I did it!! HOORAY!!

I got my booty outside and got in a good run!
4 min warm up
even min intervals to min #16…then a retard that had past me earlier, drove up beside me and made a smootch at me, I FLIPPED out (won’t mention exactly what I did) but he really made me mad- so RUDE…
so then I took a few mins and cooled down.
Total run 20 min
then I rode the r-bike at home for 20 more, sweated like a PIG!! I was so HOT!

Then I did the following circuit 2 times:
pull ups wide underhand grip 12, 10
Sit ups until i was bored
adductor exercises 25 reps
Laying side raises 20 each side
cats 5 for 5 secs each
push ups 20+10 knees, 20

Now I feel great!

This week, there is no excuses for this chika on the cardio/interval scene and you will see the fat melt off my booty!!

here is a peek into my weird eating habits (not the best, but hey we all need to treat ourselves a bit within limits of course)
M1: whey protein in water, 1/2 mc donald’s cinnamon roll 2 cups coffe P,C
M2: Salmon 7 oz, 1/2 corn dog (kids!), 1 popsicle yummmy

that’s it so far 🙂

Happy 4th of July!!
P.s. I bought a lap top yesterday, I am so excited to get it. Dell should send it to me in about a week. CAN’T wait to get it!!!

Feelin’ Great!

Yesterday-I went to the gym and had a stellar cardio experience

First I rode the r-bike really easy for 10 min
then tanned Smiling

Then looked at vogue and people while cruising on the elliptical for 20 min

I hopped on the treddy and here is a summary:
all at 2% incline
min number@mph
30 sec @9
30sec @10
30sec @11
1 full min @12mph
Then down to 9 mph
at 15:20 I decided to run a mile at 9 mph
So that brought me to 3.1 miles total at 22 min…then I thought I wonder if I could do another mile at 9mph…so
I did so at 28:40 I was done with more than 4 miles –BUT I was so bored I almost didn’t make it.

When I was done I cooled down with walking and doing 3 sets of the abductor and addcutors–inspired by you booty babes!!

This weekend is going to be TUF!! THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER THAT IS!!

All day Saturday is the marathon on SPIKE and the final fights are Sat night–I am so pumped!

Have a super afternoon–and my booty is sore is yours?

I am smitten with the STAIRMILL!!

HI Ya ~
Well today was almost a rest day for me…I haven’t had a “day off” in a while…but I ended up at the gym around 4pm 😉

The plan was to work my shoulders just a bit and get in some cardio…

Warm up 19 min on r-bike…nice and relaxing reading time 🙂

cybex shoulder press
85×10- set of 30 roman chair knee ups

Standing Military with barbell
65x10x3 on the first set tweaked my neck/shoulder/back—I will be paying a visit to the chiro tomorrow!
Lateral raises 15#db’sx10
bent over laterals 15’sx10

warm up for 5 min at level 7
then 1min at 12, 1 min at 7
then 1 min at 14!!, 1 min at 7 repeat 5 times 🙂
then a couple min cool down.

I am in love with that stair-mill!!

I just took some Advil to help my sh/neck/back–now for sleep!!



That’s the focus for me this week
Here is my workout today
20 min of intervals on the r-bike
20min of intervals on the treaddy

light lifting workout focused on quads and butt
leg press
calves same
calves too
Calves too


knee extensions

7 min on elliptical- hit the wall

Here is the plan for this week workout wise
sun- did 45 min cardio/intervals tiny leg workout
mon- upper body – at least 40 min of cardio/intervals
Tues-Legs (last on before contest)…lots of lunges and leg extensions- cardio- run
Wed- upper body lift- intervals
Thursday just cardio- run

So the plan is much more cardio than you have ever seen me do :)…I hope to get in at least 45 min/day and on good days up to 90 min? We’ll see how my energy level stays and how my body responds to the addition and my diet.

Diet is very very low carb and getting cleaner by the day.
I am also adding in some green tea to increase vascularity and water loss…I am currently holding water :), but not for long, the idea is to peak at the perfect time SAT at SHOWTIME!!

I am excited and getting mentally ready.