10 days

10 days to Go!! warm up 5 min on r-bike incline press machine, sets of 10 65 80 100 Bench 95×10 115×10 135×6 115×10 Cable […] Read More

11 days to Go!!

11 days to go… Holy cow!! we are at the halfway point of our 21 days!! I certainly hope you are progressing nicely and having […] Read More


www.buffmother.com Hey BABES…I am boosting here and HATING my hormones already~ anyhoo~ I did have a good boosting chest/tri workout Warm up- r-bike: 7mins Bench […] Read More

Weird sore muscles

Okay~ so yesterday…I did Dead lifts with 155# on the bar…now I’ve done them in the past, but not consistently this heavy–also my lifting gloves […] Read More

Travis’s Birthday and TGIF!!

My DH, Travis’ Birthday was yesterday! I was so sick with the body flu yesterday, plus I was sore everywhere from all my workouts! It […] Read More

Today’s workout- 8-25-05

Hello! I had a great workout today (as almost every day:)) So I thought I’d share it with you. I am 11 weeks away from […] Read More