Sit up Test: “Fab Abs” Day #4

A couple years ago we ran a “Just do it!” contest that contained a sit up test


Today’s Day #4 “Fab Abs” challenge is to do THIS SIT UP TEST~


TEST notes:

  1. The test is to do as many sit ups as you can in 60 seconds- similar to what you did as a kid in Presidential Fitness Tests
  2. If you don’t feel “sit ups” are for you, you can choose to test using and alternate exercise. Ideas: crunches,  hands on hammies sit ups, knee ups–
  3. As many as you can in 60 seconds– aim to improve over the next couple weeks.  Plan to retest on Fab Abs Day #27
  4. The goal is to measure is for core strength. A 6 pack is not the only goal– we need to have strong lower backs, hips, t-abs and good posture


Have fun and be sure to report in once you are done!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Man Men??

Who has watched the TV Series Mad Men?  Travis and I are addicted to it and have been watching it like crazy the past couple weeks.  It’s so interesting to think back to the 1960’s and realize how life was SOOOO very different. People were so “PRESENT”…fewer distractions and life was so much more simple. But at the same time the basics of ADVERTISING is still true. Copy writing is an art and finding a way to market is still very much worth money!  The internet and smart phones has certainly changed the way people do business over the past 2 years!!


Today, I awarded 10 winners of my YouTube “Energy Angel” pre-workout supplement give away. CONGRATS to the winners!!

If you weren’t a winner, be sure to get in on this BYGO special!


Other than that, I’ve been working hard on my business. I’m getting more and more excited about the business every day! I didn’t get a chance to do my “chef” pics yet, but will very soon!  I did put up a short video about pre- and post- workout eating.  Here’s that video:




The DietBet is going well, what do ya’ll think?  Should I commit to holding another one?  I like the extra motivation, but am not sure how well others are liking it?  Anyway, I do know this time of year is one of the toughest to get people inspired towards fitness, so it’s actually going well


We all want a hot holidays right??

My #1 tip to stay on track during this time of year is to CONTINUE to workout!!

be sure to get in 4 days of working out per week!~!!!!!~!!!


Yesterday’s Nostalgic November:


Guess what? I was a semi-professional football player…And I rocked it!


So, yesterday I made a plea on my BuffMother facebook page for help. I want more of a good productive following there instead of perverts. My solution was to make a plea for help….


Dear followers… I need your help!!
I need those of you who are UPSTANDING and KIND to let me know what info you’d like to see more on this page. I try to provide accountability by leading by example with my own workout proof pics. I try to provide helpful tips through blogs, videos and motivational quotes. I try to help endorse worthy products and people. I am truly here to HELP OTHERS…Let me know what I can do to help you! Please? thanks!!
-Michelle (BuffMother!)
— looking for things to do.
35,840 people reached



Happy Valentine’s Day!!


I have some free time this morning to get a few things done prior to heading to my next Movie SHOOT.  Tonight I get to kill someone and get shot! Fun stuff!!


Yesterday, I completed a recent “early morning” workout record for myself– started running at 7:15 am!! that’s very EARLY for me!!!!

Got my run done EARLY today- finished at 7:40am… After a 10min warm up ran 1 mile at 8mph with 3%grade– pushed into pain! #nopainnogain#workoutproof



Then after my run I had a weird thing happen.  I was getting my eggs cooked and rinsing off something in the sink and these words came to me: “And I will give you the Desires of your heart!”  It instantly made me cry with thankfulness~ God has GIVEN me the desires of my heart! He is amazing!!

I am so blessed!!


Here’s a pic I sent prior to heading out for the day– I knew we were shooting a Sleepy Middle of the night scene, so…limited my make up as not too look too made up…

Here’s a pic after we shot my first ever movie scene!! I will never forget it– thanks to everyone who made it happen! Dreams do come true — with Victoria Fox, Kim Pease and Jim Long.


Here’s a shot with one of the other Actors, Carl TheCoach Bailey— He plays Travis Tabor, the former Sheriff turned politician.


please keep me in your prayers as the shooting continues over the next couple weeks.  LOTS of Brains cells will be required for me to remember all my lines and stay sharp!


Have a happy Valentines day!!

Love, Michelle

p.s. my weight finally dropped back into the 120’s today for the first time in a several weeks! 127.8 on cycle day 5!! Yay for buffing!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Time for some NEW

Hey Ladies!! hope you had a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend!!

It’s so exciting to see all the amazing fun Hot Hiney contest entries~

Enter to WIN!! ~Day #21 HH~

they are due on the 31st (Friday).

It’s time for some new focus and new goals in my life…I’m not “quitting” on my goal to have a smokin’ body for my 38th birthday in a couple weeks, nor am I quitting on my goal to run an 800m race. BUT I am eliminating some “work” and “life” habits while asserting actions towards new goals in my work and family life! I’m excited for the NEW approaches I’ll be taking in both areas~ It’ll be a good break from the “same”.  I’ll share more about the “NEW” stuff soon!!

