Formulating a plan


I’m working on formulating a plan for my next couple months of workouts…I’ll be keeping a journal of my track/running training within the forum more specifically if you are interested in that as a resource.  I’d rather keep this venture on the MORE PRIVATE side of things and is a great place to do just that!

I’ve spent the morning in “research” and have really enjoyed the exercise science stuff– I am a nerd!! It’s amazing how we forget so much of the details over time. I forget that it’s been 20 years since I learned much of my “SPORTS SCIENCE” info in college!   I’ll share some of the info I’m re-learning in nice little article summaries for you!

Ideas for the upcoming week):

Running days- I’ll do some other stuff on these days– some plyo type drills, body-weight moves and extra NON RUNNING cardio to work on VO2 max

M- run longer repeats (300’s, 400’s, 600’s)- may or may not be on track W- run shorter repeats (100’s, 200’s)- May or may not be on track Sa- Track workout day– this day for sure we’ll be working at the track.

Lifting Days T- Legs Th- Upper body + non-running intervals


Friday off Sunday off

As you can see I am limiting my running to just 3 days– It’s a must for me too keep my running volume as low as possible due to injury prevention.  My recovery is important too– I can’t train as hard on the weights when I am training intensely in running or I just can’t recover.  That’s much to do with AGE and just how my body has always been I may go CRAZY only lifting 2 days a week, so I may have to up the frequency on that end…I’ll adjust as needed.

Currently I feel like I have a good aerobic base– the best I’ve had in AGES!  I have been running rather consistently over the past year.  I’d really LOVE to get a VO2 max test completed.  If I can’t find a lab here that does it, I’ll do an “at home version” myself.

My overall assessment of where I am at with my 800m fitness is that I am SLOW right now– I’ve not done really any speed-work for at least 6 months.   That’s my major weakness at this point.  Speed will be my main focus over the next month.

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Track Excitement!

HEY YA!! Contest day 41!! S2S~ Day 41: Sexy Daughters?

My body said NO to my plan to workout yesterday…I had yet to take a rest day all of April– and My BODY KNEW IT!  So I had NO REAL WORKOUT YESTERDAY~ I did get in 100+ AWESOME Smith Lunges with 100#’s on the bar!! my booty is so happy, lol!!

Today I’ve got in my 20 mins fasted cardio on the bike

I’m gonna lift and go for a run in just about 10 mins!

I’ve been on the computer all day researching the US Track and Field events for Junior Olympics.  I registered as a coach and will soon be forming a track club here selfishly for myself and kids, lol!  Next year if all goes well we’ll open it up to other kids in the area.

I’ll be training for the 800m with my son and my girls will train for some events too–not sure which ones just yet for them?? — so we’ve got about 8 weeks to get ready for the Arkansas Meet, it’s on June 15th in Little Rock .

I’m excited about it!!

Gotta go for now, I’ll be back tomorrow to post a bit more!!

Love, Michelle

p.s. I’ll start my workout after I check out from

I Feel It!

I feel it today!!

I feel the end of our contest coming near I feel the LUNGES in my booty I feel the hormones levels in my body LOWERING I feel SPRING in the AIR I feel the excitement of new goals


I FEEL it!! YAY!!


Today I summarized all the info you need to get your final entry completed for the contest:

S2S~ Day 40: Final ENTRY info


My day didn’t go exactly as planned yesterday– the softball game ended up being cancelled so my workout plan had to change a bit.  I also didn’t have time to “lay down” for 20 mins in the tanning bed, lol!!  I did get in a killer hill workout~ I ran 9 min warm up- 5 long hills of about 50 seconds each, with jogging of about 1:30 downhill between– then 4 SHORT STEEP 20 sec hills with walking down 1:10 between finished with a long final run to bridge and final hill.  All in all “RUN KEEPER” said I got in 3.5 miles over the 36 min duration but the GPS doesn’t detect hilly terrain, so it was actually further.


After the run I did my 100 lunges– some walking ones, some side ones, some uphill ones

Then went inside and did a short leg workout and some abs



This morning I’m have to run some $$ into my son, he’s got a track meet this afternoon and needs to buy some food at it. While I’m there I’ll go tanning and get in some smith lunges and cardio!


