A million and 1 things

How come I want to do a million and 1 things all at the same time? It is a constant struggle for me to “FOCUS” on one task at a time. I think it stems from the years of raising 4 kids + a husband who all demand my attention at the same time! Anyhow, today is cycle day 21 and I feel it– slow moving today, tired, scattered, body aches and such. HIF is on! But, I will overcome!

Today’s post helped me feel inspired to curl my hair and put some makeup on! 6 to Sexy~ day 17: Keys to Sizzle Today we had a good chat, just sad that more of you didn’t join in on the fun

Set your phone alarms NOW for the weekly WED Chats at NOON CENTRAL TIME!

Now if you are curious I’ll share a few of the million things I have going on at the moment. 1- diet bet 2- app 3- kiss a pig 4- supplements 5- track club 6- buffmother trainers 7- website upgrade 8- new “food” venture 9- book reprint 10- tv show I’ll expand more on all of these in the upcoming days/weeks. For now, I’ve got to work on my dreaded TAXES some more! If I can get those done this week, I’ll feel a load off! Have a happy HUMP DAY! -Michelle p.s. I did get in a run yesterday, but no leg workout- that’s on tap later today doing great on no bread (and no beer!) The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Fearless and SEXY!!

Congrats ladies on how awesome you are doing in the contest!  It’s so exciting to read all the amazing blog posts you’ve been writing. The SELF-Discovery is AWESOME!! Much of creating a better life is based upon KNOWLEDGE about who you are and why–then formulating a plan for change!! I love that so many of you are UP for CHANGE!!  You should be proud of yourself for being BRAVE and FEARLESS to become your best!!


Today’s post  6 to Sexy~ day 9: be DESIRABLE


And a reminder….

CHAT with us!!

Everyone is welcome!! (I changed the chat settings so all Rally Room members can join!!)

Simply click the link and you’ll see the chat screen pop up on Wednesday at NOON Central time…chats-noon-central-1



Yesterday I had a good workout day. Monday’s are always busy, but I’m making my workouts and diet a huge priority right now. I also got in some EXERCISE getting groceries. I’ve even been eating fish!

Morning fasted: 10 min bike warm up


Bench Press

Push Ups
2×15 *

*Was dying due to lack of food; decided to hold off on the remainder of workout until afternoon
Restart workout at 5pm

Incline Flys

Tricep Extensions

Tricep kickbacks

abs between sets (during recovery)

Between bench
Knee Ups on hanging roman chair
3x15front/5side/5side ABS

Between push ups
Old School sit ups

Between incline flys
Crunches on ball

Between tri ext
Ab wheel

Knee ups between kickbacks
20 x 3sets
+ All day vacuums at least 10 if not more, did them every time I thought about it!
Run Treadmill intervals 20 min total 7 hard mins @8
(2mi in 17:35)


I am SORE from the workout and abs especially!!

In other news I posted this in the FB Team Group….

Has anyone here used They’ve asked me to be a celebrity host for a “game”…I’m testing it out this month. What are your thoughts?


Time for me to get off of the computer and on my bike!

See ya laters,


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

DD Date Afternoon

HI Ya’ll, It’s so fun to have a little GET AWAY from the routine sometimes. Yesterday, I did just that…DD and I went shopping all afternoon ! It was supposed to rain so we drove the extra 20 mins to go to the indoor mall in Fayetteville. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, crazy all the memories that cam flooding back of the days when our kids were little and a trip to the mall was our only “entertainment” we could handle with them, lol!

DD and I got lots of fun fall items and then some good eats at Olive Garden. We made it home around 6pm and then I did a short 2O min lifting workout. Bench, Inverted pull ups, Incline flys, knee ups for abs and a few other moves mixed in there.

Then we watched football, ate and chilled out as a family. It was a good solid family day!

Today, I have some “catch up” to do. Got to get orders out, Follow up on some emails, Get the 6 to Sexy workouts up for the VIP’s and scheduel the chats and conference calls for week #1!

To be honest the only reason I’m doing the contest is for myself HA! Not exactly, but I seriously need it! I’ve been in a funk for way to long and just need to PUSH past it!  Thanks for joining me on the journey to REGAIN that SEXY FEELING.  It’s easier to do it when others are WITH YOU! Synergy rocks!!

Okay, Time to get to it!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


Summer Stuff & Diet Talk

Its almost 9:30 and all my kids are still asleep…crazy summer vacation!  Anyhow…We have lots of stuff on our TO DO list for the summer yet I think my kids may just sleep through the entire thing!


Anyway…I thought I’d share a short video about diet with you today:



Over the next couple months I’ll be striving to add some more content to our forums.  Please feel free to use the forums for TOPIC driven discussions.  Blogs are great for your general thoughts, journal and connection, but they get “Lost” and harder to find when you ask a topic driven question.

Here are some of the new posts I made just yesterday:

FYI- I’ve suspended the weekly Wednesday chats for the June/July…We’ll start them up again come August.  BUT you are always free to schedule any of your own that you’d like!
AND in other news, I will soon be starting a radio show.  I’m VERY excited about that venture!!
I’ve gotta get rollin’ to complete my ERRANDS for today.  I’ll be back soon!!
Love, Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

What is your favorite lower body exercise?? Mine= Squats!!

Saturday was Feb 2nd and Day 2 of our Favorites February….

What is your favorite lower body exercise??
Mine= Squats!!

Here’s a video tutorial on how to squat~ Squats

Flash Animation

My Saturday was a good one, It started wtih a quick workout at the gym- LEGS of course…then directly to Gracie’s last regular season 5th grade BB game. They actually won!! It’s was a great way to finish the season, sort of…next week each night they have a TOURNAMENT!

Here’s My Workout Proof pic from yesterday~ #workoutproof

After  that I went home did some cleaning and met with the electrician about getting Gunner’s room “electrified”, LOL! Once that was done it was time to go PLAY on my tractor, build a fire and enjoy the amzing land God has blessed us with!


Once it got dark, I had to run to town again for a bit since Gracie’s BB Team was in charge of the gym clean up…It took about hour of my night~ which wasn’t super convient, but HEY Mommy has to do thing they don’t want to sometimes 🙂

The night wasn’t over yet…WE relucntantly decided to order the UFC PPV.  Most of the fights were duds, but I was happy to see Frankie Edgar lose. I’m not a fan of his.

It was a good day!! NOW to make this SUNDAY be AWESOME TOO!!

Love ya,


P.S. Be sure to join in our FAVORITES FEBRUARY daily “chats”…Here’s the rest of week #1’s topics~

A contest for you!

The “How Has BuffMother! Impacted Your Life” Contest

We want to hear how BuffMother! has impacted your life? It doesn’t matter if you just heard about BuffMother! yesterday. We want to hear your heart-felt stories about how BuffMother!, Team BuffMother! and our Yahoo! group have changed you. The winner of this contest will receive $100 cash and 2 BuffMother! shirts OR a FREE BuffMother! customized fitness program ($149 value) and 2 BuffMother! shirts. Thanks for entering and Good Luck!

Also, Please join us for our weekly BuffMother! Chats (for women only) at 8pm central on Wednesday nights by joining our Yahoo! group.

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