Every Day in May! ~ Day 15 WE ARE HALFWAY DONE!! and today starts our 3rd week– with NEW FOCUS… This week’s diet focus is to Eat More Protein! Our fitness focus for the week is gaining Speed. Check out today’s suggested workout:


So…I’ve been very SCATTERED lately.  I have a lot of stuff going on in my mind, body and life at the moment.  WHICH is nothing new, lol! It’s odd though how sometimes I can handle it with ease and at other times I just can’t FOCUS!  It’s a bit more than just female hormones for me currently. It’s deeper in my SPIRIT.  I’ve been looking for some solution, but the truth is I KNOW THE SOLUTION. The solution is getting ROOTED, GROUNDED and FOUNDED in my faith.  I’ve been slacking on my prayer time, my church time, my building faith time, my FELLOWSHIP with GOD time!  This cycle needs to end~ Actions towards feeding my “SPIRIT” need to start today.


That said, I will dig into a message during my “bike ride” in just about 10 mins.

First, I’d like to mention I’ve been consistent in my workouts all month despite being so scattered. Thank GOD for this Every DAY In May challenge. Without it I may just have forgotten to workout all together, lol!


Yesterday was a big win for me in the workout dept…got in my 20 mins fasted, then trained a couple sweet ladies, then ran some “pampering errands” and when I got home made myself do a hills run. IT WAS SO HARD! but afterwards I felt better and even did a couple sets of pull ups and abs.



this pic was right after my run, isn’t it pretty outside?! Sooooo GREEN!

Tuesday I did manage to do a good leg workout. It was shorted and way more scattered than I had hoped, but I am sore from it for sure!


All in all being scattered is the worst of what I’m dealing with at the moment. Everything else in life is wonderful! I am truly blessed!! THANKS be to GOD, He has given me so much that I can’t do justice by even listing everything but I am going to list some: My husband, my kids, my puppy, my land/home, my chickens, my friends, my TEAM BUFFMOTHER ladies!!, my super family, my finances, my health, my computer(s), my clothes, my shoes (OH HOW I LOVE SHOES), my drive, my personality, my looks, my hair, my legs, my abs, MY LOVE for others, my passion to learn…Oh my, I could go on and on.  Simply I am VERY THANKFUL for all that is part of my life– All of it is so appreciated I could EXPLODE with Excitement about how much I am BLESSED!!


Time to go listen and ride!!

LOVE YOU All so much thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us here in the Rally Room and being such super members of our team!!

Thank you, thank you!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


We are already on DAY 6!!


Today Diet challenge is eat olives or avocado PLUS Drink water!!  Good healthy fats and FIBER are in these fun garnishing fruits.  Be brave and try some fun new ways to enjoy olives and avocado!


Today’s Personal Challenge- Text a lot Tuesday…why you ask. It’s a fun way to stay connected, encourage others and to quickly let someone know you are thinking about them. STRIVE to text a lot today.  My goal is to scroll down through my text list and say HI! to some of those LOWER ON THE LIST, lol!


Today’s workout focus is ENDURANCE!! and Lower Body- Slim Chick Purple Boosting 11 minute workout!



My POA~for my next 10 days:


(DONE) May 5 Day 1 FASTED BIKE 20min; Back Interval Treadmill Run

May 6 Day 2 FASTED BIKE 20min; Chest Lower Body- Slim Chick Purple Boosting

May 7 Day 3 FASTED BIKE 20min; RUN Abs/Booty- Slim Chick Purple Boosting

May 8 Day 4 Legs 6-pack of PEPSI ab routine

May 9 Day 5 FASTED BIKE 20min; Back Run the “HAM” Butt workout

May 10 Day 6 FASTED BIKE 20min;Chest 6-pack of LaCroix ab routine

May 11 Day 7 Legs the “BLT” Butt workout

May 12 Day 8 FASTED BIKE 20min;Back Run Upper Body- Slim Chick Pink Buffing

May 13 Day 9 FASTED BIKE 20min;Legs Lower Body- Slim Chick Pink Buffing

May 14 Day 10 FASTED BIKE 20min;Chest Run Abs/Booty- Slim Chick Pink Buffing


I ended up having a very fun day yesterday…got to talk with SUZI!!  She’s such a firecracker.  I cleaned up my office a bit more to make room for a new work station my husband is building me.  Got in a solid workout and then  Went out on a little date with the hubby.


