Halfway Point: Fresh Start

I took the 2 weekend days OFF of official workouts.  Today is a fresh start… Here’s my plan of attack (a modification of the workout […] Read More

Bonus Saturday

Hi Ya, the kids were off school yesterday so it seemed like SATURDAY.  Today is my “Bonus” Saturday! Too cool! Today’s contest post~ S2S~ Day […] Read More

SSS Winners!!

GUESS WHAT?? It’s time to announce the Winners of our last BuffMother.com contest!!! ….DRUM-ROLL….. The panel of judges have concluded that our 2012 10 week […] Read More

Old RR posts Sept 2012

More Inspired than EVER! View Edit Outline Track Mon, 2012/09/03 – 10:30pm — BuffMother Once again, I am more inspired than ever!! This weekend was […] Read More

Shine in 49 Runner Up – Sarah Pacia

Name: Sarah Pacia of RI Number of children and ages (it’s okay if you have 0): 2 boys ages 6 and 2 Age: 41 Why […] Read More

Money, Money!!

I’m sending “Shine in 49″entries off to the judges today~ so that we can get the results announced prior to the HOLIDAY! I can’t believe […] Read More

How To Help: Shine in 49~ Day #7

EXERCISE DEMOS~ Chest/Tri: How to Bench Press by BuffMother push up progression Strecthing for bench press by BuffMother Tricep kickbacks by BuffMother Tricep push downs […] Read More

1 day

1 day Here is my leg workout from yesterday: 10 min. r-bike warm up Free motion squats 3 sets warm up for squats Squats 95x20x2 […] Read More