Later today I’ll do a bit more of a workout– lifting upper body and intervals on the bike.


I snapped this picture yesterday prior to heading out shopping, I made an extra effort with my hair-used hot rollers and wore heels out to the stores!

I shopped a bit for some VEGAS clothes and I got groceries (EXITING, lol!)



Let’s have a STELLAR DAY!! Kick it in ladies, just 3 days to go in our contest~ YAY!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Favorites February!! Day 1: I RUN!

I am a Runner…Yeah it’s true!  I try to deny it constantly.  I RUN AWAY from the term “runner” and always have! When I was in Track and Cross Country as a teen my classmates would always ask me: why do you like running so much?” My answer was– “I DON’T Like it, I am just GOOD at it, so I do it.” As I’ve matured and gone through years without being able to run due to injury…I now admit I do love it.  It’s such an effective way to stay in shape and during my runs I thank GOD for the gift of running HE’s given me!  Running is vital to my success and it’s my favorite form of cardio.  I don’t run FAR and I don’t jog. I RUN fast!  I am more about how fast I can run than increasing my distance.  The longest run I EVER do is less than 4 miles.  Most of my runs contain intervals. I’ll pick up my speed for a bit (most often 1 minute) and then decrease my speed for a bit, repeating this during the entire run.  Another one of my FAVORITE types of runs this past year has been doing trail hills.  Hills intensify the run a lot without a lot of mental focus…which is good for this mentally challenged momma, lol!10150420745205055


This month I’d like to get to know you better by doing a bit of a Challenge daily…Let’s post about our FAVORITES this February.  Knowing more about you will help me help you with info you crave!! Feel free to share!!

Favorites February!! FREE PDF dowonload- Favorites February

Now on to my February Goals:

  • Have fun with “Favorites February”
  • Get the NEW Rally Room project moving forward- see below
  • Figure out more details of the VEGAS Gathering!!
  • Ramp up the NEW Team BuffMother Contest and VEGAS gathering Body PREP!!
  • Complete Gunner’s room renovation

February is going to be GREAT!!
Love ya’s,

p.s. Are you are forum savvy? an internet geek? addicted to posting online? I am looking for a “TEST” group for our new TEAM BuffMother Rally Room site- we need ladies to help us figure out the set up…if you are interested please email me. Testing will start sometime next week!!

28 days of Christmas: Day 18

It’s the 18th day into our 28 day contest, Congrats for STAYING with us!!! It’s an “ACTIVE” rest day today~ so be sure to do something active (Like shopping, a cardio workout or some yardwork)

Today’s task is to LEARN about YOUR HABITS!

#1-Learn about yourself and why you want to  break the your bad Habits- ask yourself questions like when did this become a problem? when did I have this habit in the past? what is the root of the habit?  why do I do what I do?

#2- Learn about ways other have broken the same habit– Google is amazing! Or, heck, go old-school and hit the library or book store for some resources! Take action NOW to learn about your how to BREAK your bad HABITS!

Please Share what you learn with us in a comment here!!

28 Days of Christmas: Day 8

XMAS Day 8- LEGS again!!!  Build your FAT FURNACES!!!

See day 1 for workout details~

This morning I commented on a blog about slow weight loss and that inspired me to talk more about MUSCLE today:

here is my comment~

“Weight loss is always hard, but I do agree it’s harder with age.  Do you know why? HORMONES~ not just the estrogen and progesterone ones, but the ones that are typically thought of as MALE hormones: testosterone and growth hormone.  Those are stimulated to be released when you do certain types of exercise= Lifting heavy and intense anaerobic or lactic acid cardio…and also through diet, for example when you go from a fasting state (buffing) to a higher caloric intake (boosting).  I know that in my own fitness when I focus on stimulation my body’s “anabolic” hormones, I can get LEAN!!!

Keep working hard and remember to work WITH your hormones and you will see you body respond!


