Leading by action~

www.BuffMother.com I believe in leading by my actions…case in point my workout today. I don’t ask my clients to do anything I am unwilling to […] Read More

SUPER Saturday!! LEGS!!

Checking in with a workout to report: Legs Warm up u-bike 6min Leg Press(hip sled) 90×15 narrow,calf raisesx20,15x wide 180×15 narrow,calf raisesx20,15x wide 270×12 narrow,calf […] Read More

A heavy, high volume “buffing”leg workout

My leg workout I did this evening:Warmed up with 8 min on the r-bike with 4 1 min. intervalsSquats45×1595×15135×10135×8145×10Seated calf raises3x70x15Leg press200×15 followed by calves […] Read More