Vacation starts!!

Hey all!! Merry Christmas!

Today marked the beginning of Christmas vacation for my kids. No more school this year!! As for me, I still have some work to accomplish on Friday, but other than that I am all about THE FAMILY this week.  We plan to make some cut out cookies here soon and then tomorrow go shopping, out to eat and bowling!

My workout yesterday almost killed me!

Heavy squats, deads and some other leg stuff, I am sore. Today was a short upper body lift- some pull ups, push ups, rows, shoulder presses and a few abs, then a 1 mile run on the treadmill and STRETCHING session.


Sore Booty!

I have a sore booty today– “happy dance” …YIPPIE!!

My workout yesterday was Squats, Deadlifts, Knee Extensions and Lunges!  I spent the day in at my “old” house- working on getting things out of the attic and shed, organizing, packing, mowing the lawn and uprooted about 20 more baby tress from my planter to transplant to our farm.

Today my to do list is crazy full again and I’ve already gotten the trash out, done the dishes and made breakfast :

  • Get Cuji into groomers
  • Meet with the painter for an estimate
  • Get truck tires aligned
  • Coaching call with a client
  • Workout- run (from and to the tire place so that I don’t have to sit there an WAIT!) and lift upper body
  • Plus, get to work on the 4 training programs I have to write this week!

Busy, busy, but GREAT!!

Hope your booty is sore like mine, lol!!


Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts






Transcript: Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts
Basically you want your feet about shoulder width apart. Keep your upper body upright, bend over at your hips, down til you feel a stretch in your hamstring, then just back up. Nice and slow, then back up. You want to keep the curve in your lower back, you’ll notice how I don’t round my back down like this. Keep it nice and curved as you do the whole motion, that will isolate your hamstrings.
You can also vary this by having a wide stance.

Barbell Romanian Deadlifts






Transcript: Romanian or Stiff Legged Type Deadlifts, Barbell

On the barbell you want to have a staggered stance for your hands, which will help your grip. Basically you can do both stances on this one too. Shoulder width. Let this down, nice and slowly, you want to keep the bar nice and close to your legs. Still all working your hamstrings, glutes & your lower back.

Thursday turn-around…

Well…. today is a turn-around of sorts for my week.  Up until last night our whole family was sleep deprived and yesterday I thought I was going to become a narcoleptic.  I was so SLEEPY…so I took it as sign that I needed to SLEEP instead.  So we all went to bed early and today has been a mucho better day.  I really, REALLY value my sleep!  I KNOW that it is key for me to be my best mentally and physically.  Without enough I turn into a crabby MOMMA….not only do I value my sleep but my kids’ sleep.  I’ve always been very staunch about them getting to be on time and when they were little having their naps.  I really believe that if our world would get better sleep EVERYONE would be more healthy and productive.  A key practice that ensures my sleep being “good” is to keep my afternoon caffeine intake very limited, to “settle down” a couple hours prior to bed and to get my workouts done.

My leg workout today looked like this:
Warm up r-bike 5 min and treddy running 10 mins
* please remember I am just starting back with squats and deadlifts after some time off of them– I am not normally this weak, lol


Dead lifts

Leg press (single leg)

Seated calf raises

Side lunges 10 high+10 low
sissy squats 20reps
Smith lunges
70×10×2…after the second set I got a massive hip cramp which basically hindered the rest of my workout
Knee extensions
130×10×3+100×10burn out set immediately after

Leg curls

That was all…afterwards I went tanning and talked to Lori G… fun to hear her voice and chat with her finally!!  then a bit later after the kids got home from school we went to wal-mart to mainly get TP and look at what they had for bedspreads and curtains.  They had nothing I wanted for my room….AND I forgot the TP!!  5 women go through a ton of TP ;)

I am off to try and get some more cleaning/work done.
Have a terrific Thurs night!!

Sunny Saturday~

HI Girls!!
It is such a beautiful sunny Saturday here~ I love it!!!
I’ve been keeping busy today with cleaning and soaking in the sun!!!

I also made time to get to the gym for this workout:
Warm up 20 mins r-bike
then this mis-mosh of exercises…I didn’t do them in this exact order, lol

froggy leg curls 4 sets
leg press
smith lunges
leg curls
seated calf raises
walking calves

Intervals on treddy:
15 mins total
4 at 9.5 hard;7.5 easy
2 at 10 hard; 7 easy

finished with 2 sets walking lunges and 1 set light deadlifts

Now we have a BB game and a graduation party to attend, so I’d better scoot.