Get buff by kissing!

Our monthly RR theme is “Kiss-able March”; be more kissable and give more kisses!! This is a Fun kissing fact: “Mucus membranes inside the mouth […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 30

“Get Buff”- Day 30 Congrats you made it do day 30…It just so happens today is a day off of workouts, but YOU STILL HAVE […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 29

“Get Buff”- Day 29 Once more day of SPRINTS~ Can you believe how hard SPRINTS can be…They are so effective!  Strive to do sprints at […] Read More

“GET Buff”- Day 28

“GET Buff”- Day 28 Workout: Day #28 “Heavy day” Chest: Bench 4×6 Legs: Squats 4×6 Back: Lat Pulls 4×6 lateral raises 3×6 ABS: High knees […] Read More

“GET Buff”- Day 27

“GET Buff”- Day 27 Workout:   #Day 27 “Buffing” Intervals: 5 min. warm up #1-30 sec hard 1.5 min easy #2-30 sec hard 1.5 min […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 26

“Get Buff”- Day 26 We have a Killer day in store for us!!! Workout:   Day #26 “Others day” Chest: Incline flys 4×10 Legs: Dead […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 24

“Get Buff”- Day 24 Workout: Day #24 Sprints! Run 10 mins 4x100m sprints run 4 mins Time between Sprints= full recovery  2-5 mins Sprints EXAMPLE- […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 23

“Get Buff”- Day 23 Today’s workout is a circuit style lifting workout.  What that means is to do a set the first exercise, then the […] Read More