Birthday Countdown

Every year I get to this point of the year and feel the need to AMP it up for my birthday.  60 days from now (June 14th) is my 39th birthday. My last one in the 30’s– eeeeeeekkkk!


My PLAN! is to follow a good plan for me and my life and goals! I took some time to write up a plan for myself just now and I’m excited to have such a great trainer, lol!!

The way the plan is written is in 6×10 day segments or micro-cycles.  The first 20 days will be about regaining consistency, focus and increasing my fitness level all the while nursing my shoulder back to 100%.

The Next 20 days will be  about really pressing in and getting stronger, more fit and more muscle!

Then the final 20 days will be GO time in regards to the “finishing touches”…leaning up, firming the butt and of course making my ABS POP!!


Today is cycle day 9 so I’ll be doing BUFFING STYLE workouts the next 10 days.  My weight is currently 131.4; my goal for this first 20 days is to get back down to a “real weight” of 127-128 which should be easy since I’m still holding vacation and inactivity weight.  I’ll plan to take a set of progress pics after the first 2 weeks to make my goals for the next 20 days.


POA for this week:

Tues: Run hills (6) recover, eat and do legs early evening

Wed: Upper Body and Intervals on bike or other method Thur: Longer run with sprints(4) at the end Fri: Lower Body in the am Sat: off Sun: Upper body and Hills (6-8)

Yesterday, my MONDAY was a rest day of sorts. I spent my whole afternoon at the hair salon trying to get the PINK out of my hair.  The “hair chalk” totally would not budge.  We had to process it twice and there is still some pink in it, but it looks a million times better!!

Time for me to get a couple things done and then hit the trail for hills!!

60 days to go!!


Interview for Strength Advocate

1.  You’ve been an inspiration to thousands of women with your practical approach to fitness after motherhood.  What inspired you to speak out and share your wisdom with others?


I was inspired because of my own results! I attacked and regained my body after 4 kids using a system I call Hormonal Timing. My personal success captured in pictures was PROOF that women can get their bodies back after babies, even twins and even after c-sections!! That’s how was born~ soon after that we became a TEAM of women and now almost 10 years later I am very honored to say we’ve been able to impact countless women all over the world.

My mission was and is to simply help women BELIEVE again!




2.  The “about” page on your website starts off with the statement, “I am no different than you…” this is a powerful statement.   What are some of the biggest misconceptions that deter women from starting a fitness program?


Yep it’s so true, I am not some “made up” fitness personality living a posh life in Hollywood. I’m a real mother with tons of responsibilities and obstacles that could easily keep me from being fit and healthy. 


For many of us when we see someone we admire~  it’s easier to believe that  “it’s easy for her”, “she was born that way” or …”she doesn’t have anything to overcome compared to me” rather than take an honest evaluation of situation, step out into the unknown and take action towards the person we want to become. IN the case of fitness and diet, It’s never easy to be fit and healthy. No matter what you have to make many tough choices daily. 




3.  What is a motivational method you recommend for those having trouble sticking to an exercise program?


That’s a tough question, because there is no ONE SIZE fits all answer– I do believe the #1 way to stay motivated  is to involve yourself in others success. “The Key to your Motivation is to encourage OTHERS!”  Just try it- give a little of your energy to someone else and you will be amazed at the motivation you get in return!!


Secondly, You must BELIEVE! do things that build your belief in what you are doing.  Research, Read books, Read Success Stories, journal/blog, take pictures, measure your success, etc…All towards building your belief!! Once you truly belief that every little choice you make has an impact on yourself and others FOREVER, your motivation to succeed with skyrocket!  Step up! Take a hold of your life!! YOU have the power to create a legacy of HEALTH!


Thirdly, you shouldn’t expect to enjoy it! Eating right and exercising is like taking your medicine– or like brushing your teeth. A part of life that you must do habitually. Personally, I rarely enjoy workouts. I enjoy the RESULTS from my workouts!!  Envisioning the good results keeps me motivated to workout and eat nutritiously!
A Final key to staying motivated is to realize CONSISTENCY is the key.

I’ve seen it so many times, people QUIT because of their ALL OR NOTHING mentality. Unfortunately, many fitness professionals paint an skewed idea of how to be healthy and fit. They present themselves as PERFECT and never failing– which is a big lie. Everyone fails at times and no one eats 100% clean, healthy and perfect all the time. I’ve never claimed to be faultless, I only claim to try to make wiser choices more consistently;  continually striving to improve myself and my health. Know that it’s a journey!! Learning the lifestyle of healthier eating takes years of effort and determination!!