And here is an EXCERPT from one of my articles about building muscle that BURNS FAT:

How do I go about building muscle?
Muscle in women deteriorates at almost every stage of life. This is why we must weight train!!!!
Weight training rebuilds your lost muscle and therefore rebuilds your metabolism. BuffMother!’s weight training philosophy is based on:
  1. The Basic Big three
  2. Challenge
  3. Change
The Basic Big Three:
What do I mean by the big three? There are 3 larger main muscle groups of the body and my lifting program is centered around them. Metabolism will be affected most if these 3 muscle groups are emphasized since they comprise the majority of the muscle mass on our bodies. The basic big three are your legs, chest and back.
          1. Legs (and butt)
Leg muscles are the biggest strongest muscles of our body and in order to have a great metabolism you must not neglect lifting with these potential “fat furnaces”. The vast majority of women don’t realize how strong and powerful their legs can be without getting bulky. I understand that most women have a fear of lifting with their legs because they often carry a higher amount of fat in their legs and therefore fear adding bulk to their lower half through strength training. As women we don’t have the levels of testosterone necessary to build big bulky muscles! So don’t think that if you lift with your legs you will make them significantly bigger. Initially a small amount of muscle growth will occur and before you start loose your fat on top  and inside of this muscle, you may notice a slight size increase, but this is temporary. You will soon notice how your legs gain new shape, firmness and a leaner appearance. All of which is caused by these muscles becoming more active and therefore burning more fat!
Let’s talk about the area that all women are concerned about, your butt. It must be dealt with head on. Meaning you must make a huge concentrated effort to reshape the behind that inactivity and age has destroyed. Butts require squats and lunges!!! Lots of them and with weight. No amount of donkey kicks, step-ups, abduction or adduction exercises will do the significant work that must be done in order to reshape your butt. These exercises are great auxiliary ones and are helpful initially and in complementary sense to a leg weight training program, but on their own they will not do much. Legs and butts are strong muscles so in order to change their looks we have to challenge them. This requires using heavier weights and intense contractions.
Most modes of cardio or aerobic exercise utilize the legs. These exercises do great in toning the muscles of the legs that are used during these aerobic sessions. However, they don’t hit all the muscles of the legs and butt and for the most part they don’t build them. Instead they are what we call catabolic. This means they lead to the breakdown of these muscles. For instance look at a marathon runner. They look sickly. They are some of the most aerobically in shape people and they do a lot of working out with their legs, but there muscles are tiny and they have gross butts. So let’s take a lesson from this. Aerobic exercise is very important for health issues, for stress relief, for conditioning the muscles we have, but bad at building muscle! Strong, active leg and butt muscles burn fat!
2. The Chest
I don’t mean your mammary glands. I am talking about your pectorals. The muscles all women need to embrace. I’ve been there. Pregnancy and breast-feeding do nasty things to a woman’s breasts. The looks of a woman’s breast goes beyond the mammary tissue, it lies underneath in the pectoral muscles. Remember what I had said about pregnancy robbing our bodies of muscle. This means the muscle that once lifted our breast now is gone, and it too needs to be rebuilt. If you want to give yourself a natural breast lift, build up your chest! It will not only help those saggy boobs, but also Boost your metabolism! Strong ,active chest muscles burn fat!
3. The Back:
Oh, I forgot about you back there! Most women are absolutely unaware of the huge potential fat burning muscles they have on their back. Our backs are full of muscles. There are tons of them holding our spine, ribs and shoulders in place. These muscles are very important to our health. How often do we hear about back and neck pain? Unfortunately it is rampant. I truly believe that weak back muscles cause much of the pain. Lifting with your back requires proper form and extreme focus on the muscles you are working. Strong, active back muscles burn fat!
Challenging yourself:
Muscles are very smart. If challenged to the limits of their capabilities they realize that they need to rebuild themselves even stronger. Then when faced with that same challenge they will be able to perform at a higher capacity. This is the key to understanding your weight training program.
You must find a way to challenge your muscles. Lifting the same weight every time you perform an exercise will maintain what muscle you have, but not change them. I don’t know many people that like spending an hour in the gym to stay exactly the same. We all crave to improve ourselves. So we must challenge our muscles by lifting weights that are challenging. There is nothing complicated about it. Just make sure you find yourself slightly challenged by your lifting program. Challenge yourself.
Change it up:
Change is good. Your muscles get used to the same thing over and over again. They get bored just like you do. Boredom causes your muscle to not respond just as it causes you to not want to do your boring workout. Don’t be afraid to change:
  • Try some new exercises
  • Change the number of sets and reps of your exercises
  • Increase or decrease your rest time between sets and workouts
  • Change the order of your exercises
Just remember to keep the basic big three muscle groups as the foundation to your weight training program. Change will help you stay focused and your muscles will keep working hard to burn your fat!!!!
Here are some supplements that I have used in my quest to build fat burning muscles:
l-glutamine, l-lysine, l-tyrosine, creatine, NO2 (AKG) products, CLA, Gamma-O, DHEA, fish oil, St. John’s Wart, caffine, whey protein, casien protein, sugar free Red Bull, Lubriflex, Move Free, Gaba etc. Exactly what I take depends on how I feel, where I am at in my Hormonal Cycle and what I am trying to accomplish within my fitness goals. There is a lot of money wasted on sports supplements that are ineffective, so do your research before purchasing anything.