Now today I’ve been working, cleaning, working and soon to be getting in my workout then run some errands.


I’ll check in later with ya’ll!!

have a super day 6!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


Just a reminder that daily the suggested workouts are posted to my BuffMother! page…I’ve been trying to add them here daily also.

CONGRATS on 2 amazing first days!! I am so proud of your excitement and focus. STRIVE to keep ON TASK this weekend!! GET IN THOSE WORKOUTS!!!

Every Day in May! ~ Day 3
This week’s diet focus is to Drink More Water! Gulp, Gulp. Our fitness focus for the week is building Endurance. Keep at it!

Check out today’s suggested workout:


PLUS: It’s SUPER HERO Saturday and your challenged to Drink some TEA today

SUPERHERO Saturday is all about you doing EXTRA ORDINARY things today– I love getting in the mood with a super hero shirt, thinking about how cool it would be to have a super power and taking action towards being physically strong like a super hero.

Why TEA? Well, it’s a fun way to get some nutrients, to detox, to get a bit of caffeine, and to spice up your water intake


My Day 2 didn’t go exactly as planned….I only managed the 11 minute Lower Body SlimChick Band workout.  I was too busy having outdoor adventures to even change into my workout duds.



I also failed to eat cukes or lettuce   I did get in some carrots and green beans though!  I’ll eat a cucumber salad today for lunch and I plan to make some ICE TEA to drink while I sunbath a bit today. It’s a GORGEOUS day here today!!


I will do the SlimChick ABS/Booty workout today PLUS I’ll get in my missed leg lifting to boot.  I may also hit the trail for a run SINCE I am a SUPERHERO!! …I plan to mow it today first though. The grass is getting so long!


I’m off to be a superhero!!


p.s. I keep forgetting to take my starting pic.  I’ll add that to my to do list!

SSS2014 Winners, May Day 2, Recap

HI LADIES!! This blog post is going to cover 3 things. The SSS Winners!!,

Day 2 info and my day 1 recap.

First off I posted the  2014 SuperStar Success Winners!! yesterday afternoon. Congrats to all the winners and participants.  PLEASE if you are eligible for a shirt send me your address and shirt selection to Thanks!!

Secondly, it’s our SECOND day in MAY!! Loads of success already and on our event page we are up to 868 participants!!  Please continue to invite your friends, it’s never to late for them to start!

Check out today’s suggested workout:


DAY 2-

Today I’ve decided to just add to this forum post Every Day in May!! Week #1: Day 1-7 instead of doing a new one daily, I’ll do a new one weekly.

Every Day in May! ~ Day 2 This week’s diet focus is to Drink More Water! Chug-a-lug. Our fitness focus for the week is building Endurance. Get to it! Check out today’s suggested workout:

PLUS~ the DAILY challenge is to consume lettuce or cucumbers and it’s Friendly Friday!! Be nice peeps

SO TO SIMPLIFY: Day 2~5 goals-

  1. eat lettuce/cukes
  2. Friendly Friday!!
  3. Drink More Water
  4. Endurance
  5. Workout:

Now let’s talk a bit about Friendly Friday!

Let’s strive to be extra friendly today:

  • Smile more and make eye contact with people…it’s OKAY!
  • Say HI to everyone you cross paths with
  • Break the ice, introduce yourself; be conversational
  • Lend a Helping HAND; open doors; offer to help carry something for someone, etc….
  • Comment on a Friend’s Blog
  • Comment on a STRANGER’s Blog
  • Send some e-mails or private message
  • Send some letters or Thank You cards or B-day cards, etc…
  • Send some flowers~or balloons~ or fruit~ or candy (toffee?)
  • Call a friend, aquaintance, family member or even and ENEMY, lol!
  • Text someone!