My weekend wrapped up with lots of work accomplished outside and family adventures.  I love where I live and my family~ God has surly blessed us!

During my “adventure” yesterday I tried to JUMP across the river but missed my mark and smashed the side of my foot in to a rock– it’s bruised badly.  I’ll have to be nice to it for a couple days at least   The good news is that it’s much better today than last night so I highly doubt it’s anything more than a bruise!


Here’s a pic of a couple brush piles we set ablaze.


And here’s video of a huge tree Travis cut down~

My week is a crazy one- I have 2days of a peaceful house until the kids get out of school.  Then it’s going to be a week or so of “adjustment” on everyone’s part. I do have a good “plan” in place for daily chores– hopefully it’ll work like a charm!


Today’s to do’s:

  • video my 3 remaining butt sandwich videos prep shipments and go to Post office
  • Bills and paperwork
  • LEG workout
  • Get hubby to take my “ending” HH pics


Off to tape my booty!

Have a stellar week!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Day 1 ~S2S Bikini Week~

HI ya’ll…Today is DAY 30  Please read today’s article:
AND… Darice’s Featured SEXY Article”
Well life around is finally getting back to normal after our spring break 2 weeks ago and Easter last week– at least normal for a couple days, until Friday when for some reason my kids have the day off?? What’s the deal with that?!


I am really going to have to figure out some sore of a solution for us during the summer months…bored kids at home= MESSY, stress!
My massage yesterday was really interesting. I went to a massuse who has been working with my SIL for the past several months.  Tandee is her name. She’s got some really exiting, different techniques and has a huge belief that many of our issues stem from our CORE. Specifically our PSOAS muscles which reside in on the sides of our inner tummy They connect the hips and spine and in essence are our body’s “hinge”.  STOMACH massage is her “specialty”.
She also does some active release stretching techniques to assist in releasing the muscle tension.  Very interesting stuff– She also spent time on my neck and shoulder– deep in my armpit.  My tummy was amazingly sore yesterday afternoon do to the massage.  I’m excited to see how visiting her every couple weeks will help my neck and also some of my lingering sciatic issues.
My workout last night was a tiny leg workout– I felt kinda weak and didn’t want to do too much.  Just playing it safe for my neck.  I warmed up on the Upright bike- then lifted- then rode the bike for 20 mins during which I took a break to do sit ups 3x’s~
 Here’s a picture of Gracie an I after I lifted:
Then after my workout I slapped on one of my all time favorite suits and snapped a pic for you!
I have to say– It made me feel sexy to be in a bikini and heels– It WORKS!!



It’s super fun to see your bikini proof pics, thanks for sharing!! Keep up the SEXY!!

Love, Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Lots going on!

The new contest planning has been on my mind…lots to do to make it great!!

I just put together a PDF of training info for the contest that will be available to the the VIP Rally Room members.


And I’ve been working on info, themes, moves, etc… all to help us get our SEXY ON!


Yesterday, I has a successful day! I went back to re-visit my new years resolutions only to find that I had been slacking on them the past couple weeks (go figure it was during my boosting, lol) …Anyhow, I’m revived to attain the resolutions and head toward my new goals!


March is going to be a great month.  Lot’s of stuff is going on~

  • The Re-Grand Opening of the RR (I’m so happy we are to this point- it’s been a busy past 2 months getting the site ready)
  • We have our 6 week contest- “SIX to Sexy” bring on the SEXY!!
  • we have VEGAS planning- along with the FREE training for those attending!!
  • personally- twins have softball starting and I have lots of projects to finish around the house before “growing” season starts

LOTS TO DO, but I love being busy!

FYI- if anyone is wondering, I quit tennis for now– too much $$ and time for this season in my life.  I can pick it up at a later date


The trip to town yesterday went well EXCEPT I forgot the RED BOX movies again!! and I spent a TON of money on softball stuff and other items while there. Why didn’t anyone tell me how expensive 4 kids can be??  LOL!

I managed to find a few pairs of sport pants for myself that will be suitable for Softball practice attire–plus I got myself an annual ST.Patty day shirt! I love green!!

I was so proud of myself for coming home– and getting my workout done!! It was so tempting to skip~ especially since DH wanted to go watch tv with me.

I got in a good Back, Shoulder, Bicep lift!!

Among other things, I did a bunch of hang clean, snatch, push press practice and I even did bicep curls, lol!



Today’s the kids first snow day of the year…it’s pretty out, but a mess and my house is in CHAOS.

I’d better go supervise it a bit and maybe make some lunch!

Love ya,


p.s. don’t forget about our rally room CHAT tomorrow at 11am CENTRAL TIME!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

2012 Interesting Stuff

2012 my goal was to “delve in 2012″~ And that I did!!  I experienced life in a very different way than any others.  My first year living on a “farm”– I guess it’s more of a ranch

Jan-I learned how to build and use fire as a way to “work” my land; Started working out with my son after school…it was good bonding time

Feb- I started running “hills” on my land oh they are killer and awesome at the same time!! My twins turned 9!!

