HE created ME!

First off I wanted to share a word of wisdom for you….it will help you stop the insanity in your workouts/diet:  “MUSCLE BURNS FAT!!– do everything in your power to build muscle and you will burn the fat off your body!!”


My plan for todays is  to run hills; back, shoulders, biceps + abs…that workout will be done AFTER I get home from my Date Day with with Gunner. He earned a “DATE” with me with STRAIGHT A’s!! So proud of how smart he is!!

Last night we attended his HIGHSCHOOL orientation/registration.  He’s going to be a 9th grader, OMGoodness!!


I got in a good workout day yesterday– 22 mins fasted on bike, then last night some legs/abs/booty work.  I had to slightly modify what I did due to the fact I my legs are SORE!!  But I did still do squats, dead lifts, the PBJ and some of the SUB, plus some other items.


I also took some time to journal my eats. It looks like I was at about 1900cals total yesterday.

Here’s the breakdown:

P:eggs, beef, chicken (2), jerky

C: carrots, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, grapes

F:salad dressing, cream, meat fat, cheese

G:radishes, mushrooms, onions

All but 400 calls came in after 5pm and I ate a total of 4 meals.


My weight is still at 130, but am expecting a drop tomorrow!


GOD Created ME!! He created me for purpose…it’s a very unique one and many don’t understand, but I live to glorify GOD in mind body and spirit!!


God Created you TOO!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Snow Day on Spring Break?

Snow day on SPRING BREAK?? What’s up with that??? It hasn’t started just yet, but we are expecting it to be a snuggle day for us here in Arkansas.

I’ve posted 2 items today already~ please check them out:

S2S VIP Conference CALL?

S2S~Day 18: Branded your SEXY!?

Now onto my recap–

yesterday I ran and did a short leg workout.

the run was hard– 6 hills on our trail–it takes about 1 min up and 1.5 mins for me to get back down the trail– i run the entire time

the lifting wasn’t so bad– It was cut short due to a few reasons, but mostly because it was getting late and we needed to eat supper

Squats warm up 45×20, 95x10x2sets, 135x10x2sets, 155×10 Deads warm up 45×15, 135x10x2sets, 155×10 plus some–knee ups, knee extensions3GuOtbSn53b5i2DUNgwD014z
Today, I’ll probably add in a few side lunges and other leg work between sets of my Back/Shoulder/Bicep and Ab workout

SOOOO….last night coming home from my daughter’s guitar lesson we drove by a lady selling bunnies– and I bought one, lol!  It’s our Easter bunny!

The kids love it and my dog is obsessed with it.  She wouldn’t go to sleep last night because she had to smell it/see it.

We’ll keep the bunny outside once it’s warmer and once it’s not a “baby” anymore, but for now I certainly hope the dog gets used to it soon.



My diet was better yesterday, but today “buffing” starts so it’ll be even better. I am NOT doing well on our challenge for the week– It’s seems I’ve been eating more cheese than ever– and I even ate a tortilla last night with my taco.  I haven’t had one of those in ages!

Oh well…maybe I can have the next 4 days be BREAD and DAIRY Free (minus my coffee’s half-n-half– i can’t seem to ever cut that out!)

Have a marvelous day 19!!




I am feeling quite refreshed today!! I had a good flight to LA…thought a lot about my resolutions for 2009 and last night I focused on recharging:
I ate a great meal-a Cesar salad, hibachi steak with mashed potatoes at the Cheese Cake factory and I even ordered cheesecake for dessert to go~ the 1st time I’ve ever had cheese cake from there….crazy since I’ve eaten there 10+ times. It was good….
Once I was back at the hotel I just layed in bed, watched tv, fiddled on my computer and SLEPT! I needed the rest (my legs are SORE from my last workout~ ouch!).
So today my focus is to practice hard for my DVD shoot and to enjoy some of the awesome sunshine here! It is going to be 85 today!!! beach
Hope you have a super productive day and be sure to take some time to REFRESH! REST is vital to our bodies health…don’t deny yourself REST when you need it!
Your spry friend!


My husband said something this weekend, “I want to live EXCITED”.  Initially I thought that was a good thought, but as it has sunk in over the past 2 days I think it is an AWESOME thought!
I want to live EXCITED!
I want to be like a kid, my kids get excited about the simplest things:
They are fired up when Daddy walks in the door
They get excited for macaroni and cheese
They yelp with excitement about getting to go to the park
Every little thing in their life is exciting~ what has happened to that in us adults??

