Half Year Resolutions

Do you even remember your New Year’s Resolutions??  I’ve honestly had to look back at mine a few times already this year, HA!

Mine were simple-

  • To Blog Daily
  • To Shower Before 11 am daily
  •  Pen to Paper journal 3+ times a week…

I have been slacking on a couple of them recently but overall I am happy with my progress and READY TO ADD TO THEM!!


After reading a blog post from my first journey though our 40days to fit and today’s tip about setting GOALS;  I was inspired to redo the some of the same Half Year Resolutions I had then~


Fitness: 3 day split lifting routine- 6 days a week; run 3 x’s a week including sprint 1x a week

Work: create radio show; upload new video; schedule august photo shoot;chore time daily

Family: Have summer fun~ family vacation, canoe trip, amusement park, etc…

Spirit: Kids book of devotions daily, Get back to attending church on Sundays

Today, I have a back/bicep/shoulder workout + treadmill intervals on tap

Then guitar lessons for my DD Gracie.

Time to roll…

Have a great day and remainder of 2013!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Fun with my Man!

First off, I must congratulate BRENDA!!  She had a spectacular showing at the Max Classic in Nebraska this weekend!! CONGRATS on all the first place trophies!! Brenda You rocked the stage with your best body ever!! Congrats!!!  Friends

The past 4-5 days has been all about having fun with my MAN…since my kids are in MN~ all my attention has been going to my man. What a lucky dog!! Anyhow here’s a quick recap:

W: ran outside, Out to eat- On the Boarder!! YUMMY CHIPS!
Th: I worked out with a friend (upper body) then that night DH and I tried to play tennis- no courts, so we opted to go for an hour long walk instead
F: Workout: Lifted chest and Tennis- then ate out at Ruth’s and Chris- YUMMY STEAK!!

Sa: Workout Back, sh, Biceps and TENNIS!!  Then ate out again…this time wings at Beef O’Brady’s~ Yummy!
Sunday: Canoe trip in the 105 degree temps and wind- massive workout, low water made us have to paddle a ton!  It was fun, but seriously exhausting in the heat!! Thank God I wore a lot of sunscreen…Travis skimmped on it and got BURNT! Poor guy!


Today I feel like I need a break from the action!  I may take the day off from the gym and just get in a good run after it cools off??  I could seriously take a nap right now! Sleeping  BUT…I am pressing through… Time to get some massive work done! Maybe all I need is a BIG GLASS of H2O!  Water does a body good!!