Just STRIVE to be EXTRA Friendly today!!!  And HAVE FUN with it!!! You will be rewarded for planting those “energy seeds”

NOW on to my recap for day 1.  I was in a hormone trance all day yesterday and the day before, lol! I feel like I am snapping out of it today on cycle day 26, yay!!

I spent almost the whole day “nesting”…I cleaned up and reorganized my “office” area.  Moving my computer to the opposite side of the room so that I can video tape on a clean wall.  I still have a bunch of papers to get through, but it’s looking a million times better already!

I ate eggs for breakfast, then tuna/avacado/egg salad with nuts and celery for a late lunch and finally started my workout at about 6pm.

I did the upper body purple band workout for a nice warm up– the push ups were tough! And then I added in some heavier bench press 3 sets of 6-8 reps at 105#. It was a big time win for me and my shoulder!! I didn’t have much pain and I think it can handle a “real” upper body workout finally! YAY!! I also did some rows, abs and bicep curls.

Next I hit the trail for longer hills.  4 2min long hills with a jog back to the start between.  They were tough, but I felt really good!!

here’s a little video I took before my 3rd hill:…?v=10154122716520055

I was also very thankful yesterday–for my family, my home, for prayer, for the TV show VIKINGS and for ENVY. YES, Envy– good envy is very helpful toward us accomplishing goals in life: READ THIS ARTICLE

My workout plan for today is to do the boosting lower body purple band workout for my warm up, then SQUAT, Do DEADs and LUNGES plus knee extensions and extra ab/booty work!  I will also be hiking around on our land. Travis and I are harvesting some black walnut wood

Fun times!

Have a wonderfully FRIENDLY FRIDAY!!

Your friend,

Ellie Berger

Day 2~Every Day in May

It’s Every Day in May! ~ Day 2
Today’s challenge is to consume lettuce or cucumbers and it’s Friendly Friday!! Be nice peeps 😉
Also, remember the week’s diet focus is to Drink More Water! Chug-a-lug. Our fitness focus for the week is building Endurance. Get to it!  More about how and why to do both are in yesterday’s blog~

Don’t forget to get in your  11 mins or working out today– here’s a suggested workout:

Every Day in May~ Day 1

Hey ya !!

May is upon us and we have over 700 people participating!! WOWIE!!

Today’s suggested workout is a Purple band UPPER BODY WORKOUT:


I am going to do the Band workout for my warm up then hit the weights for a bit more focus on my BACK and CHEST…then go for a hills run.

PLUS , I will-try to take a starting pic!! YOU SHOULD TOO!buffmother, hormonal timing, fitness ,diet, abs, m - 186526530054


It’s Thankful Thursday today!! Be sure to think about something you are thankful for today. And/Or be extra thankful. The art of APPRECIATION is so powerful.  Reach out to and thank someone, you will be amazed at how much it impacts you in the positive!!


Our diet challenge for today is to eat some fish! Each day of the week we have a set diet challenge that is meant to get you thinking about your food intake and help you get out of the “grind” of eating the same things all the time.  Variety in food intake is vital for nutritional and mental reasons.  Try some fish today!  Tuna, Salmon and Talapia are some of the fish I eat.


This week’s diet focus is to Drink More Water!

With the weather warming up realize you may need to up your water intake from where it has been the past few months.  A good goal intake is at least half of your body weight in ounces daily, but often times up to 1 gallon a day is recommended for those with higher protein intake and for those who consistently workout.  Water is vital for flushing out toxins in your body and the transport of nutrients to your cells.  Key things to keep in mind are that when you initially up your water intake you may retain water for a day or two, but then your body will regulate itself and you’ll find that the consistent higher intake of water will help you NOT retain water.  Beware that too much water can be dangerous…if you find that you are cramping or constantly thirsty despite drinking tons of water or light headed, you may be consuming too much water and flushing minerals and electrolytes from your body.  If that’s the case lower your intake and consider supplementing with a good healthy sodium.


