“Mom can we workout together?” YES!!

My son is 12 and in the throws puberty.  He’s just started to get that young man surge of hormones and a strong desire to be stronger!!  We now go to a gym where we can workout together (previously the youngest age allowed was 14).

The plan is for him and I to get the workout done directly after school so the “EXCUSES” of dinner, homework, exhaustion, housework, etc…don’t get in our way!  It’ll be a big comittment on my part and his~ BUT,  It’ll be so worth it!

I am very confident that by summer with consistent effort he will be bigger and stronger than me! FUN!!

Today, I’ve been trying to catch up a bit on the work front…It’s crazy how FITNESS Season hits hard after the holidays!! I love it!  I spent the morning answering emails and catching up on facebook.

Then I hit the gym for a quick yet effective 10 min run and 20 min back, shoulder, biceps and ab workout– GOOD STUFF.

Now it’s time to get outside!! It’s 55+ here and a GORGEOUS afternoon for another fire!! Love ya’s,


The Countdown… 13-12-11

The countdown!!! 13-12-11…to my AZ  trip is ON!! and so is buffing!!   I would really like to get a couple pounds off this body in time for my trip and ADD some CARDIO fitness to my HEART & Lungs in the process.

So my thought was to do a little tiny bit of running- I think I’ll start with a slow mile 🙂  I’ve been avoiding cardio and any jarring activity due to my sciatic injury (which started in Dec-which I think may have to do with my L-5 disc from MMA class)- the past 4 months I’ve really not RAN and I’ve barely done any other cardio.  the past couple weeks I have started to do a bit more upright bike and stair mill….but now I think I’ll add in a tiny bit of running and more intervals on other low impact equipment.  My butt/hip/back is still bothering me (but it’s way better than is was in Jan/Feb/March) especially when I rise from a sitting position and often times sitting itself is VERY uncomfortable.  So I stand most of the time these days- which is a good way to burn extra calories 🙂

Fitness wise I have really made strides the past month!! I am lifting HEAVY and I am being very consistent!

Yesterday was a great Back, Shoulders, biceps workout -here’s how it went (sorta, I am trying to remember this as I type)

warm up- HOT van drive to gym, lol!

cybex lat pulls

sit ups with med ball

One arm DB lat rows

pull ups- underhand

Hammer Strength one arm at a time low row

lateral raises with 10#plates- various angles
2 sets of 20 reps

Hammer strength bicep curls

Shoulder press (hammer strength)

Seated rows

lower back extensions- focus on booty (bending hips UP with concentric and contracting glutes in eccentric movement)
25repsx2 sets

core stuff in between sets:
Knee ups on roman chair
2 sets of approx 50 reps (some to each side)
Ab wheel
20 reps

t-bar rows 1 setsx45#

That was it!

After my workout I got to chat with LISA about her contest, FINALLY!!  And I also got fired up from our SPARKY BRENDA!! She’s is on fire and lovin’ life right now!!  I can’t wait to see her compete in a few short weeks!!

OH an if you missed my RADIO show yesterday morning- the podcast is up now- you can listen here:

This morning I get to chat with Teresa W.!!  I love her!! 

Okay, gotta go do my little run before my call!!


i did the run-!/video/video.php?v=10150200281175055

I am heading OUT for a tiny litte run~ just a
mile…it’s been a while for me! Wanna JOIN IN? Let’s start running again together?!
ran around the block 2 times- my block is about .65miles
first lap 5:30, second lap 4:20 so just under 10 mins for both laps.
I plan to try to run every other day or every 3rd day.

No more seafood for this gal!

Last night I got to go out on a wonderful date with my hubby, we ate at bonefish and I had the Ahi Tuna appetizer for my meal…That was not a good idea!  I woke up this morning early feeling very nauseous and in retrospect have realized almost every time I eat seafood (shrimp, crablegs, ahi tuna) I get ILL!  So, no more seafood for me!

It’s now 2pm and I just ate my first real food of the day and am finally able to get something done.  I think I’m feeling well enough to do a workout after the kids get home on the bus.  My plan is to lift chest, tris and run.

I meant to post more about our contest yesterday, but didn’t get it done, SORRY!!  We had ATT U-verse install and that cause me to miss much of my work time… Plus DH and I couldn’t pass up a chance to have a DATE!  Grandma Mary so kindly watched the kids so we could go out…she’s leaving next Monday, so this was one of our last chances to have a free sitter 🙂  I’ll miss her when she goes back to MN!

Yesterday did turn out to be a great workout day, I had my MMA class and went to the gym for a Back, Shoulder and Biceps workout plus stairmill intervals!

Here’s sorta how the workout went:

MMA class- 10 mins jump rope, 20mins punching/kicking and some kneeing of the bags. Then grappling drilling and some free rolling.

Paired circuits- buffing

Lat pulls/shoulder press

One arm DB Rows/ T- bar rows

Bicep Curls/ lateral raises

Seated rows/upright rows/hammer bicep curls

I also did some lower back extensions and a bit of abs

20mins of Stair mill intervals- hard mins at level 8; easy at 6

I sure hope all of you are having a better start to your day than I have…nothing worse than nausea!

Love ya,

40 days to FIT!! Day 30~ a new CHART!!

I am so excited…I went to the local print shop and got a BIG poster of my HT cycle chart printed and laminated.  AND now that TODAY is finally cycle day 1~ I am going to start using it!  I’m going to try to video it too~ (thank GOD all the WILD thoughts from the longness of my cycle= 30 days; about being preggers are gone)

My plan for today is to get a little bit more work done and then head to the gym around 1:30 or so…Tonight is Gunner’s first FB practice, so I gotta get my workout done before that!

The plan is to do a good back/shoulders/biceps workout and intervals on the treadmill.

this is the workout I’m going to do:

Pull ups- assisted
Lat Pulls or Hammer Lat Pull
One arm DB lat rows
Rows or Hammer rows
Military Press or Dumbell Press
Upright rows
Lateral or Front Raises
Barbell Bicep Curls
Dumbell Hammer Curls

Then 20 mins of intervals on the treadmill Treadmill ~ 4 mins of warm up- 1 min  hard; 1min easy

Hope you have a good TUESDAY!!!  I hope to be back with a little video later.

Love ya,


p.s. here’s a fun at home ab exercise for you: