Experienced Boosting Leg workout in detail with Video

I’ve had a ton of requests for more workout videos demonstrating an actual workout for an experienced level lifter who is in their BOOSTING phase.  […] Read More

Michelle’s DETAILED workout POA~ SSS Wk 01

SSS week 01- Michelle’s DETAILED workout POA Michelle’s DETAILED workout POA (PLAN OF ATTACK): HI all~ I just thought I’d lay out my workouts here […] Read More

Couple of Videos

Just uploaded this video yesterday about “Causes and Cures for Belly Fat” #bellyfat #insulin #cortisol http://youtu.be/95dWZe9KwR4 Here’s a video of me squatting from yesterday Post […] Read More

Fight for it!

I wanted to get DAY 4’s post UP for you HERE: http://www.teambuffmother.com/…sexy-day-4-get-tough   Fight for it! My Wednesday was 28 mins morning fasted bike then […] Read More

HE created ME!

First off I wanted to share a word of wisdom for you….it will help you stop the insanity in your workouts/diet:  “MUSCLE BURNS FAT!!– do […] Read More

Halfway Point: Fresh Start

I took the 2 weekend days OFF of official workouts.  Today is a fresh start… Here’s my plan of attack (a modification of the workout […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 26

“Get Buff”- Day 26 We have a Killer day in store for us!!! Workout:   Day #26 “Others day” Chest: Incline flys 4×10 Legs: Dead […] Read More