Our fitness focus for the week is building Endurance.

Endurance is your aerobic fitness. It’s what allows you to Go, Go, Go!! This week take some time to strive to be MORE ACTIVE! Here’s some ideas on how to increase your ENDURANCE:


  • Walk more- take your dog or kids for a walk, us a pedometer and measure your steps, strive for 10,000/day
  • Stand more- refuse to sit unless 100% necessary, try a standing work station
  • Do more cleaning- spring cleaning time of the year! organize, give away, sell unused items
  • Get out in nature- hike or bike on trials near your home, do some landscaping, outdoor planting, etc…
  • Join a running club or sign up for race, it will give you the motivation to hit the pavement.  BTW- running outside is so much more effective than on a treadmill, try it!!
  • Buy a heart rate monitor and USE IT!! Get in your aerobic zone and strive to stay there for 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 60 mins!! You’ll be amazed at how quickly your heart will get stronger and how fast your endurance improves!


That’s all for now!! Have fun with this challenge~ We can do it!!



If you are a planner– each day’s workout is on my blog:


in the Team BuffMother Rally Room you’ll find details here:



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Why Intervals Rock!

Upper Body/Interval day–why intervals ROCK!!

Quality over Quantity
You DO NOT have to spend much time working out to get results. If you
work hard, even 11 minutes can make a big impact. HOURS of cardio are often
a waste of time. Choose the most effective exercises and PUSH your body.
Focus on your BIG MUSCLES (Legs, Back and Chest) and on using BIG MOVEMENTS.
If you focus on HIGH quality exercise and keep active in life, you
don’t need much quantity.

Quality over Quantity is why…
I recommend doing most cardio in the form of interval training. A simple 2O-minute interval workout will provide optimal results in minimal time. It’s perfect for those
of us who have no time or desire to spend hours doing cardio.

    Science has proven that interval training gives the following results:

1. INCREASES FITNESS-Interval training increases overall fitness (both Aerobic and Anaerobic capacity) and efficiency of cardiac and lung function.

Interval training increases energy production (increased
metabolic rate) for up to 72 hours after a single session.

3. BURNS FAT-Interval training increases your body’s efficiency of using fat
for fuel (you will burn the fat off your butt and gut!)

4. INCREASE CONTRACTION-Interval training increases ability of muscle contraction
(great news for being able to build a great metabolism and move with
controlled ease).

5. BOOSTS BRAIN FUNCTION-Interval training causes an increase in mental
sharpness and clarity.

Interval Training “BuffMotherobics!” VS. Cardio – low intensity steady aerobics


*Stimulating and Quick (20 min.)

*In the long term and short term increases your metabolism (Anabolic “Building up”)

*Less wear and tear on joints and muscles due to shorter duration and less volume

*Increases muscle building/sparing hormone levels following session

*The best method for lowering body fat

Low Intensity:

*Boring and Lengthy (45-60 min.)

*In the long term decreases metabolism (Catabolic “Tearing down”)

*Energy Drain – uses up your extra energy stores

*Leads to wear and tear on joints and muscles resulting in injuries

*Does not raise muscle building hormone levels

*Not the best method of lowering your
body fat

I choose intense BuffMotherobics! over traditional cardio for the following
• Time- I am busy and don’t feel I can commit more than 20 mins to my
•Results- I get better and faster results from a focused, 20-min session of
BuffMotherobics! than traditional long duration steady cardio. It energizes
me versus draining me.
• Fun factor- time goes by faster when I play “games” with myself during
my session. Moving from one speed to another often adds a dimension
that keeps me from being bored.
• Injury Prevention-I have had “overuse” injuries and joint pain in the
past from running too far, too long and too often. POUNDING adds up
on joints. I like intervals because in 20 mins only so much pounding
can happen and I can get great results with as little as 3 sessions a week.
It is short and sweet, allowing my joints to rest the other 23 hours and
40 mins of the day.

