Interview for Strength Advocate

1.  You’ve been an inspiration to thousands of women with your practical approach to fitness after motherhood.  What inspired you to speak out and share […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 11

“Get Buff”- Day 11 We made it through the first 10 days~ 1/3 of the contest~ and guess what??? NOW it’s time repeat the first […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 8

“Get Buff”- Day 8 Workout: Day #8 “Heavy day” Chest: Bench 4×6 Legs: Squats 4×6 Back: Lat Pulls 4×6 lateral raises 3×6 ABS: High knees […] Read More

SSS Starting Stuff

#3-Starting Thoughts: Where are you in your journey? I’m in a transition…I’ve been working hard, just not quite to a place of “peace” with my […] Read More

Lara Braddy – Shine in 49 2nd Place Winner

We actually had a tie for 2nd place in the Shine in 49 Contest and tomorrow will feature our other hardworking winner!  Today’s Featured 2nd […] Read More

My Day 1~”Shine in 49″

Whoohoo!! we have tons of excitement for the new Shine in 49 Contest!!!  So far we have close to 600 contestants, WOW!! Anyhow, I want […] Read More