Challenge yourself!! with me….

I’m challenging myself to my “40 days to FIT” for the remainder of the summer…then on AUGUST 20th we’ll start a 10 week Contest!!! JOIN […] Read More

Practice Makes Perfect!! ~ Shine in 49: Day 13

  Practice makes perfect~ I was just thinking today how little I knew when I first started lifting, I was so uncoordinated and weak…I was […] Read More

Procrastinator Michelle! S6day17

I am posting right now because I am procrastinating…I have to work on some tax stuff that I’ve been putting off for MONTHS, but with […] Read More

“Sizzlin’ in 6″: Week 1; Day 2 GOALS!

My titles sure are a little bit boring this week, lol!  But it’s helping me keep on track… It’ll really be fun to put more […] Read More

Blessed JOYOUS Birthday Week

I had such a blessed JOYOUS Birthday week!!  I feel refreshed and ready to rock 35!!  The week started with a smooth trip to AZ […] Read More

Early Morning!

Hey!! I’ve been slacking on my personal blogging so I thought I’d get it done first thing…actually not first thing- I’ve been up for about […] Read More

"SX70" Week #1- Summary

HI!! I’ve had several people mention they didn’t get e-mails regarding the contest info…if you have not be sure to check your bulk/spam/junk mail folder and […] Read More

Sexy in 70

Thanks for joining our newest contest “Sexy in 70″… LET’s Get your SEXY BACK!!! You’ll be getting several emails with all kinds of helpful tips.  […] Read More

PB Day!

Today’s workout was with DH again…we’ve workout 3 days together this week!! FUN STUFF!! Today…I hit a recent Bench pb~ 135×6 times; 145x3times and I […] Read More

Now is the time to learn!

In keeping with my “NOW is the TIME November” theme…I really, really believe NOW is the time for me to LEARN!  I am currently hungering to LEARN […] Read More