Thank you SPORTS

Hi!! I’m in a total time warp this week…Holidays do that!! I’m so excited on many fronts~ We are getting geared up for our next […] Read More

Oh yes!! FREEDOM!

Oh yes!! FREEDOM!!! First day of school for my little ladies~ they are now in 2nd and 3rd grade! WOW!!! they sure do grow up […] Read More

Moving Forward with Week 5!

  Hey All!!  Hope you are doing great…It seems like everyone if fired up for week #5!!  I know I am~ !  After this week […] Read More

Yippie Skippie!!!

YIPPIE, Skippie! I am in a HAPPY mood today…!! I am excited for so many reasons it is hard to count!!! – I am pumped […] Read More


I’ve been inspired by the Focus on Soulution theme for the month. In the planning stage of that, I put each day’s topic on a […] Read More

Week’s Wrap up

Gunner Berger’s Birthday this week!!! He is gonna be 7!!! Well this week was a productive one all together…I got a lot done with the […] Read More

The push up tally is in!

Okay~ Despite terrible preworkout eating, not that I ate bad food, just not enough and no carbs!…I still made it to the gym I was […] Read More