Jumpstart Challenge

Join the free “JUMPSTART” 1 daily exercise challenge–

JUMPSTART your Strength training by doing 1 exercise per day.
JUMPSTART your Momentum
JUMPSTART your Discipline
JUMPSTART your Pride
JUMPSTART your body’s natural Hormone production
JUMPSTART Yourself with this Month long challenge

I’ll post a short video demo of 1 exercise daily and your job is to do it, then comment that it’s done!! The exercises will be simple moves that need very minimal equipment (dumbbells, a ball, a chair). Join in on the fun and JUMPSTART your fitness! Who’s with me??

Full Playlist

DAILY Summary:

  1. Push ups
  2. Squats
  3. Knee ups
  4. Chest Press
  5. Lunges
  6. Adductors
  7. Lat Rows
  8. Dead Lift
  9. Slip-drill Abs
  10. Bulgarians
  11. Shoulder Press
  12. Side Lunge
  13. Pump Ups
  14. Underbutts
  15. Bicep Curls
  16. Step Ups
  17. Ladders on the ball
  18. Hip Ups
  19. Dips- on chair
  20. Calf Raises
  21. Leg Raises for ABS
  22. Booty Pops
  23. Arnolds
  24. Walking Lunges
  25. Dancing Abs
  26. Side Leg Raises
  27. Kick Backs
  28. Ball Leg Curls
  29. Cat and Dogs
  30. Hip Thrusts
  31. Upright Rows

Congrats you are done!! Be sure to comment and share the challenge with your friends!!

p.s. ALSO– A Big thanks to my workout wear sponsor “FAITH FIT”


Where’s my EASY button??

I’ve had an off week of blogging. I think I wore myself out from doing the daily vlogs for the first half of my 70days to sexy…I have just STOPPED completely this week, HA! For the fall I Plan to post a vlog once in a while, but strive to do 1 really good video weekly.  Our FAB ABS is coming up with perfect timing! I need to regain some mojo!  REMEMBER…Be sure to sign up, share this link and encourage your friends to join us in for our FREE ABS August challenge!
Despite my lack of blogging, I have been online…I’ve had a couple interesting conversations on my Facebook profile recently.
Please be sure to click “Follow” so you don’t miss out on the fun!!
Yesterday Lynn inspired me to post about kids’ sports being too serious and then today a body shaming article made me post about how sad I am about women bashing other women!  Both conversations were very interesting!
Do you agree or disagree?? Kid’s sports (under 12) are too competitive and specialized, way too young! I feel that parents are often to blame for it, they have no goals of their own, so they transfer to the kids!
Holy cow…this is infuriating. Why wouldn’t women want to see an inspirational mother?
I’ve also been pushing our NEW Gym Angel give away and have a “big one” in the works for mid Aug!! Keep your eyes peeled for it!!
Do you need some more protein powder?? or how about a GREAT multi vitamin…Enter this give away now!!

Since Friday, I’ve done just 1 real workout– a hills run on Tuesday.  I can’t go into details, but I will share that this summer has been very rough.  Since May, I’ve been trying hard and getting a little momentum here and there– but then losing it quickly. By saying “trying hard” I don’t mean in just my fitness and diet. I mean in LIFE. My business, my relationships, my faith, etc…everything has been HARD!  Push, push, push with NOTHING being easy or automatic. Where on earth did I put my EASY BUTTON!??


STRESS has been high in my soul, on my spirit and has made me wonder at times if I am on the verge of being depressed? I’ve been having neck pain, crazy fatigue and on Tuesday evening developed a UTI!   It’s amazing how much my mental stress impacts my physical health! 


Thank God, in the last 2 days, a few BIG prayers have been answered and the stress is so MUCH LOWER.  I feel I am on the upswing.  I am determined to push into the upcoming weeks with HOPE and Positivity. It’s time to leave this stress in the dust and have an AWESOME ABS AUGUST!

Thanks for all your love and support. Please invite everyone you know to join in on our ABS AUGUST, I know they’ll thank you!!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

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Takin’ it easy…this week’s POA

I am takin’ it easy this weekend…
Yesterday I started feeling a bit ill, I think I am getting “grazed” by the flu Travis had. So I just did a little mini workout yesterday a mish-mosh of stuff…
ran around the block
did a few mins on the bike
a few mins on the stairmaster
did some push ups

AND….I did 4 pushups with CLAPS between for the first time EVER!
Last night we watched the UFC, it was really good except ARLOFSKI his fight was BORING!!

Now today, I am taking totally OFF of workouts and getting SET to hit it hard this week.

this week is the first of bufffing…my goal is to shed a pound of “real weight” and continue to build up my fitness
M- Chest, Tris and intervals
W-Back, Bi, Sh and intervals
Th- Chest, Tris and intervals
S-Back, Bi, Sh and intervals
Sunday OFF

Diet will be KEY for me these next couple weeks– LOTS of GREENS and protein

I am really enjoying the warmer weather!! It is fun to break out the shorts and tanks, AND it is a BIG motivator to hit the buffing hard!
Hope you have a good relaxing day too!!

100 push ups!! EASY :)

Hi Ya!!

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday–
I am here working like a dog, trying to get things crossed of my to do list- one of which I need to hop on ASAP…finding a cleaning lady!

Here is my weird workout today-
i did not feel like doing a chest workout at all and my Dh will be lifting that tonight after work so I may join him- we’ll see?

20 push ups
20 push ups
20 push ups

20 push ups
20 push ups

The push ups were easy today 🙂

Chest press machine

then I tanned–only for 10 min…I am on antibiotic for zits…so I can’t get too much sun or I’ll burn

then I did shoulders
Military standing behind the head with the free bar

2 sets of pull ups hands straight grip- in between military

upright rows

Hammer curls

Barbell curls
ez bar curls

ez bar bent over upright rows- rear delt rows

20’s one are at a timex10
25’s arms togetherx8

Then I did intervals on the r-bike
24 mins on there total

Now to re-energize for a possible sprinting workout and/or chest/tri workout.

I’ll be back!