A bit slow, ready to chat!

I’m a bit slow getting rolling today—I’m SCARED to move much, due to my neck.  I am doing better so far today!! YAY!!  I am […] Read More

“What I Eat Wednesday”~ Shine in 49: Day 10

Sorry I’m a bit late with today’s post– I’ve had an unusual day– 2 sick kiddos home from school with ear infections~ Ouch! “What I […] Read More

Tuesday’s Leg Circuit…whoohoo

BOY what a super day! I had a lot of things going on and stayed home all day!! That is amazing and doesn’t happen often, […] Read More

BuffMother! Diet Basics

BuffMother! Diet Basics: I have tried and failed on the following diets: low fat/high carb, Atkins, Zone, Body For Life, the apple diet, the cabbage […] Read More