I broke into the 120’s!

HOLY COW, I finally, finally saw 129.8 on the scale today!! It’s been since August that I’ve been trying to get a reading in the […] Read More

It's the Chicken! day 30/70 SSS 2011

What came first, the “Chicken or the Egg?” I believe, It’s the Chicken! If you want to see change in our world; If you want […] Read More

SuperStar Success 2009 ~ Finalist Darcie A.

Darcie A. Number of children and ages (it’s okay if you have 0):1 – age 12 Age:37 Today’s Date:_9-13-09 / 11-22-09__ height:_____5’5″________ weight:_132.0 / 129.6_____ […] Read More