40 days to Fit! Day 36~another Monday!

Another Monday!  My plan for today’s workout is to work my BUTT with lots of LUNGES~In order to hit your GLUTES when lunging there are several things you can do-

  1. Focus on using your Front leg for the movement.
  2. Bend forward at the waist (chest to knee) at the bottom of the movement to gain a GOOD stretch in your glute
  3. Pre exhaust your other muscles with exercises like – squats, leg extensions, leg curls, etc…
  4. Utilize WALKING LUNGES with weight they are proven to be the most effective at hitting butt muscles

Here’s a couple on of my FAVORITE moves for working my butt~ Smith BUTT Lunges: By bringing my  front foot in and leaning my chest towards my knee, my glutes are stimulated much more. BE PREPARED for a sore BUTT the day after these, lol!

And a couple other links to BUTT exercise videos:

Walking Lunges:

Starter Style Walking Lunges:

In other news…We have ton of FUN Stuff going on and many great tools that will help you get buff!
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Now to catch you up on my workouts for the past 4 days~

Thursday- Did legs- had a GREAT workout!!
Friday- Had a great RUN outside!
Sat- Did a good Chest/Tris/Shoulder/bicep workout
Sun- Did a GREAT run Outside

The PLAN for this week is:
M- legs
T-Back, intervals (run)
W-Chest, intervals
Th, F, Sa- REPEAT M, T, W 🙂
Sunday- OFF

Let’s all have a GREAT WEEK!!


Thank You USA!!

I love the USA!! Because of our freedom, our culture, our awesome country, our diversity and most of all because of our BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY!! We are allowed free enterprise in this country and I’ve been able to capitalize on it!! I now am the PRESIDENT of 2 companies that I started, I am living the AMERICAN DREAM!!! I have the freedom to work when I want, where I want and workout any time of the day!! I am so thankful for that!! I am proud to be a citizen of the USA and to be an Entrepreneur!

WELL…I have my photo shoot set for next Friday morning. Miss Emily and I are going to have a blast shooting some COOL photos~
So yesterday and today I’ve been shopping for my outfits and tomorrow the STRICT diet will begin, lol!

I only weighed 123 this morning, so I am not too far off…but I plan on carb depleting and getting rid of the water weight I have on me from taking creatine over the last 3 week. My pictures are gonna look GREAT! PLUS I plan on working out every day up to the shoot and doing at least ONE sprinting workout to really lean me up!!! I am so PUMPED woohoo

My workout today was an interesting one…I got to the gym and then heard TIA screaming!!! She ran ahead of me into the gym and CRASHED into a pillar in the entryway- her face is BADLY bruised and so we went home. Poor girl Emotional

So anyhow while she rested on the couch I did a mish mosh workout:
Trampoline 10 mins or so
Squat circuit- DB’s on shx10 reps, DB Down at sidesx10; my new butt exercise smile x4-5 sets
Then ABS on the an ab machine I have after each set of squat circuits
Then some dead lifts, laying side raises, abs
Then SIDE skater jump lunges 4 sets of 30total (15 each leg per set)
paired with inverted pull ups on swing set
then some running around the yard with GG and jumping on the tramp some more….and probably some more cardio LATER ;0

Have a great night!!