Half Year Resolutions

Do you even remember your New Year’s Resolutions??  I’ve honestly had to look back at mine a few times already this year, HA!

Mine were simple-

  • To Blog Daily
  • To Shower Before 11 am daily
  •  Pen to Paper journal 3+ times a week…

I have been slacking on a couple of them recently but overall I am happy with my progress and READY TO ADD TO THEM!!


After reading a blog post from my first journey though our 40days to fit and today’s tip about setting GOALS;  I was inspired to redo the some of the same Half Year Resolutions I had then~


Fitness: 3 day split lifting routine- 6 days a week; run 3 x’s a week including sprint 1x a week

Work: create radio show; upload new video; schedule august photo shoot;chore time daily

Family: Have summer fun~ family vacation, canoe trip, amusement park, etc…

Spirit: Kids book of devotions daily, Get back to attending church on Sundays

Today, I have a back/bicep/shoulder workout + treadmill intervals on tap

Then guitar lessons for my DD Gracie.

Time to roll…

Have a great day and remainder of 2013!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

I am not a super hero

I surely am not a super hero but that doesn’t stop me from trying to fly!!

I have been totally humbled and at peace with the fact I can only do so much in each day….and it’s high time for me to hire some help so I can increase my productivity without killing myself!  With that said, I’ve begun the process of “scaling back” my expectations for each day.  My initial approach is going to be to write out my daily “to do’s” then figure out what 1/4 of it is the highest priority item(s). Accomplishing any more that that is a bonus!

This trip to Vegas is so exciting and a huge blessing for many reasons.

  • I get to spend some time with the huby
  • we got an unexpected visit from gramma (the babysitter)
  • I got several important things done that I wouldn’t have made time to do otherwise- tires, oil change, carpets cleaned, teeth cleaned and a cavity filled
  • I get to go to the Olympia and meet some of the industry players
  • I get to be personally trained- I’ve always said I want to be the trainee vs. the trainer at some point in my life

It’s all good and very exciting.

This morning has already been productive, I’ve bought my sister a Birthday present, I’ve taken out the trash, I’ve prepped some items to be shipped and I’m now off to do my devotions and at 9 I get to talk to our Shana!!  She’s a doll!!

I’ll certainly be checking in from Vegas~ Love you all!!

Bye, bye!!!


September goals

Hey All~ I’ve spent a bunch of time yesterday and today listening to sermons and Reflecting about something Pastor Cass said in his message last week~ “it’s time to get more Passionate about our PASSIONS!!”

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the upcoming month!  I am very excited for September to be here and for all the FUN times in store!!

September Goals

Week of
spirit work family fitness
Aug 31st Kids book of devotions daily; Bible Daily
read “Reduce me to Love”
Get ready for the SSS contest!!!


chore time with kids at 4pm daily;Have fun watching football together; add some walks in on the trails- kids have a long weekend for labor day buffing hard again…goal is to weigh 125 by the end of week
Sept 7th Kids book of devotions daily; Bible Daily

Read Joel Osteen’s book

Promote September events ; videos Gunner’s first FB game of the season;Kid have big church event Boosting

3 day split BIG time ; lift heavy and add in some extra cardio

Sept 14 pray about SSS and Omaha event- HUGE results and HUGE participation Prep for Omaha event Have some fun- zoo, pool, lake, etc… **SSS** contest starts

3 day split add in sprints again

Sept 21 KEEP GOD #1!! Prep and Leave for Omaha prep family for work trip; buffing hard again… get looking GREAT for Omaha event

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