March- I experienced real “skiing” for the first in Keystone with my dear friend Sherry

April-I learned to love to workout at home

May- Ran a Warrior Dash Race for the first and last time– had a blast with my Team BuffMother Friends!!

June- DD Layla had a bad couple weeks- her appendix burst and then she got bit by a dog 🙁 had a “stay-cation” with my Hubby on the Ranch; Got my first gun- a Walther P-22 hand gun Shot a snake with my gun- my first “kill” with it

July- Flew to MN to pick up my kids from MN– Drove them home…what a long drive! My Oldest child, my son turned 13~ Travis and I took our conceal to carry class

August- Our 19th wedding anniversary on which we celebrated with fire, and armadillo hunting (we shot 3 that night)

September-I started tennis lessons

October- went to Dallas and to MN for the weddings of my 2 ring bearers- my nephew and brother

November- Thanksgiving and then the anniversary of our MOVE to the country– wow!! We have so much to be thankful for!

December- My DD Gracie had a rough month- braces, oral surgery and then the family (including her) got the flu.  The good news is she had a fun B-day.



Give AWAY!! Enter now~

A couple weeks back I had a longtime Team BuffMother member ask to do a give
away of BUFFMOTHER products~ I said SURE, so she made it happen!!

Please follow the link and scroll down to end of the article to enter the GiveAWAY~
It’s FREE no strings attached!!

GIVEAWAY details:
Worldwide, must be over 18.  Ends 09-24-2012 at 11:59pm EST
Total Package Value: $105.75!
– Books (HT and ABS), autographed by Michelle Berger ($29.95)
– 60 day supply of HT Pills ($42.90) with Dispenser ($9.95) and
– One Long Sleeved Shirt of Your Choice!  ($22.95)

Be sure to enter and Best of Luck!!

My run today went well–

Good– ran 9 or 10 hills, I can’t count so I’m not sure– stopped to tie shoe and to rest a bit after 5 hills for a total if 3 non-running min. The hills don’t measure correctly with GPS so total distance was longer than the “runkeeper” thought– but here’s what it said:
And here’s my accuntablility picture for today “Trail hills happening now!! JUST DO IT!! “:

Love ya,


Big Excitement!

Whohoo!! we’ve got some BIG TIME excitement here in the RR and all over the internet for the SSS contest!! YAY!! I quiclky wanted to point out that on the UPPER RIGHT HAND corner  under the heading “ALL BOOKS” there is a link to all the contest content “2012 SuperSTAR Success Contest”.  I’ll be adding to it and updating it as we go along– but it’s a good reference so you know where to find all the info.

I’ve been thinking about some of my personal goals– if I ever get time to get to them, lol!! Uploading videos and organizing stuff takes a ton of time– Hoping that’ll slow down as we get the first couple weeks of the contest underway 🙂

I was set to do a photoshoot this FRIDAY, but we had some famliy plans change and now that’s pushed back to a later date– AGAIN… which is okay because I am not exactly where I wanted to be “body wise” for it just yet anyhow Laughing

My main goal is to be healthy.  I have my yearly next month and will be requesting some “tests”.  I really need to find out where I am at with my hormones, thyroid and lipids.  I’ve gone off of ALL suplements this month so that nothing will interfere with the outcome of the tests. I just want to have assurance that I’m NORMAL, lol!

In October we have 2 big weddings to attend.  BOTH of my righ bearers are getting married~ my brother and nephew were both 4 years old when I got married 19 years ago and now it’s there turn~ THEY actually wanted to have their weddings on the same day, but I PLEADED with them and now they are consecutive weekends instead.

Well, I’ve gotta go get my workout done~ I’ve got upper body lifting and a run on tap.  BY THE WAY- my shoulder is so much better!! YAY!!

See you later SUPERSTARS!!


p.s. I love seeing all the activity in here– be sure to “plant some energy seeds” by commenting on other’s posts– AND I’ll do my best to keep up with answering questions in the forum–I’ll come back later to do that tonight Friends

Don’t feel like it?? Shine in 49: Day19

What keeps you going when you don’t feel like it??!  I … “fake it, till I make it”!!

In all honesty I use this motto often.  I don’t always feel like an enthusiastic, positive, productive, outgoing, confident woman.  Many days, many weeks even I have to “fake it” at first…but I have learned that eventually the Mojo starts rolling and what at first was an all out effort can be EASY!!

“Fake it till you make it!!!”  it works!!

So my 4 focus points in business for the next 2 months will be:

1- clients- be sure each trainee is getting plenty of support
2- rally room- blog daily, comment on at least 5 blogs daily, add valuable content
3- workouts- I need to get in a workout daily, lead by example, EXERCISE is medicine
4- partnerships- I want to forge partnerships with other businesses that will add value to our TEAM


Let’s keep striving to be our best- and if you don’t feel like it sometimes go ahead and “fake it”

What keeps you going when you don’t feel like it??