out with DH and the girls-and maybe a quick trip to the mall

I had a great workout day yesterday and was rewarded by a leaner reflection in the mirror today, but no weight loss…that’s the power of muscle!!

Here is yesterday’s workout:
u-bike am fasted for about 10 mins while reading my BIBLE…I’ve done this several times this week!!

Warm up- elliptical- decided to make it intervals 10 mins
Bench 45×25
paired with 2 sets bench dip
2 sets crunches on bench with feet on bar

Skull crushers
50×8, 7, 6
paired w/ incline flys

Cable tri push downs
50×16 big set and decided to do flys instead

Cable Chest flys
arms together 25×10
arms one at time

Knee ups on roman chair
30 slow
st leg ups 10+10knee ups x 2 sets
Kick backs
15’sx10- this gym has no 12’s which I would have rather done and focused harder on contraction

Then elliptical intervals 20 mins~ these were good and hard

Slept hard and have more energy today!! HOORAY FOR Friday!!

Love you all,
p.s. I will announce the contest for all Rally Room members this weekend …to start on May 7th