So today with being excited in mind, I was excited to go to the girls’ dance class, to the bank, to my accountant, to the gym!!!
But, then one of my DD’s POOPED on my excitement, by pooping her pants~ why on earth does a 5 year old girl thats been totally potty trained for 2+ years poop her pants?  NO CLUE, but she manages to do it about once a month :hehe:

I did manage to get in the following tiny workout before the crisis:
warm up 10 mins
pull ups
10, 8
Bicep curls
Standing military BB press
inverted pull ups 10

Hi lat pulls (hammer machine)
45each armx10x 1set…then I had to go home :(

Anyhow, Now I am recovered from it and excited to be here online with you~
And excited to bring in the dry cleaning, go to Gracie’s soccer pictures and game, come home and eat, relax a bit, watch a bit of AI, watch the GSP fight preview on spike and  by then I’ll be very excited to SLEEP!!

Live EXCITED, It’s fun!!

No Foolin’

No Foolin’ this is going to be the best APRIL EVER!!!!!

We are going to ROCK the BBB contest and continue to Attain our DREAMS, Goals, Purpose and Legacy!!

Ladies, I am having the BEST time in the BBB contest and have a new found love for CARDIO~ lol!!!  I did some awesome intervals last night and some great r-bike this morning!!!

We are heading out to eat MEXICAN right now….so I’ll have guac instead of CHEESE!!
NO Dairy is going great!

Love you all so much!!! Keep pushing hard and stay focused; YOU CAN live your DREAMS!!!


Week in REVIEW and POA!!

Hey Everybody…Did you miss me?  FYI, I’ve “caught up” on this blog today, and will try to do better about staying current.  I’ve been busy, more busy than ever!

I feel good today! I am at peace and excited about the progress my body has shown over these last 2 weeks! I feel that I’ve rebuilt my strength base and will be able to see some BIG results over the next 3 weeks.

My week in review:
M-Home back workout (30 min)*
T-Chest tri Intervals (1hour)
W-Legs (30 min)
Th-Back, Bi, Shoulder (1 hour)
F-Intervals on treddy (20min)
Sa-quickie chest wo (20min)
Sun-run/walk(rt vmo pain) bike 1 easy:1 hard:off bike exercise (30min)
*noted how long each workout took…just so you know It doesn’t take HOURS AND HOURS to get results- EFFICIENT EFFECTIVE EXERCISE!!

POA- 2nd week of boosting Lifting (mostly 4×10,8,6,10)
T-Chest tri intervals
W-Back Bi Shoulders
Sa-Chest tri Intervals

My eating needs a bit of work still, lol! I have been trying to eliminate Bread and dairy–however somehow Cheese has been creeping into my diet –that sneaky stuff!! So this week I’ll continue to progress and eat at maintenance levels, until buffing starts, then I will HIT IT HARD!!

Off to the movie store!
OH my review for the Illusionist….It was a bit slow and drawn out, but finished strong. So I’ll give it a B

have a great week!

What’s your POA (plan of attack)?

What a great weekend~
I am full of anticipation for my trip and then when I get home my DH’s fight!! I am so pumped for both, but right now I am just trying to focus on the day/task at hand…Enjoying the MOMENT!!

Last night was good, we went out to eat at On the Boarder and thankfully were seated right away. The kids were good–had to go to the bathroom, like always! But the meal went smoothly and I did fairly well on being good. I had some chips and salsa, a bit of the cheese enchiladas that came with my ranchero steak some rice and water to drink–so 2P,2C, G (salsa) 2F overall for the meal.
Afterwards we went home and watched the PRIDE fights!! Oh that was crazy bad production, but AWESOME fights– two of my favorite fighters Nick Diaz and Dan Henderson both won!! It was
FUN to see!

Today, we went to church–great message again!! and then I worked and just finished intervals.
I tried to run outside–wanted to test my legs after Friday’s track workout–still stiff, so after .7 of a mile came in and did intervals on the bike
1-30sec interval with 1 min recover
then 1-15 sec interval with 1 min recovery
REPEATED a total of 6 times
then finished with a couple min cool down.

It was good enough–and tomorrow I will hit the track again!

Here is my tentative POA for this week workout wise:
M- track
T- workout at hotel- lift legs
W-workout at hotel- lift upper and treddy
Th- off
F- track workout
Saturday- off

What is your PLAN OF ATTACK?

It works if you work it!