Be sure to join Fab Abs February!

Hey All!! Can you believe January is coming to a close already??  We’ll I have a reason for you to get fired up for February!!!


Starting Feb 2nd I’m hosting a challenge– FAB Abs February!!

The challenge will be in 2 places– here in


On for a weight loss challenge of 4% of your bodyweight in 28 days.


Join in however you’d like, thanks! I’ll post more about it in a few days!


Oh wow, how did it get to be Friday?  I literally was in bed almost all day Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed and half of Thurs….CRAZY! I have not been knocked on my booty so hard in a long, long time! Glad that’s over, HA!!
3 of our 6 in the family got it bad- Gracie first, then Tia and I.  Hoping no one else has to lose a week of their life to this flu.


Anyhow enough about that, it seem like sickness is the only thing I’ve blogged about this week. Truth be told, I’ve had a lot going on in my BRAIN during the time off. I’ve been thinking about a lot!!


I had a fun question asked of me a couple week ago “What are 3 things on your bucket list?”  It’s an interesting question because I didn’t know off the top of my head…I had to think about it for a while.

Here are the 3 I came up with:

  1. To learn to sing
  2. To own a horse (and learn to ride it)
  3. To visit Germany During Oktoberfest


What 3 things are on your bucket list?


Like I said, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things Death, life, living, money, time, energy, work, being lazy, goals, vision, people, love, etc…

So much thinking has made me glad to get back to workouts, they clear my head.

Today’s plan, bike and do chest/triceps.

Gonna go for now, be sure to enjoy your FRIENDLY FRIDAY!!




p.s. I’m making a list can you please share some healthy “reward” ideas!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Love the Dentist?

My kids are so fired up to go to the dentist this morning…WERIDOS!! LOL !!

I had good success with my “no Junk” mantra yesterday- I did have my allotted TREAT though and a bit too many carbs and fat- a B+ grade for the day.

5P’s=spaghetti meat(2), huge burger no bun, string cheese
5C’s= noodles, apple, carrot, creatine with vit C, bbq sauce
4F’s= meat fat, sunflower seeds, dressing, cashwes
3G’s= broccoli slaw, pickle, tomato in sauce
T= 2 oreo cookies and some gumballs

AM Run 20 mins +2 sprints at the end
PM bodyweight legs workout- 20 mins worth- full squats, bulgarians, side squats, hip moves, kicking drills, back bends/bridges

For the first time in years I almost did a back bend…My hands slipped in the landing, but I am almost able to stick it!! I’ll keep trying 🙂

Today’s workout will have to be either at home or at 4 when childcare opens up again for kids.

BTW- I weighed 126.6 yesterday and 128 today- cycle day 18- I am Boosting!

My son has his last regular season game tonight…his team is undefeated!! Let’s pray they win again for a perfect season- Go RAVENS!! The playoffs start this week, but Gunner’s team has a first round buy- so they don’t have to play until next week!!

Okay, I gotta go get pretty for the trip to the dentist-

Have a good day- Hope you feel PRETTY!



BuffMother! Diet Basics

BuffMother! Diet Basics:

I have tried and failed on the following diets: low fat/high carb, Atkins, Zone, Body For Life, the apple diet, the cabbage soup diet, slim fast, the diabetic diet, and the food pyramid. The results and side effects of each were just not worth the pain. But, the diet I have successfully followed over the last 2 years is flexible, satisfying and very effective. I believe I have found the diet keys to being buff 365 days a year! It is the BuffMother Diet.

Main key points: Protein, Water and Planning

The focus of my diet is simple. Eat enough protein and drink enough water and you will be successful. Oh yeah one last component- planning. I am talking about hunger planning. Don’t eat if you don’t have true hunger pains. The #1 problem with obesity today is that people are eating for every reason, except that they are truly hungry.

Protein, Water and Hunger Planning. It is that simple!

How much Protein?

Eat your goal bodyweight in grams of protein daily. I want to weight 125; therefore I want to eat 125g of protein a day. Each gram of protein has 4 calories, so I should have at least 600 calories a day from protein. And remember that calories from protein require about 1 calorie per gram to digest, so think more like 3 calories per gram of protein!

Ways to succeed in eating your protein:

  1. Always have it handy and quick to eat: boiled eggs, cooked chicken breast, canned chicken, tuna and salmon, beef jerky, deli meat, etc.
  2. When planning your meal think protein first, next green veggies and lastly carbs.
  3. Find a good protein supplement and use it. My staples are a good vanilla, chocolate and fruit flavored protein. I usually mix it in just water and a couple scoops at a time (40g). It is a quick easy way to keep my protein intake on track.

How much Water?

