Bonus Saturday

Hi Ya, the kids were off school yesterday so it seemed like SATURDAY.  Today is my “Bonus” Saturday! Too cool! Today’s contest post~

BE SURE TO READ CRYSTAL’s Arcicle too~ Confidence = SEXY


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Yesterdays recap~ *had parent teacher conferences– didn’t go for Gunner, but did for the 3 girls. They are AWESOME! Super loved and adored by their teachers!

*Went to the gym- did Squats and Lunges on smith machine


*tanned *to the grocery store *home to work outside (1-5pm) moving rock piles and got sun burnt *cleaning/cooking *shower *Bikini proof pic

*Softball game- for the twins, It was their first experience at being thrown a FAST PITCH…the girls were in shock at how fast the ball came at them and how weird the pitcher looked delivering it! At practices the coach has just pitched to them a more standard under hand pitch.  I’m not sure why they hadn’t been exposed to the “real thing” until the game last night??  Oh well, they are the coaches NOT ME!  The team was winning until the last inning…so they lost, and were really sad about it. The game was way more fun to watch than the “coach pitch” ones we had last year.

*to the grocery store AGAIN! (had a request for CHIPS!)

*home for some R & R with the hubby

*Sleep– then NIGHT TERROR (I think I see someone at the side of my bed and half sleeping FREAK OUT!–I’ve had these for many years and they seem to get worse if I get “over tired”~ this time it was really bad and combined with a super bad calf cramp- It was horrible- my calf is VERY sore today from it!


Today’s plan is to get outside again, plus get in my “long cardio” day.  I think I’ll start with a fasted bike ride after I get done posting. I haven’t ate just yet and may as well get it done.



My journal: 6 Daily Goals–
  1. Cycle day– my cycle day is 21 and feel the hormones starting to rise, but really I feel good overall.  Consistent workouts and a controlled diet really seem to help me keep the symptoms low.  I’ve also been GREAT at taking my supplements.  I am currently taking: an organic whole food raw multi, calcium w/D, acidophilus, NO2, creatine, biotin, mega red, PS and aloe Vera juice and my Boosting Pills
  2. Weight–tues I was 128. wed 130…thurs 129My weight is going down!! I’m happy about it~ 127.8 was the scale’s report yesterday!!

    Today’s number is…127.2!!

  3. Sexy To do’s-  GET My BIKINI ON!! and do some “dancing” during my workout time– I should do it in my bikini?
  4. Workout–Fasted intervals on upright bike, Run outside a bit later + lots of outside work.  Yard work galore is on tap!  I may also add in some Squats with DH, he’s got them on tap today– I did a smaller than planned leg workout yesterday.
  5. Meal POA– Burgers for lunch and not sure about supper? Salads have been tasting so good to me!
  6. Sexy Actions- be on purpose about hanging out with the hubby…some days when we are both working outside, we tend to do our own thing.  NOT TODAY…today I’m going to be his shadow, lol!!

Well, I am off to get this day rollin’ with my bike ride~

Have a wonderful day you sexy sisters!!



p.s. I didn’t get this one posted~ it’s bikini day 4’s proof pic:

My son too the picture, his name is GUNNER.  So I posed with a gun!

It was very late at night, so I cut off my head due to my “tired eyes”, lol!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Fun with my Man!

First off, I must congratulate BRENDA!!  She had a spectacular showing at the Max Classic in Nebraska this weekend!! CONGRATS on all the first place trophies!! Brenda You rocked the stage with your best body ever!! Congrats!!!  Friends

The past 4-5 days has been all about having fun with my MAN…since my kids are in MN~ all my attention has been going to my man. What a lucky dog!! Anyhow here’s a quick recap:

W: ran outside, Out to eat- On the Boarder!! YUMMY CHIPS!
Th: I worked out with a friend (upper body) then that night DH and I tried to play tennis- no courts, so we opted to go for an hour long walk instead
F: Workout: Lifted chest and Tennis- then ate out at Ruth’s and Chris- YUMMY STEAK!!

Sa: Workout Back, sh, Biceps and TENNIS!!  Then ate out again…this time wings at Beef O’Brady’s~ Yummy!
Sunday: Canoe trip in the 105 degree temps and wind- massive workout, low water made us have to paddle a ton!  It was fun, but seriously exhausting in the heat!! Thank God I wore a lot of sunscreen…Travis skimmped on it and got BURNT! Poor guy!


Today I feel like I need a break from the action!  I may take the day off from the gym and just get in a good run after it cools off??  I could seriously take a nap right now! Sleeping  BUT…I am pressing through… Time to get some massive work done! Maybe all I need is a BIG GLASS of H2O!  Water does a body good!!



Sprintin’ Sun
HI~ I just got back from my interval run/sprints/bike workout that totaled 30mins :)
I ran 4 intervals, 4 sprints and then biked for 10 mins~ fun stuff!!!

I expect  to be able to finish today stronger than yesterday for my eating portion of the CHAMPION weekend challenge, lol~ I ended up drinking a couple beers and cocktails and eating some CHIPS during the UFC fights last night~ so my STELLAR day will have to be today, lol!  The fights were fun to watch, but I thought a couple of them were BORING~ I tell you what though, I would NEVER want to be in a fight with Brock Lessnar…that guy is gigantic and very athletic!  Heath Herring is probably in the hospital still from the beating he took last night–OUCH!

Have a Champion day yourself!!

What’s your POA (plan of attack)?

What a great weekend~
I am full of anticipation for my trip and then when I get home my DH’s fight!! I am so pumped for both, but right now I am just trying to focus on the day/task at hand…Enjoying the MOMENT!!

Last night was good, we went out to eat at On the Boarder and thankfully were seated right away. The kids were good–had to go to the bathroom, like always! But the meal went smoothly and I did fairly well on being good. I had some chips and salsa, a bit of the cheese enchiladas that came with my ranchero steak some rice and water to drink–so 2P,2C, G (salsa) 2F overall for the meal.
Afterwards we went home and watched the PRIDE fights!! Oh that was crazy bad production, but AWESOME fights– two of my favorite fighters Nick Diaz and Dan Henderson both won!! It was
FUN to see!

Today, we went to church–great message again!! and then I worked and just finished intervals.
I tried to run outside–wanted to test my legs after Friday’s track workout–still stiff, so after .7 of a mile came in and did intervals on the bike
1-30sec interval with 1 min recover
then 1-15 sec interval with 1 min recovery
REPEATED a total of 6 times
then finished with a couple min cool down.

It was good enough–and tomorrow I will hit the track again!

Here is my tentative POA for this week workout wise:
M- track
T- workout at hotel- lift legs
W-workout at hotel- lift upper and treddy
Th- off
F- track workout
Saturday- off

What is your PLAN OF ATTACK?

It works if you work it!