Running SCARED!

The Warrior Dash is less than 6 weeks away and I’m Running SCARED!! Scared of the race KILLING me!  Literally I am SCARED of failing, feeling horrible in the race and dying of physical exhaustion, lol!!

I’ve been striving to get in my runs lately and feel like I am improving on them each time.  At this point I’ve been consistently hitting it 3x’s a week.  Last night I ran 6 hills despite being so tempted to skip it all together…I am very happy that I did it, but my body is EXHAUSTED from them and the upper body lifting workout I did before it yesterday afternoon.

The weather has been so amazing since Saturday– it’s so energizing!! the kids have been out exploring on our land– playing in the creek a bunch– catching all sorts of tad poles, crawfish and butterflies.  Here’s TIA with a really beautiful butterfly on her arm– simply amazing!!!


Anyhow- today I am in Bentonville at our old house–working on a BIG “to do” list that needs to be done so we can get finished with this move/leasing process.  I certainly hope that by mid April we’ll have it DONE!!

Gotta go for now~ I’ll check back in with you tonight after my workout!  Legs are on tap– if you want some inspiration for a leg workout, check out this old blog post of mine–

5 days in a ROW!!!

5 days in a row…!!! It has been probably a couple months (at least) since I’ve worked out 5 days in a row!! AND I feel GREAT too!!

I had a busy wild day…all 4 kids home again~ thank goodness the twins have pre-school tomorrow, but honestly they are not the ones that are the most needy…it is GUNNER and GRACIE the older 2! And I still have them tomorrow all day~ I am hoping they will be a bit more mellow tomorrow. I also felt bad because they were all disappointed that we didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch today(we’ll go on Thurs instead), I got sidetracked with my book. My designer sent me a PDF file of it for me to edit yet again prior to us meeting tomorrow afternoon. So that’s my job here tonight and tomorrow morning. I am honestly very EXCITED about it!!

Tonight was Gunner’s FB game…his Team: the War Eagles won! Yippie!
Gunner played a rather boring position- GUARD. And I had SNACK duty again~
Then tonight I read books to the girls and part of a book to Gunner.

My workout~
warm up- tanning (btw…these beds don’t do anything except warm you up…I personally like the light therapy The snickering dog )

r-bike 10 mins


Incline hammer press

Butterfly machine

the following done as active rest between sets:
knee ups on bench
walking calves 2 sets
walking high knees 2 sets

Dips 9

Tricep extensions
55×8, 7, 6

Tricep push downs

ran outside- about 20 mins with about 5 shorter intervals and 1 long one of about 3 mins.

Off to edit my book!!!

Chest tri day

Hello again!

It was Chest/Tri day today and It was GOOOOD!

Warm up r-bike 14 min
Chest press machine

Hammer Strength Incline press

Bench press- right here I had a brain fart- I was laying down to start my first set and a man came up saying something to me (I couldn’t hear, my I-pod was too loud)…he was telling me I forgot to put a 25 on one side of the BAR~~ I was so embarrassed!

125×5 no spotter so that was it 🙁

Butterfly/pec deck
55x10x3 squeeze

Incline Flys
40’sx6 too light
45’sx7,5 just right

One set of roman chair knee ups here

Tricep extensions
paired with single cable flys

Then I ran…
warm up 8 min then a potty break
then intervals
2 hard at 10 recovery at 8
2 hard at 10.5 recovery at 8.5
2 hard at 11 recovery at 8.5
then 2 extra mins of recovery at 8.5

I would have done a couple more–I felt GREAT but I knew my legs were already super sore, so I decided to lay off today.

My realization today”it hurts a lot less to run with sore quads than with sore hammies”

Have a super night…I am gonna watch the UFC on pay per view, hee, hee!! I can’t wait to see all the fights again and hear the commentators, etc!