Paired Circuits workout video (SSS week 07)

SSS 07- Buffing Experienced Workouts:

“Buffing” 3day split- using “paired circuits”

Videos of Chest/tri Experienced Buffing phase 4 at home

CHEST, TRICEPS and intervals plus 20 mins extra cardio and ABS

Paired circuit #1-
Chest Press or Bench Press
Tricep Extensions

Paired circuit #2-
Incline DB flys
Tricep bench dips

Paired circuit #3-
Flat bench flys
3xfailure (10 rep range)
Tricep kickbacks
3xfailure (10 rep range)

Paired circuit #4-
Knee Ups-to failure 2-3 sets
Crunches 3×15 slow

INTERVALS: Intervals-immediately after lifting
3 min. warm up
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
4min. cool down
This is 20 min total: 7 hard min. total
+20 mins additional steady cardio after intervals…move to another mode if bored


  1. Passive Abs
  2. Sit ups- hands on hammies
  3. Vacuums!! 10- 10 seconds daily
  4. Knee ups- roman chair are best
  5. Traditional AB crunch
  6. Ball Crunches
  7. Cats/Dogs


Summer is coming to an end quickly!!! SO….Today I took the kids +1 to see the “Dark Knight Rises”…It was a good fun way to start the new month with the kids.  August is going to be an awesome month in so many ways– fitness wise, friend wise, family wise and fun wise!!

Yesterday,  I did a good back, shoulder, bicep + interval run+ cardio…it was a good test for my shoulder and I am a bit sore from it.  Today was a day off of workouts, and my diet was a bit off too– I don’t think I went “backwards” but certainly not forwards with it– TOMORROW it’s back on like “DONKEY KONG”.

Tomorrow I plan to take some time to make “lists” and “goals” for the month….I want to ACCOMPLISH a lot this AUGUST!

Love ya’s,



BuffMother~ SNAKE SLAYER!!

July is upon us~ Now it’s time for some SUMMER FUN!!
My plan for July is to use this month for fun, fitness and for getting stuff DONE!  I have pretty much decided to go to MN next week in order to “retreive” my kids– that leaves me with this week to get after some projects that need to be completed prior to their return.  I also plan to have a little R&R for the 4th of July– we have a BURN BAN on here, so…probably no fireworks for us. Gunner’s Birthday is also this month- on the 19th.  He’ll be 13!!  I can’t belive I’ll have a teen??  Where has the time gone!?

This is my second week of buffing– last week I eneded up getting in 5 days of working out- 4 lifting, 2 bike intervals, 1 cardio day (fasted bike+hill run). It was a good solid week especially considering half of those workouts were done with an EXTREMELY SORE body!  This week should be much, much better in that reagard!

