Half Year Resolutions

Do you even remember your New Year’s Resolutions??  I’ve honestly had to look back at mine a few times already this year, HA!

Mine were simple-

  • To Blog Daily
  • To Shower Before 11 am daily
  •  Pen to Paper journal 3+ times a week…

I have been slacking on a couple of them recently but overall I am happy with my progress and READY TO ADD TO THEM!!


After reading a blog post from my first journey though our 40days to fit and today’s tip about setting GOALS;  I was inspired to redo the some of the same Half Year Resolutions I had then~


Fitness: 3 day split lifting routine- 6 days a week; run 3 x’s a week including sprint 1x a week

Work: create radio show; upload new video; schedule august photo shoot;chore time daily

Family: Have summer fun~ family vacation, canoe trip, amusement park, etc…

Spirit: Kids book of devotions daily, Get back to attending church on Sundays

Today, I have a back/bicep/shoulder workout + treadmill intervals on tap

Then guitar lessons for my DD Gracie.

Time to roll…

Have a great day and remainder of 2013!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Baby got BACK!

Photo: Baby got BACK!! I'll be hitting the gym for a back, shoulder, bicep workout with ABS (of course) and intervals on the elliptical~  ROCK IT!!

I can’t believe I didn’t post here yesterday??? it felt like I was posting like crazy, lol!  The excitement from the “40 days to FIT” has me commenting like crazy on those posts and on facebook.

Yesterday, I worked in the morning, got my lifting (chest) workout in around lunch time and they headed into town (30 mins away).  It  went well minus a minor melt down by my 10 year old DD, I swear she was suffering HIF (Hormone Induced Failure).  My family seems to follow my hormonal cycle and with it being cycle day 27 they were running rampant!  All 4 kids got their hair cuts done yesterday, plus I got to see my friend Emily!!  She had an appointment after us with the same hair dresser.  It’s so fun to see friends!!

After the cuts we went to “JUSTICE”…the girls favorite store, Gracie was looking for something specific she found online, but the store didn’t have it and the melt down ensued (tears and frustration so bad she hid in the dressing room).  Forced to leave empty handed, the kids were bummed….so I got them shakes at Chick-fil-a and I got chicken strips and cole slaw 🙂  I was very proud that I resisted MY urge for ICE CREAM!! YAY!!

Then we headed to find football cleats for Gunner– he’s getting so big (his 13th birthday is tomorrow).  He found a pair quickly, which ROCKED.  They are gigantic- size 10!  We looked around at bows a bit and then headed to finish our errands (bank, post office, po box, groceries) and get HOME.

I was BEAT when we finally got home– made spaghetti and cheated with the “insides” of a piece of garlic toast.  I was starving but, I had a run to do before I could truly eat– that BREAD made me so SLEEPY!  I sat down on my bed and almost fell asleep…felt like a coma was coming on for about 45mins.  It took all my guts and sheer will to force myself outside for my run.  Even halfway through it, I felt horrible, but by the end my endorphins kicked in and I felt great!

I am so proud that I’ve stuck to my POA all week- during Boosting no less!!!! I’ve also kept my carbs to 2 per day and I feel the hard work paying off.  The scale did go down just a tish more today…I’m at 130.8– which is great since it’s cycle dayt 28 and last week I was 135!

My day is shaping up to be very busy– but at least I don’t have to drive much or run errands 🙂 That kills me!

Work-it hard this Wednesday!!

Love ya,



Had a great conference call today about “ABS: 3 Focuses to Accelerate Resutls!!”  We talked about all sorts of important factors that go into making great abs, but we highlighted 3 Focuses that will impact and accelerate results:

  1. Momentum (daily work)
  2. Poise (posture, form)
  3. Digestion (strategies to eliminate bloat and enhance nutrient absorption)

Here is my quick presonal recap:
my personal goal to workout “Every day in May” is still perfect!!

Sun- hike 2hours

Monday- Chest, Tri, Abs and Intervals Ran hard outside intervals for 20

Tuesday- football practice,

Wednesday- Legs

Thursday- probably football again.  I am in a bit of a time crunch with work (yes, I do work, lol), so not sure if I can sacrifice the time to get there tonight or not.  If not I’ll do a short but sweet at home back, shoulder, bicep workout.

As I said, I am in a time crunch to get some important work done, so gotta GO!!


Tally-Licious Tuesday!!

Hey Chickas!!  What a super fun yet exhausting weekend I had!  It was all good despite my sprained ankle….Travis and I went out on a date Friday night and on a whim decided to stay at a hotel vs. going home- It was so fun to get away for a night with HIM!!  Then on Saturday we kept busy with some good family time then finished the night by watching the UFC event!  It was really fun to see the fits all go the way I wanted!!  Sunday was a bit more active- we had several errands to run and my son had footbal practice.  I skipped my football practice again- which made me sad!  I was very frustrated about my ankle sprain Sunday afternoon~ but my man made me feel better by playing catch with me.  I couldn’t move around too much but It was really fun and I felt so much better after wards!