4.  In the past, you’ve mentioned that the mainstream approach to fitness and diet were unsuccessful for you?  Why do you think that is the case?


Mainstream diets and exercise programs are marketing schemes. They are founded on misconceptions, full of empty promises, hype and blurry results.  My experience in failing was NOT unusual. Most people fail, heck the mainstream programs prey on that reality!


They fail because most of the programs address only one or 2 facets of the hundreds of items needed for fitness success.  The programs are not addressing the whole person: mind, body and spirit.




5.  You talk a lot about hormonal timing.  Can you tell a little about this secret system?

It’s how I’ve trained for the past  almost 11 years and how I’ve trained my clients since that time. Hormones need to be taken into consideration into your fitness approach.  Hormones are the great regulators of our body systems, if the are out of balance in any way eating properly and working out becomes very difficult.  Once you truly understand the power of hormones and how to work with them you’ll find the success you are craving.


Unfortunately, millions of women are overweight simply due to their HORMONES!!!

  • We get uncontrollable cravings for junk food.
  • We gain weight without explanation.
  • We suddenly have no desire to exercise.
  • The negative effects caused by our hormones are endless.

Hormonal Timing is a strategy designed for women only using their natural hormones. My goal was to create the fasted possible method for women to achieve radical physical transformation. I believed the key was to capitalize on the positive effects of our hormonal fluctuations while also diminishing the negative effects. I used myself as my first test patient. I had just given birth to twins by C-section which were my 3rd and 4th babies in less than 4 years. My body was stretched out, fat, depleted in every way and just plain disgusting. At the time, I just wanted to see radical transformation in my body. I had no idea that I was on the verge of discovering something that would change the lives of thousands of women. To make a long story short, my body transformed radically by using what I now call Hormonal Timing.


I began designing custom Hormonal Timing programs for women online. I charged $1200.00 for an 8 week program. It wasn’t long before I was sold out! I simply didn’t have time to take on any more clients. The results my clients were experiencing was amazing and I soon realized that I had to develop a way to share Hormonal Timing with every woman in the world. That’s why I wrote my book “Hormonal Timing”.  It will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to begin living The Hormonal Timing Lifestyle immediately.


6.  You have a huge following, you’ve written books, you have an infomercial and you’ve produced a series of workouts on DVD.  What’s next for BuffMother?


I’m always busy doing THINGS…Business wise, we are in the midst of a 10 week transformation contest within our private women’s only site  Then this spring,  I will be hosing an online “class” for those ladies who would like to become “BuffMother Trainers”. At the same time we are working hard toward a new EXCITING product launch for 2015!!


In my “hobby” life, I operate best when I have a scarey goal in front of me. The next UPCOMING adventure is a movie role. I play Diedra, a lady who is charming, sexy, wild and a bit crazy.  I’ve been rehearsing for that role my whole life!! Check out the Movie’s Facebook page~ The Phone in the Attic :



7.  Finally, what do you say to all of those that look to you for inspiration?


I am honored to be able to and I expect to continue to be a leader by example forever! I am “BuffMother” and will remain that way because I take that responsibility to heart.  I really believe that inspiration is all around. The realization that our actions can greatly impact others is eye-opening.  You too, are being “watched” …take that to heart. Prove to the on-lookers that YES you will WIN the battle!  Show them that You will accomplish your goal!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Focus on your STRENGTHS!

HI Ladies!! I have got to say that week #1 of our contest has been AMAZING!! There are so many new faces that I’m having a hard time keeping track   I know that within a few weeks, I’ll have a better understanding of who each of you are… So please keep posting, so that we all can get to know each other more. 🙂

I ran across a great quote the other day- “Your fully exploited strengths are of far greater value than your marginally improved weaknesses.”- Andy Stanley

It’s so true!! What are your strengths? focus on them and use them!!!


My personal week #1 started off GREAT.  But, by Wednesday I knew I was a bit sick.  I still pushed through it to keep my mojo rollin’, but I expect to have a much better week #2!! Thanks everyone for your well wishes, I’m on day 3 of my z-pack today and already feeling much better!!!

