I had a bit of a weird day today…

I had a bit of a weird day today…DH had taken the day off so we could chill out together while the kids were all off our hands(MOM’s day out)- but the poor guy woke up SICK!!

So I had to go workout by myself- I did legs/booty:
45#fullx10- rt knee bothering me! so no more full squats for a while

All sets paired with sissy squats
no wtx10

Dead lifts- my gloves were missing?? so I used straps instead- what a pain!

Smith lunges
90x10x4 – 3 sets with front leg on 4″ step
Butt Squats

roman chair knee ups

Knee extension*
paired with leg curls
70x10froggy style

That’s all–now I am icing my knee with a bag of corn Smiling…it will be fine, just have to baby it for a week. I think the stair mill was the culprit- a couple weeks ago I went bonkers on it and my knee has been weird ever since.

Have a bootylicious evening~

Gettin’back ON TRACK!

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit slack about working out and my eating the past week or 2. It started with hurting my shoulder/neck a bit…so I didn’t lift upper body for over a week…then my b-day and VBS made it crazy chaos around here, and also PMS has been in full force. SO I am on fire to regain consistency for this BOOTY challenge!!!

It is gonna be just the focus I need.

Last night I lifted with DH- now he is on a 4 day split, so our workout was Shoulders/traps/ grip—I skipped the grip work 😉

10 min r-bike with 3- 30 sec intervals
Shoulder press warm up
AB Wheel 20 reps- love this thing!!
Hammer military
one arm db military
Cable upright rows
Cable lateral raises
90×20 too light

Elliptical cool down 5 min-

This workout was good, and my shoulder felt perfectly fine :)…thank God for chiropractors. One thing I should note is that my BUTT is still “raw hamburger” sore from Tuesday! I am amazed and happy! So the plan is to do chest/tri’s today and legs/booty on SUNDAY or Monday

Also I plan to do a simple liver clense this week- really all it takes is 1 day- but you are supposed to drink a quart of apple juice daily for the 5 days prior to the major clense part…so I will be doing that starting today- BRING on the extra CARBS!!–so I should have some killer cardio to go with that!

Well I am off to get all of us ready to hit the gym, enjoy the DAY~

BIG News!! a BOOTY challenge and a MAP!!

Well after being rather good on my eats and actually getting some of this water weight out of me during my cardio session yesterday I weighed in at 125 this am. I feel GOOD! Good enough to take some final bikini challenge photos today 🙂

My little TIA was sick in the night and had a fever again when waking up this am…so I am not sure about my gym plans for today.

One thing that is happening this week is VBS for the kids–All of them!! 6:30pm to 9pm!! So my DH and I get to have several little dates.

Last night we drove around, dreaming of a buying a different house…needless to say–I think we’ll stay put for at least 1 more year, but with us you never know :devious:

AND then we went to the golfing range and hit some balls…now I am not a golfer, but I would love to be! I did the best EVER at the range- which is not saying much since I have only “golfed or gone to the range” maybe 6 times in my life ….I actually connected and hit several good shots. Maybe I am a natural??

We had a blast together– and if Tia kicks her fever, tonight we’ll have another date!

My DH has been working out HARD for the past 3 weeks–and he is getting great results on his BUFFMOTHER program. I am so proud of HIM :clap:

This is my final day as a 30 year old…so I’d better get crankin’ and make something happen!

I am so pumped about the BOOTY challenge- I want a 14 year old gymnast butt!! You can join in on the fun in our Team BuffMother! Rally Room
THE BOOTY Challenge!!

the official start date will be June 19th and the end date will be July 7th.

The goal of these almost 3 weeks will be to lift, sclupt, de-fat, obliterate and FOCUS on your booty….everyday you need to think BOOTY, BOOTY, BOOTY 😎

In order to participate please post some if not all of the following: Post B4 pics, measurements, goals and booty dreams!

Let’s be relentless about our BOOTYS!!
You can accomplish a lot in just a couple weeks, you will be amazed-

Rock it,
p.s.’Team BuffMother!’ now has a Group Map on Frappr so we can all see each
other on a map!
Come put yourself on the map, too!

To see the ‘Team BuffMother!’ map, click below or paste the URL into
your browser

I did it!! HOORAY!!


I am celebrating the fact that I actually worked out today. I was tempted to take a day off and just do legs tomorrow…but since we are in the final stretch (only 2 weeks of workouts left) I figured I need to stick to my plan to be relentless.

Here is my workout:
the gym just got in the elliptical so I did 5 min hard warm up on it…I was warm fast today.
50x10x2 with foot up on a core stabilizer (about 4″ off ground)

45#x65 reps, again for the rep challenge :)-I was gonna do high reps on bench, but didn’t 🙁
135x10x3 very slow focused on booty

Leg Curls with a db between feet on a decline bench

Knee extensions
110x10x2 last set feet ducky

Calf (free motion)

Abs at home- twister thingy…kinda neat for abwork, I’ll try and get a picture or video of it
AND top ab focus, crunch hard 30 reps each side

Oh, my workout got interrupted again by an “accident” it was Tia today who pee’d her pants.
After the gym we went to my SIL and the kids played, it was great! I just sat an talked, a good break for me.
Now tonight, I am feeling pms big time. My boobs are sore and about a size bigger than yesterday, lol…so TOM is going to come just in time for the weekend 🙁

If I can make it through the weekend it will be smooth sailing from there!

TNA My theme for the week so far!!

Well yesterday was the chest part and today was the A** part 🙂

So here is the slightly different workout I did today
10 min warm up on elliptical focus on booty
Smith lunges
50x12x4 sets
100x10x2 sets
120x8x6 sets
100x10x2 sets

Butt Squats

Donkey calf

Seated calf
205 x 8 x5 sets

Bulgarian Squats

Froggy leg curls (my hammies are so sore from sun and running yesterday)

Walking lunges
65#on back x15 big steps

back extensions with butt thrusts 25 reps
deline bench sit ups full motion

So as you can see, I went lunge crazy…It was great! I love every kind of weighted lunge…they rock my A**!!

So another SUPER workout in the books, no one can ever take it away!!


Wicked HOT Leg Day!!

HI Ya,

I got to the gym this morning and lifted legs hard for an hour, here is what I can remember about the experience!

Leg Curls paired with Leg Extensions, the goal was to warm up and to hit my booty and VMO(the tear drop shaped muscle on the your thigh towards on the inner side above your knee cap)

leg curls:
60#x20x3 feet wide toes out clenched butt
75 x 12 standard

Leg extensions
180×10+6 toes out x3sets


Dead Lifts
95×15 wide stance

Back extensions
25#x20+0#thrustsx15 reps

Butt Squats

Seated Calf raises
205×8-10 x2

Smith lunges

knee ups on bench 2 sets
knee ups on roman chair
3 sets
decline sit ups started w/25# finished w/ no weight to failure

It was a super HOT workout, I know I will be sore tomorrow.

so far on eating
2 green drinks, 2 c coffe, 1 cup tea and 7 glasses of H20
So plenty of room for a big supper 🙂

Enjoy your Tuesday evening,