Try this for ABS!!

Submitted by BuffMother on Wed, 2010/09/15 – 7:13am Hello, hello!!!  Guess what??  I actually have SORE ABS!!! So…I thought I’d share what did it with […] Read More


HI all!!  Well I am home from my day of “wellness”…I went tanning for my mental/sunshine/warmth needs, I went to the chiro for my adjustment […] Read More

Listening to your body – even when it tells you BAD NEWS!

Listening to your body- even when it tells you BAD NEWS! is the lesson I’ve learned this weekend.  I’ve been pretty much ignoring my body’s […] Read More

Great day! Heck it's been a great YEAR!

Today has been a GREAT Day!! As a matter of fact it’s been a great year so far for me!  I’ve just been HAPPY, Happy, […] Read More

Golden Anniversary – 5 years!

It’s my 5 year anniversary today!!! went online 5 years ago today!!! WOW!! And what a journey it’s been. I am back from “vacation” […] Read More

Birthday COUNTDOWN is "ON, like donkey KONg!"

Hello my dear sexy friends, today is May 14th – One month is left until my 34th birthday and that means my Birthday COUNTDOWN is […] Read More

Wrapping up and fired up! Well girls…we are now entering our 8th week of the BBB contest and the LAST week of the 4 weeks of RELENTLESSNESS!!! I am […] Read More

I am smitten with the STAIRMILL!!

HI Ya ~ Well today was almost a rest day for me…I haven’t had a “day off” in a while…but I ended up at the […] Read More