Here’s my consistency report:

Weekly Consistency Report

How many weight workouts did I complete last week:

M: runHills + back T: chest tri + full body weight workout w/client

Wednesday: OFF,

Thurs: took pics, stats, video boosting wo’s +a short run(buring lungs!!) then legs F: tiny upper on fri – started Z pack Saturday: light hiking outside

Basically 5 ish, workouts

How many intervals training sessions did I complete last week: Hills monday, bike 13mins on fri, short run on thurs prior to legs (burning lungs); light hike Sat

Only 1 true interval workout- the other stuff “counts” a bit

How many days of the week did I workout: 5

What obstacle did I overcome in order to get it done? Being sick Who did I encourage this week? Loads of people, but specifically my acting coach KIM

MY POA (Plan Of Attack!!!!) for this week #2- Date:1-27-14
What is my main goal this week with my workouts? regain energy from being sick; keep joints healthy

What is my main goal this week in my diet? Keep it clean no chips! and focus on drinking water!!

antibiotics are very dangerous to lift heavy on because they attack the good bacteria found in your Joint’s lubrication system.  If you are on a antibiotic, be VERY careful in your lifting so that you don’t injure your ligaments, tendons and joints.

How do I see my workouts shaping up this week? Sunday: run outside I’ll be careful with this, but it’s sunny and 60+!!

Monday: on antibiotic  (

antibiotics are very dangerous to lift heavy on because they attack the good bacteria found in your Joint’s lubrication system. If you are on a antibiotic, be VERY careful in your lifting so that you don’t injure your ligaments, tendons and joints.

and long day for work, just light lifting (buffing workouts from book- get on video) Tuesday:  On antibiotic Another BUSY work day– Interval run only Wednesday: Return to REAL workouts~ Legs Thursday: Back/Shoulders/biceps + intervals Friday: Chest/triceps Saturday: Legs Sunday: off or maybe a run??

That may be a bit of an aggressive POA, but I tried to  make it “do-able”…we’ll see.

As I mentioned today is gorgeous outside, so I must get off this computer now and get into the sunshine again today. I was out in it yesterday and I KNOW it’s helping me feel better!!

Your friend, Michelle,”Ellie” Berger

 The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

“Get Buff”- Day 11

“Get Buff”- Day 11

We made it through the first 10 days~ 1/3 of the contest~ and guess what??? NOW it’s time repeat the first ten days again!!!  For Day 11 we have the same workout as day 1 and same diet focus, day 12 the same as day 2 and so on…. The program is designed this way for many reasons:

  • THIS will give you GOALS!
  • you can compete with others performance on the same workouts (many of you posted GREAT ones in your blogs)
  • the first 10 days set a standard- now you can compete with yourself
  • you NOW know what each workout feels like, what weights challenged you, what exercises were your favorites, etc…
  • You can also challenge yourself to do better on each daily diet focus!! And try some of the strategies utilized by other contest members etc…
  • Gives you an opportunity to “get it right this time”

***Please note*** I will be adding to the number of sprints each week and giving you “optional EXTRAS” for your workouts.


Workout # DAY #11
Exercises: Chest:
4sets of x10 reps
Pull ups
Knee ups
1-2 mins between sets



Bench: Push ups, wall push ups, DB Press, Chest press

Squats: Body weight squats, Band Squats, Dumbbell Squats, Leg Press, Lunges

Pull ups: Band over hook pull downs, Pull downs, inverted/supine pull ups, DB rows, etc…..

Some video links-

Today’s Diet Focus:

Drink more WATER! Strive for at least 1 gallon a day~ You need water to keep your body hydrated, kidneys working properly, flush the toxins and fat out of your system.  Also be aware that you need more water to digest protein than any other type of food…so as you up your protein intake you need to up your water intake.


Let’s get after it and keep our focus!! Consistency is key!!!

Your friend, Michelle

“Get Buff”- Day 8

“Get Buff”- Day 8


Day #8
“Heavy day”
Lat Pulls
lateral raises
High knees
Ab wheel
Rest time between sets- 2-4mins: full recovery

Today’s Diet focus:

Protein Variety- strive to eat from a variety of protein sources daily for optimal nutritional impact.  Protein comes in many forms red meat, poultry, fish, pork, eggs, soy, beans, supplements, etc… ENJOY them all!!