Wrapping up and fired up!

Well girls…we are now entering our 8th week of the BBB contest and the LAST week of the 4 weeks of RELENTLESSNESS!!!

I am determined to have MANY relentless workouts this upcoming week…IT is GO time!!
Last week was a good one again, but not as good as the previous one.
M-back, shoulders, biceps, intervals
W-off day
Th-ran outside and some sprints…chiro appt
F-chest tri workout at gym (30 min quick one)
Sa- off–drove kids around all day running errands, to games and b-day party
Su- upright bike intervals back, shoulders and abs
So in total I lifted 4 days and did 3 cardio sessions.  As you can see, I started strong…but kinda fizzled out~~ that’s not going to happen this week.
I started boosting on Friday~

M-lower body and steady run
T- upper body and cardio intervals on stair mill
W- sprints outside…abs hard
Th-Lower body
F-Upper body and run intervals
Su- run outside

My lifting will be focused on building muscle and keeping up with my running.  I plan to add some CEE (creatine ethyl ester) pills this week to help my energy levels.
WE need to rock this next week…I AM GOING TO BE RELENTLESS–MIND over BODY!!! I will be mentally tough!

Bye for now!!

The best laid plans to up in SMOKE!

WOW~~~!!!!! isn’t it fun to have excitement to get buff for the spring?!!
I sure am feeling the vibe!!
I am “Boosting” at the moment and I thought I’d share a few items on how I approach my boosting these days:
I prep myself for my “bad days” (19-22) during my last few days of buffing. I will go ahead and write to do lists ahead of time, prepare my workout plan, get supplements organized, get food shopping done, make appointments and be sure to shave, lol!  All of that prep helps me get through the crazy distracted days that I often encounter on c-days 19-22.
2- REST-
I spend more time reading, watching movies, just sitting, relaxing, snuggling, hibernating, and laying down in general during boosting. I try to take my time, so I don’t find myself in a tizzy. Or being a “spaz”…I just focus on being more mellow and rest driven.
I focus on building up my body and mind, allowing myself to repair and build towards the future. I like to build knowledge during this time…read and research. I like to build my PMA…I do exercises like Focus on Solutions, to keep my focus where it needs to be. I love reading books that build up my faith, my attitude or my business! I focus my workouts on BUILDING Muscle and my diet on BUILDING up nutrients that will positively affect my body forever!!
Tomorrow for example is going to be a GREAT day!
I have my supplements for the day ready to take (in my handy HT dispenser)
I have a POA placed in my outlook
I have food prepped and ready to eat in the frig
I have a book to read- The making of a leader by Joyce Meyer
I have my twins home tomorrow to snuggle with during an afternoon nap
I have a great workout planned along with a relaxing time in the tanning bed
Boosting can be an amazing time of the month~ God made women special for a reason~ embrace your woman-ness!!

UPDATE~~ The best laid plans go up in SMOKE!

I was so organized about today…but did it matter – NOPE – because pretty much all my plans went up in smoke!  BUT NOT TO WORRY~ the super adjuster known as Miss “Fly by the SEAT of her PANTS” BERGER….was able to remain calm and still get’er done!!


Why? did I have to adjust?

1- One of my girls was sick…poor girl, yet again for the 5th day in a row was just not right…so I made a call to the pediatrician’s office and spent hours due to that whole process

2- Gramma was flying into town today and I was the one who opted for the “job” to pick her up from the airport another HOUR I didn’t plan. BUT it was great to see her and have here here!!

3- PIANO Lessons~ I forgot about these until today….is it really Thursday again already? So another hour GONE!


As I said despite it all, I got in a good workout and a GREAT day of  eating!!  I am ON FIRE and roaring ready to get my BBB!!

My workout was as follows- intervals on the treddy~ it was hard and good…and I forced myself to stay on the machine until it read 3.1 miles~

AND I am going to head out to do SQUATS in my garage after I get the kids to bed and do a 5 min warm up on the bike.

