I had a bit of a weird day today…

I had a bit of a weird day today…DH had taken the day off so we could chill out together while the kids were all […] Read More

Gettin’back ON TRACK!

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit slack about working out and my eating the past week or 2. It started with hurting my […] Read More

BIG News!! a BOOTY challenge and a MAP!!

Hello!! Well after being rather good on my eats and actually getting some of this water weight out of me during my cardio session yesterday […] Read More

I did it!! HOORAY!!

Hello!! I am celebrating the fact that I actually worked out today. I was tempted to take a day off and just do legs tomorrow…but […] Read More

TNA My theme for the week so far!!

Well yesterday was the chest part and today was the A** part 🙂 So here is the slightly different workout I did today 10 min […] Read More

Wicked HOT Leg Day!!

HI Ya, I got to the gym this morning and lifted legs hard for an hour, here is what I can remember about the experience! […] Read More