Let’s get after it and keep our focus!! Consistency is key!!!

Your friend,


The ONLY way you are going to see results in your diet and fitness efforts is through CONSISTENCY!  One of the main reasons Hormonal Timing and TEAM BuffMother work is because they help you stay more CONSISTENT!  Try using this “Weekly Consistency Report”– it’s easy to copy+paste into your blog posts every weekend to help you stay consistent! Be Accountable to yourself!



Weekly Consistency Report

How many weight workouts did I complete last week: How many intervals training sessions did I complete last week: How many days of the week did I workout:

What obstacle did I overcome in order to get it done? Who did I encourage this week?



MY POA (Plan Of Attack!!!!) for this week #___________- Date:___________
What is my main goal this week with my workouts? What is my main goal this week in my diet?


How do I see my workouts shaping up this week?

Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Thank you SPORTS

Hi!! I’m in a total time warp this week…Holidays do that!!

I’m so excited on many fronts~ We are getting geared up for our next contest…Hope you got the email and signed up, DETAILS are HERE.  The sign up for the sock exchange ended yesterday: We had 68 ladies sign up to participate, It’s gonna be some crazy wild fun to see all of those sock pictures!!

I got in a workout today at the gym with my mma friend Lylna~ we worked our backs, shoulders and did squats– then to finish up she put me through some boxing drills~ it was fun!!

Tennis was canceled for this week…due to the holidays.

Today I want to say thank you to sports…Thank you SPORTS for teaching me tons of PHYSICAL Skills, but more so mental skills like : Determination, Hard work, Consistency, Team Work, Encouragement and the Ability to KEEP Pressing on knowing that PRACTICE makes PERFECT.

Well, time for some relaxation!!




SSS Starting Stuff

#3-Starting Thoughts: Where are you in your journey? I’m in a transition…I’ve been working hard, just not quite to a place of “peace” with my performance, consistency and discipline.  I’ve made good progress in my fitness level the past 3 months– yet, I want more.  I’m on the attack to get MORE!

What are your goals and aspirations? My goals are not so much to do with fitness as it is my fitness BUSINESS.  IT’s time again to attack some business goals~ that’s what will motivate me to take my fitness to the next level, it all goes hand in hand.  My aspiration is the same as it’s been for years. “TO HELP WOMEN REALIZE THEIR DREAMS!”

Fitness wise I am working on my diet and I am going to start taking tennis lessons cheerleaders

Where do you see this challenge taking you? I see it taking me through several distractions this fall– football season, 2 weddings and the other CHAOs of life…I see myself as a success when I confidently put on a sexy fun Halloween costume this year!  It’s going to be a fun holiday season and beyond!!

Do you feel that you are fully committed to completing it? YES, I’m totally on the hook to stay comitted to this contest!

Do you have and fear or concerns? I do have the fear of getting sick– I suffer from chronic UTI infections- each time I get one it sets me back a month in my fitness.  It seems that STRESS is the main reason I get them– also as I get lighter and leaner i have more of a tendency to get them.  It holds me back from attaining my goals.  I have to pay very close attention to my nutrition and stress levels as we go through our 70 days so that I can stay healthy!

What is your REASON for doing this, your WHY? My number one goal is to get back to feeling in control of myself.  I’ve been lacking focus and discipline for the past few months.  I love accomplishing things, but I know that takes discipline.

Are you excited about your support group? Yes, I’m very excited about the Rally Room again…I think its the best place in the world to make friends and long lasting connections with women of similar minds and goals.  I love the privacy of it too– I feel safe here!

How are you going to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days? I have almost too many ways– one new item is a family menu.  I have evening meals planned out on a weekly rotation.  It’ll be a great way to make eating better easy and help me teach my kids to cook.  Soon I’ll have 4 personal chefs!

Will you reward yourself if you hit certain goals along the way? Yes, I always find reasons to reward myself…lol!  I want to buy a nice dress for both the weddings I’m attending on October and a fun Halloween costume.  All 3 items will require intense focus over the first 7 weeks of the contest!

What other thoughts are in your head at the moment? I’m excited– and DETERMINED! I had a great time promoting this contest around the internet– I certainly hope that excitement stays strong over the next 10 weeks so that we can see some SUPER STAR RESULTS!!

