28 days of Christmas: Day 9

XMAS Day 9: I just love, love, love Tuesdays!!  Today is an exciting day in the Berger home.   My excitement lies in getting in […] Read More

28 Days of Christmas: Day 4

Good Morning!! It’s Day 4 and another scheduled day OFF for  workouts.  Tomorrow will be another LEG workout!!  PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND…what you eat today and do today will affect […] Read More

17 days to go…

17 days to go… It’s amazing how almost everyone in our 21 day contest is focused improving on their diet!! I love the determination and […] Read More

Whoa! It's my HORMONES!

Whoah!! I missed a few days of blogging…I know exactly what’s going on with me there “IT’s my HORMONES!” Thurs- turned out to be a […] Read More

Time for CHANGE?? ~S6day16

Time for Change?? Time for Change??~ What’s the thought process that you go through when you are making a change in your life?  What are […] Read More

2011 will be Heaven!

2011 will be Heaven!! is my motto for this year…I will be positive, I will have JOY and I will live an insanely adventerous glorious […] Read More

“All-Star!” KQ Smith of SC and CT

“All-Star!” KQ Smith Well Where do I begin… I had the pleasure of meeting KQ  over 5 years ago via www.buffmother.com.  She’s been a member […] Read More

SuperStar Success 2009 ~ Finalist Daphne D.

Daphne D Number of children and ages (it’s okay if you have 0): 7, 4 Age: 32 Today’s Date:____11/21___ height:____5’3”______ weight:__110 —106.4___ age:____32_ Today’s cycle […] Read More