SUPER SALE!! All September long!

This is the BIGGEST Sale I’ve ever had!! All the following items are on sale now~ go to the STORE to purchase!! Please SHARE!! Sale! […] Read More

I overdid it!

I over did it on the 3 workouts I did M-T-W so I eneded up needing to take 2 days off instead of just one….but […] Read More

Thanks! for joining the "40 days to FIT" challenge!!

Thanks! for joining the “40 days to FIT” challenge!! Tomorrow will be your Day 1~ Be sure to add to your safe sender list […] Read More

Life as Planned?

I make an effort to set a POA for myself at least once weekly….I also teach my clients to do the same. BUT, I almost […] Read More

I love SLEEP :) I love sleep and would love some right now! I have always been a person who needs a BUNCH of sleep If I don’t […] Read More

T-I-M-E Equals Love

Pastor Cass yesterday in his sermon talked about LOVE! Do you think he knew that it was our topic for the month? <br>Anyhow one of […] Read More

UFC Day!! and back wo~

www.BuffMother.comM HI!! I am pumped for the UFC fights tonight!!! I can’t wait~ I hope Liddel and GSP win~ the fights will be good no […] Read More


HI dear Friends~I am so excited to offer my book for sale!! Hormonal Timing by BuffMother: Female Fitness Evolved! is now AVAILABLE!! Purchase now and […] Read More


HI dear Friends~ I am so excited to offer the option to pre-order my book Hormonal Timing by BuffMother: Female Fitness Evolved After Baby ABS […] Read More

Thank You Dr. Earl

First off…let me thank my kind DR. , Dr. Earl…he is a good guy!  A couple months back he and I did a little tv […] Read More