*** Be sure to begin with the END in mind, by reading through the SSS Contest FINAL Entryform****

#4- CHART your HORMONES GET to know your body~! Chart how you feel on a daily basis…START NOW!!! Here is a GREAT chartto use straight from my book

I’m charting mine right here this month

#5- Journal/Blog Daily


Lara Braddy – Shine in 49 2nd Place Winner

We actually had a tie for 2nd place in the Shine in 49 Contest and tomorrow will feature our other hardworking winner!  Today’s Featured 2nd Place winner is…..

Name: Lara Braddy (Nebraska Lara)

Age: 41

Number of Children: 0 human, 1 chocolate lab, Jake who I love like my kid!

Why did you enter the Shine in 49 contest by BuffMother?

I needed a positive change in my life and this contest was the jumpstart I needed. For the past 10 years I was not taking care of myself, unhappy, and very out of shape. Considering I have always taken pride in my appearance, I’m not sure how my weight and unhealthy lifestyle got this out of control.  I’ve been hanging around the BuffMother Rally Room for about a year now and have gotten to know some pretty amazing women. These are the women I look up to and want to be like.  My Dad used to tell me to hang around people you want to be like – I’m finally getting what he means.

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 49 days?

Accountability & Encouraging my teammates:  I made it a habit to stay accountable by posting in the Rally Room pretty much every day. My goal was to stay positive and encourage other ladies during the contest. It’s really amazing what blogging and encouraging does for your spirits!


Tracking Eats:  I tracked everything I ate for the first half of the contest to get in the habit of portion control and sticking to healthy, unprocessed foods.  I gave up artificial and regular sugars with exception to incidentals here and there. When I felt I was getting off course a bit, I would go right back to tracking my food to get back on track. Overall though, I would say that my eating habits were pretty stellar during the contest. I had some serious willpower in the beginning, and then later on, it felt easy to resist all the junk.


Consistent Workouts: I didn’t follow the workout plans 100% but my goal was to establish consistency with my workouts at least 5 times a week. On Sunday, I would plan all my workouts for the week .They didn’t always happen because of a Birthday, or niece’s dance recital here and there but for the most part, I really did well sticking to my plan.  I did a combination of exercises including Michelle’s weekly workout plans, new cardio classes (kickboxing, Zumba, Body Burn, Yoga and some running (ugh!).


Motivational Posters, Facebook, Pinterest: I made it a point to “Like” as many fitness icons, positive, healthy eating pages as possible.  This way, every time I’m on Facebook or Pinterest (which is a lot!), I get new ideas and have a constant reminder of getting healthy and fit! I think I stole most of these from Brenda, Michelle and Crystal!

How do you feel about your success?

I feel AMAZING and my Confidence is higher now than I can ever remember! I feel like I can do anything now if I set my mind to it! The fact that I stuck to this contest for 49 days was a huge triumph for me. I have struggled all my life to stay focused on goals. I have always been an all or nothing kind of a person and if it didn’t come easy, I gave up. I’m not that person anymore. Something has changed in my mind and body during this contest and I WANT to keep going.  I want to be that person who other people look at and say, “Wow, I want to be like her”. I want to be someone that my friends and family can look up to.

What obstacles do you have to overcome to attain your goals?

Having no patience. It’s easy to look at your body in the mirror and say, “It’s just not fixable!” The 49 day period gave me the patience to ultimately say, “YES IT IS!” Making slow adjustments was key for me in my short-term success and accepting that looking like I want to is not going to happen overnight but it will happen with short-term goals.

What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother?

BuffMother’s are women I look up to. They are successful, goal-driven, motivated and beautiful, both inside and out. They motivate, give advice freely, and make you believe in yourself. A year ago, I could have very well given up on myself, but now I am looking ahead in my life to see what personal challenges I can take on next. I am excited to keep going!

Can I have your permission to post your entry online?

Yes, Absolutely!

Height= 69.5″
Weight- Start 218.6. End 206.0
Overall Lost- 10″ and 12.6 pounds!


Amazing job Lara, keep up the good work!!


My Day 1~”Shine in 49″

Whoohoo!! we have tons of excitement for the new Shine in 49 Contest!!!  So far we have close to 600 contestants, WOW!!

Anyhow, I want more people to join– Late starters are also very welcome!! Feel free to Share the link to Sign up here:

I’ve been fielding tons of questions and sending out links etc…ALL MORNING!! It’s great to feel the excitement everyone has to get ROLLIN’ ASAP!!

