Diet Talk SSS Week 06

Happy week #6 of our Super STAR Success contest…this week we are going to talk more about DIET! I know I rarely post what and […] Read More


We are already on DAY 6!!   Today Diet challenge is eat olives or avocado PLUS Drink water!!  Good healthy fats and FIBER are in […] Read More

Drink more water!

SSS Week #9 Mini Challenge- Drink 1.5 gallons of water daily!! Oh my!! it’s already week #9!!! your mission this week is simple– Drink 1.5 […] Read More

Photoshoot SET!! *edit* HI!!! I am FIRED up today!!!  I have my photoshoot for the end of the BBB contest SET….it is going to be on the […] Read More

A little about my eating :)

Happy Monday! Thanks so much for all your well wishes and prayers. I feel much better today and am READY to Rock this WEEK!! I […] Read More

What do I eat???

Workout, Workout, Workout! Eat, Eat, Eat! Why workout if you don’t eat right? Why eat right if you don’t workout? The importance of both components […] Read More