Checkin' In

HI girlies!!
Just wanted to check in with my BUDDIES!! I have had a GREAT week and really am feeling so blessed every second of the day. God has really shown up BIG TIME for me this week~ as HE always has for me in the past! I feel so loved by my LORD!!! Shooting our exercise DVD’s has really been a ton of hard work, but really fun at the same time! I can’t wait for all of you to see the finish product and infomercial.
Even though things are going great…I am so FRIED!!!~ we wrapped up our first day of shooting this afternoon and WOW!!! I have not worked out this much EVER. 5 hours yesterday and today at least 6 hours!
We have 1 more long day of shooting then I will take SUNDAY totally OFF!! I can’t wait to wrap on shooting these DVD’s~
I’ll be back with all of you full force on MONDAY! Have a GREAT weekend~
Love ya,

DH and I are Buddies~

I am so thankful for my DH~ we are total buddies and had a blast “hanging” out together today! We’ve now been together for almost 15 years–actually it was about exactly 15 years ago when we met…he was recruiting for the HS weight room program (which he, a college JUNIOR, supervised in the summer). I guess he “sold” me because couple weeks later I joined up in the weight room and when I told him I was only 16…Travis about died!! I soon turned 17 and shortly after that we were “in love”. The next year he proposed and 2 months after that we were married! It has been an amazing 15 years together and I am so thankful GOD put us together and has KEPT us together!!!

OKAY~ enough gooshy, mushy stuff~ I know you want to hear about my powerhouse workout today!!
It was a powerhouse one for sure!!! I love lifting with DH~
warm up r-bike 12mins- while talking MMA with one of our gym buddies

Chest press warm up

135x 4!!! recent PB!! and then 1 with assistance

Incline Hammer press

t-bar row (back warm up)
One arm Hammer low rows

pull ups 12~ recent PB!!
Hanging knee ups 15
Knee ups on bench 25
dips 12

Then we came home and I went for a run
first time to run real intervals outside since forever- my knee/muscle cramp issue is almost 100%!!!
I did even minute intervals starting at min 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 soooo 8 total hard mins- 20 mins total- about 2.7 miles

Now time for a SHOWER~