I am going to shoot for a longer streak of doing 3 sets of squats daily…a couple of months ago I made it 14 days straight and my booty was showing the positive effects~ YEEHAAWW!


Gotta SQUAT now~



July is Focus on Solutions month~

In my TEAM BuffMother! Rally room~ July is Focus on Solutions month~

Today’s topic was “Focus on Solutions” NO TIME!

As mothers I think we have the least amount of time of any species on earth!! Weather we work outside the home or work as stay at home MOMS…there is hardly time to breath most days.

Time management is a lot like MONEY management, since time is MONEY in a way. How do you spend your time? Is it on things that will matter 5-10 years in the future or things that can wait (like cleaning, landscaping, shopping, etc.).

I have gone through a few seasons in the last 4 years regarding this issue.
1- CHAOS season- this started about when I had my twins until they were about 1 year old. It was filled with EXHAUSTION, a mental to do list always at least 5 items long (change Tia, feed Tia, change Gracie, feed Gunner and Gracie, change Layla, feed Layla, wash bottles, do laundry–on and on) ~ I was MOMMY 24/7= surviving on little to NO sleep for MONTHS on end. But at about 5 months in, I joined the gym and was able to have an “escape”…some days we’d get to the gym and one or more of the 4 wouldn’t cooperate and NO workout happened. At first my time window was about 30 mins, but as the twins got bigger that turned into 1 hour and eventually by the time my twins were about 8 month old I was up to 2 hours at the gym!! (that long of a day usually included tanning) . I didn’t have the time to go to the gym as I had a MILLION things at home to do, but I don’t think I would have survived without that mental break. So if you have small kids and have the opportunity to use a gym with childcare- DO IT!! It may save your sanity!

2- Controlled Chaos- this started when I started training some clients in the gym…I would workout and/or train someone, come home get am NAPS and feedings done, have lunch, do chores– play with kids, get afternoon naps done… then go back to the gym to train clients or workout. I fit in about 5-10 hours of training clients each week this way. I enjoyed this season because I KNEW God had a PURPOSE for me as a trainer. Plus at the time we needed the extra money…and with it I was able to hire a cleaning lady to come once every 2 weeks . I could have argued that I had NO TIME to workout, but I still DID it. This was also during my “contest” era. I won 5 NPC figure titles during this time.

3- Computer Chaos- This started when I founded www. in Jan of 2005. I shifted gears from training in the gym to trying to help every woman in the world through I had no clue about websites and spent many hours doing it all by myself. I had no money to pay someone to help, but I was determined to get a website up and running. I built a decent site and then started pouring time into trying to help women with my story and success tools. All the while I still had 4 kids at home full time! And Gunner was going to start kindergarten in the fall. During these almost 2 years I still managed to workout almost every day~ and then at night worked on my website answering e-mails, training online clients, building our Yahoo group. I still had NO TIME but made time.

4-BUSINESS FOCUS- this started this year and has morphed into an entirely different animal for me. This march I enrolled my kids into full time daycare so that I could WORK on my book, etc…. THIS has been the toughest time in my last 4 years to find time to workout. I feel guilty to take the time away from my workday and I feel guilty to take the time away from my kids when they are home. I have to remind myself that it is OKAY to take time for ME! Most days I have fit it in!! NOW this month I’ve move back to part time day care…as I missed my babies too much (plus the cost of 3 kids in full time was CRAZY!!). I also have to remind myself the sacrifice I am making NOW will pay off into a new SEASON where I will be free to EXERCISE more than EVER!! I still have TIME to workout, but I have chosen to take a BREAK so I can move into the NEXT season of my life!!

I guess in all of these examples it comes down to decisions. What do you DECIDE to do with your time?

What tools do you use to get things done?
Are you good at “saving” time by not overextending yourself? or do you need to learn to say “no” to some things?

I have said it before and I’ll say it again I wish I had 40 hours in every day!! BUT since I don’t, I have to sacrifice and work with the SEASONS in my life to make the next season the even BETTER!!

What are some of your thoughts on Solutions for NO TIME?