M- chest, triceps, run intervals (probably hills)+ ABS
T- Legs +ABS
W- the 4th!!! Back/sh/Biceps, intervals +ABS
Th- chest, triceps, run intervals (probably hills)+ ABS
F- Legs +ABS
Sa- Back/sh/Biceps, run intervals +ABS
S- off

It’s a 3 days split, focused on my BIG muscles and also on kicking up my fitness level a notch– I am confident if I focus on that~ the scale will go back down to my “happy place” that I hit in May.  I just need to get the workouts DONE and keep my food intake in line.

Yesterday, I Travis and I had a good day- we are all about changing our “land” little by little.  We removed several fence posts and some ugly barb wire yestdary and WOW it looks so much better.  I also did a bunch of brush hogging– we have a ton of SUMAC trees that are nasty week like– they just keep growning and taking over all the land.  “I HATE SUMAC!”…so I cut down a bunch!

Also, I made my first kill!! Last week I got my first gun ever, a 22 caliber automatic.  The main reason for it is to carry with on our property– we have a ton of animals– including snakes, wild dogs, bobcats, bears, coons, coyotes, fox, amadilo, etc… Well, yesterday we were tromping around in the creek on our land and I was walking on a fallen tree when I spotted a big snake coiled up sleeping about 7 feet ahead of me!  I was so stoked that I had my gun with me and I got to shoot it!! Travis was very impressed with my calm, killer instinct!!

I’m off to write my to do list and get a good pre-workout meal in my belly!!

Cheers to JULY!!


Be HAPPY in the process~ Shine in 49: Day 37

HI!! my Happy Friends!! I am so happy you are my friends~ I am a very lucky lady!

Sunday,  we didn’t make it to church but we did watch a message on TV by Joel Osteen– He spoke about REDEEMING our TIME. Meaning to use our time wisely and to be HAPPY in the process. It does no good for us to WASTE our time on being negative, grumpy, worried, stressed, anxious, bitter, unforgiving, jealous, etc….

The message was a great reminder to me to be HAPPY NOW~ to enjoy the JOURNEY toward my goals~ to JUST be happy!! I am going to focus hard on this…I want to be known as a happy person by everyone I know!!

My goal for this next week is to add in more cardio and to simply eat  HEALTHY!!
I’m starting my buffing phase today, just in time to see some nice FINAL results for our
contest– we have just 13 days left!!

Our mini-challenge for this 6th week is “NO DAIRY”~

My POA for the week is to do my MINI-CHALLENGE of NO DAIRY, get more intervals/cardio in, and to get back to more of a non-vacation attitude…Memorial Day is OVER!  I missed my workout yesterday- so my streak ended at 14 days of working out in a row– my goal is to keep striving to workout every day until my b-day– so despite not hitting my goal 100%, I am still going for it!!  I keep fighting even if a lose a battle once in a while!
T-Legs and run hills
W-back, intervals (bike)
Th-chest, intervals (running)
Sa-Back, intervals (running)
Su- small shoulder workout and abs

Happiness Rocks!!


Love your Happy friend,

**My Workout Plan for TODAY**
(TUESDAY for many of us)
Warm up- 6 minutes of cardio- any type… ease into it, prepare your body and mind for an effective workout.

Lower Body #1, ABS and Intervals
1- Squats– 3 sets of 10 (3×10)
…first set medium wt. warm up, second set heavier, heavier if needed ;
last set 10th rep should be close to failure.

(At Home Option): DB Squats-
Roman Chair Knee UPS- 2×20; Rest 1min

2- Smith Lunges– 3×10

ABS: Ball Crunches- 2×15; Rest 1 min

3- Knee Extensions-3×10
Standing High Knees- 2×20 each leg; REST 1 min

4- Leg Curls– 3×10 (At Home Option: Ball Leg Curls)-

ABS: CATS/DOGS- 2x 3 reps of each position- holding both up (CAT) and down (DOG) for 5 seconds each

5- Calf Raises– 3×10

ABS: Vacuums- 2 x 5: 10 second vacuums (10-20 sec rest between reps)

and INTERVALS  outside on my hill~ fun stuff!! (typically I don’t do intervals on leg day, but I feel I “NEED” it after this weekend 🙁