As much water as you can possibly drink: the more, the better. You will feel better and lose your fat faster if you have a lot of water. Your body is almost all water. The more muscle you have and the more protein you eat, the more water your body needs. In order to flush all the toxins out of your cells there must be a lot of water available. If you need an amount I would say 1 to 2 gallons a day.

Ways to succeed in drinking your water:

  1. Keep water bottles in you car
  2. Keep water on your desk, by your refrigerator, and by your sink
  3. Drink it don’t sip it. Aim for 10 big gulps every time you drink.
  4. If you get up in the middle of the night, slam a bunch of water.
  5. Drink it immediately in the morning
  6. Always drink water during your workouts

How much Hunger Planning?

I only want you to eat when you have true hunger pains. This means you need to tune into your body and let it tell you when it truly needs to eat. There is no magic time limit between meals, however the average is 3 hours. If you feel hunger pains, follow these three steps of hunger planning:

  1. Drink an 8 oz. glass of water.
  2. Wait 10 min. to see if those pains persist.
  3. If so, simply eat. If not, wait until the pains return and then eat.

This way you will learn to tune into your physical needs for food vs. the mental need.

What else do I eat????

A healthy diet is the goal. Don’t ever embark on a diet that you can’t see doing the rest of your life. My philosophy is to constantly strive for improvement in regards to the balance, nutrition and portion size of my diet.

About 30% Carbohydrate

That is between 3-4 servings of carbs a day. Plenty for your energy and nutritional needs. Have a carb at breakfast, pre workout and post workout and then one more throughout the day.

About 30% Fat

I know many of you think that you need to cut almost all the fat out of your diet to lose weight. I think that is a recipe for disaster! You need fat for satiety and sanity. If you have a meal with no fat, you will be hungry again within 2 hours. By adding more fat that same meal will keep you satisfied for 3-4 hours. A little fat goes a long way! At times, I eat cheese, salad dressings, olives, hamburgers, brats, real pepperoni, rib eye steaks, ribs, etc., and I am leaner now than I was when I ate a diet with 15% fat. You just have to be in control and not overdo the fat. Everything in Moderation!

Lots and Lots of Greens:

Green veggies or lower carb veggies have been a lifesaver for me. They are so low in calories that you can eat until you’re full! Not to mention how great these nutrient packed, earth grown treats make you feel. So eat your greens. At least 2 huge servings a day!

Additional Tips:

Water is considered any non-caffeinated, non-sugared drink.

To speed up weight loss, cut out all treats and omit a serving of carbs.

If you are really hungry, try adding more greens or protein to your diet.

Eating for the right purpose is just a part of my BuffMother! Nutritional plan. If you would like further assistance from me in regards to your diet you can purchase a online training program that includes a complete workout and diet plan.


Hello everyone!!!
All right I am now taking CREATINE and will add NO2 tomorrow also. I will make sure to post some pictures in about a week to show you how different I look all full of water!!
I am exhausted today!
I barely made it to do my workout this morning, I thought about having a day off, but figured I need to get one more lifting work out in while “buffing”.
So I started “building” the second it was over!!!
What “building” means to me-
It means lifting heavy!

  1. Low reps 6 or less
  2. Heavy weights -shooting to hit some PR’s for my current bodyweight
  3. Eating more- especially carbs and protein and total calories I will aim to add about 500-700 calories per day over this time frame
  4. Doing less intervals. The focus is lifting not intervals. I need to still do at least 2-3/week, but not the 4-6 like I had been doing during”buffing”
  5. Taking muscle building supplements like CREATINE and NO2

That is it in a nutshell-
So the plan is to “build” for the next 2 weeks. I am excited to eat more and lift some heavier weights at the gym, but I don’t like gaining weight and being bloated from Creatine- The pay off of a Buff body is 100% worth it!

So here is the stats for today:
Weight- 126
No breakfeast-
Workout at 10:30 am
Lat pulls
70×15 warm up
Pull ups
4 followed by 4-20# assistance
10 w/ 20# assistance
One arm bent over DB lat rows- I should have worn longer shorts for these…
High wide cable lat pullls one arm at a time
One set military press machine 90×12
Military w/ curl bar
45#’s behind head/front total of 12-16 reps
followed directly by curls x10 reps x3sets
Abs in there knee ups on bench 2 sets 20-25 reps
lateral raises on cable 20#x8 one set
db lateral raises 15#x10 followed by front raises 8 reps and upright rows 10 reps
My shoulders were shot! My chest workout yesterday is the cause of that

2 sets knee ups on roman chair 30reps, 25 reps

workout took 55min. total

Went home and took creatine 5g and ate a ton!

Build that body!!! Make it buff!-
God Bless, Michelle