The way I’m positioning this contest is the 1st week is all about getting ready and then the next 6 is about kicking tail.

The KEY Thing to realize is that I can’t give you all the info in one day–I don’t want you to get “Information Constipation” , LOL!

I’ll be sharing more info each day of the 49, so if you don’t know something or feel a little lost– that’s OK.  I’ll be sharing more info constantly, every day emails, blogs, comments, posts, etc… will be coming your way– That way it’ll help you stay engaged and focused and EASE you into your new fitness and diet lifestyle.

** be sure to add  and to your safe sender list and address book**

I’ve put together an AWESOME guide for our first
6 weeks of the “SHINE in 49” contest.
It contains workouts, diet info, training tips
and interval information.

Shine in 49 PDF

Be OPTIMISTIC that you can SHINE!!
Let’s do this!!

NOW for day #1– workout plan as laid out in the PDF-

MondayCircuitStyle Workouts
Day 11-Lift Upper Body2- Intervals3-ABS
1- Lift UPPER BODY- Circuit- do all exercises upper body in the order as listed; repeat the circuit 3 times.  #1 then immediately #2 then immediately #3 etc…then the entire series again for 3 rounds
#1-Chest press or Push ups regular or on knees lbs.
3 sets to  failure reps.
#2-Rows- machine or bent over holding dumbbells lbs.
3 sets of  10 reps reps.
#3- Tricep machine or Chair dips- for triceps lbs.
3 sets of 10 reps each reps.
#4-shoulder press machine or DB Shoulder Press lbs.
3 sets of  10 reps reps.
#5-Bicep machine curls or DB Bicep Curl lbs.
3 sets of  10 reps reps.
#6-Cable tricep push downs or Tricep extension lbs.
3 sets of  10 reps reps.
#7-Standing Lateral/Side shoulder Raises (flies) with DB’s lbs.
3 sets of  10 reps reps.

2- Intervals- This is 20 min total: 4 hard min. total and can be done on any type of equipment you’d like to use- spinning bike, elliptical, stair mill, treadmill, etc..

•START 5 min. warm up
•1 min. hard- increase to a challenging resistance/speed
•2 min. easy-RECOVER at medium to light resistance/speed
•1 min. hard
•2 min. easy
•1 min. hard
•2 min. easy
•1 min. hard
•5 min. cool down

*If you don’t feel exhausted by the end, increase the intensity of all hard and easy min.

3- ABS:

ABS–CPTME….SIMPLE 7 for 7 – REFER to my book “AFTER BABY ABS” for an explanation of these exercises and terms
Passive Abs reps.
Sit ups- hands on hammies reps.
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily reps.
Knee ups- roman chair are best reps.
Traditional AB crunch reps.
Ball Crunches reps.
Cats/Dogs reps.
Other reps.

Plus,  in the email that was sent out I instructed you to go shopping for good protein and green vegetable choice on hand

AND….JOURNAL…take some time to JOURNAL.
Write it down!! I’d like to encourage you
to write about 3 specific things:

1- Do you remember how great you felt
both mentally and physically when you had your most
OUTSTANDING fitness/diet results?

I have felt outstanding many times in my life– most recently on our trip to Mexico last August.  It feels great to put anything on and know you look smashing!!


2- What do you have to change about your
current habits to attain OVER-THE-TOP
results like that again?

I need to stay consistent with my diet.  I’ve worked up a great consistency in my workouts, my running and my activity level, but my diet is way to inconsistent.  I’m going to focus really hard on consistently keeping my carbs down, my protein up and eating my greens!

3- What is your #1 goal for the next 7
weeks?  What are the “solutions” you must
OBSESS over order to attain that goal?

My goal for the next 7 weeks is to lean up for my birthday!!  I will be 37 in just 7 weeks!!  I’m planning to do a photo shoot and need to come in weighing about 123.  I will need to lose only about 4 pounds– but I want those 4 pounds to be FAT!
My solutions to achieve this goal is to stay consistent with my workouts (lifitng/running) and keep my diet in line! 


Please connect with other contestants:
via commenting on my BuffMother Blog:
via Privacy of The Rally Room:
via FaceBook on my Profile:
via Facebook “women only” Team BuffMother group:
via our FaceBook “SHINE in 49” event page (please invite other fb friends):