Gadgets? Workout time?

Favorites Month is a BIG HIT!! I am having a blast reading all the responses and feedback, thanks for your participation!! Yesterday I asked, What […] Read More

Stationary Forward Barbell Lunges

Today’s Lunge of the DAY~ Stationary Forward Barbell Lunges You can also do them with Dumbbells~ Happy Lunging!! -Michelle p.s. Your YOU TUBE comments and […] Read More

Sizzlin' in 6~ WEEK #2 (day 8): "D" is for Determined!

D is for Determined!   I am so DARN DETERMINED to get to my goal!! I love that feeling of FOCUS!!! DETERMINATION is a GREAT […] Read More

Time to get TOUGH! ~ S6 Day 4

Time to get tough…cuz’ it’s “Tired Thursday”! Thursdays are notoriously the most “tired” day of the week for my clients and myself – that’s why […] Read More

New product "Ugi"

My thoughts on this product at first glance are “what’s an ugly (ugi) name” and “UGH! not another ball~ for foofoo fitness moves!”  Seriously…don’t waste […] Read More

SX70- Phase 1 upperbody workout example

Hiddy HO!! I woke up singing this beautiful morning, ”good morning, good morning, good morning it’s time to rise and SHINE!!!!” I’ve had some questions […] Read More

I am STOKED!!! I am STOKED!! I am getting things DONE today, lol!! the past 2 days I’ve been in a fog…don’t know what was up??? I […] Read More

I believe in Realtionships

  I believe in relationships…we are made for this purpose.  The reason God created man was so he could have “relationship”…that is AMAZING!  And makes […] Read More

Big focus on BIG muscles and BIG movements!

Hay, Hay, Hay!! Great week!!! I am loving this consistency challenge~ I had a good leg workout yesterday- BIG focus on BIG MOVEMENTs! That is […] Read More