My workouts for the weekend were non- existant, which is not what I planned, but I’m not regretting it.  I needed the time off my ankle and needed the quality time much more than I needed to go to the gym.

Yesterday I hit the gym for a good sweaty workout- and the TWO WEEK TALLY helped push me harder!!
Tan for warm up

knee ups on bench 3 sets

pull ups
10, 8

intervals on r bike- these felt great!! 20 mins

Pull ups 11
Roman chair knee ups 2 sets
Lower back extensions- 1 set

Then I was going to do more cardio on the elliptical but my ankle didn’t like that motion- so I opted to lift a bit more to get in more workout time

Seated One arm rows
70x15x2 sets
Bicep Curls

Tally recap-

Workout time- 60mins= 15 points- 20 min lifting; 20 min intervals; 20 min lifting
Bench- 6 sets= 10 pts
Pull ups- 3 sets= 5
Abs- 6 sets=5

Diet=5 points- weird eating day….I didn’t have appetitie- plus my bladder was bothering me a bit
4- P’s protein powder (2), hamburger (2)

5- Greens
Salsa (2) and I guess I could counts some corn for the chips I ate with it 🙂
Tomoato sauce
Green beans- raw

TOTAL for day 1/14= 40points

Have a Tally-licious  TUESday ladies!!

“Two week TALLY!” RR contest~!!


Here’s how it will work- Starting today Sept 27th and Ending October 10th we’ll TALLY points for 2 weeks based upon how we eat and what we do for exercise- it’s easy to get points and it’ll be easy to tally up if you make it a habit to blog your eats and workout daily.


5 protein portions in a day 5 points
5 total portions of  fruits or veggies/greens in a day 5 points



Each 20 minutes of any exercise 5 points
3 sets of Squats  5 points
3 sets of Bench or DB
Presses or Push-Ups
5 points
3 sets of Pull-ups (assisted or inverted) or Lat Pull-downs 5 points
5 sets of AB/Core exercises 5 points
100 lunges 5 points

A great goal is to shoot for at least 15 points every day…but honestly you could attain more than 40 points in a day! 

Let’s go for it and see how many points we can tally over the next 2 weeks!  It’s up to you to tally your points- I’d suggest doing it daily in your blog!

To officially participate:

  1. Count your point tally
  2. Submit your final 2 week tally on “FINAL TALLY” post  we are done!

2 weeks is the perfect amount of time to stay FOCUSED!! Let’s go for some HIGH SCORES!!


**notes about counting***

I’d like to keep the point counting very simple. 

The points are 5 for each 3 sets of an exercise …no dividing.  So if you do 3 sets you get 5, if you do 6 sets you can get 10. But if you do only 2 sets you get 0 points and the betweens (4 or 5 sets) don’t count towards points.

Same thing with the food, 5 points for if you get 5 p’s, but 0 points if you get 4 protiens eaten.

5 for if you get in 5 friuts or veggies- 0 if you get in only 4.

some examples-

15 points  for a 60 min long workout

5 for 5 sets squats

5 for 3 sets of bench press

5 for your fruits/veggies

0 points for 4 portions of proteins

For a total of 30 points for a day- that’s awesome cheerleaders


The weekend we by so fast!! this Contest is going by FAST! and I am loving feeling FAST!!!

Friday- i had a GREAT run.  I felt really good and ran for about 4 miles, did abs and later hit the gym for a good Chest/Tri workout.  I had a recent bench pb of 145×3 and attempted 155- but needed assistance for the 2 reps that i did.

Saturday- got in a great back, sh, bicep workout with the gym with hubby yesterday- Oh and we also played a bit of catch and we tanned 🙂

Then today I had football practice- what a beautiful day!!  We did lots of SKILL And positional work today- I had a couple “fast” moments~ it was fun.  I had to leave practice a bit before we were done- practice got started late (it’s supposed to run from 2-4) and I still had to leave at 4:15 to get home for the kids. 

Once I got them all settled, etc…Travis and I decided to hit the tennis courts.  Thankfully the courts have lights so we got to play for about an hour again.

Now it’s bedtime and I have to confess- I only managed to put on my bikini a couple times this week.  I’ve simply forgot…BUT the times I’ve done it GAVE me GREAT  MOJO!!

Well ladies we’ve got 4 weeks left- TONS of time to get some stellar ripped results.

Let’s push hard!! DIET AND ABS are going to be a SUPER EMPHASIS for me in my blog- so stay tuned if you want to see improvement in those 2 areas!!

Let’s DO IT!!



p.s. This week’s mini challenge=

Dear %$firstname$%,

SSS contest~~ WEEK #7 Mini-Challenge “Vacuums”~
– do 10 stomach vacuums each day (10-15 secs each).

You will see your waist get smaller this week!!!
Vacuums are simply sucking in your tummy!
I find they produce HUGE results~ they work your

These are highly important muscles that act as a
“girdle” around your waist. The muscles run
HORIZONTALLY and HOLD your organs in place.
They are stretched out after pregnancy and
need to be rebuilt. VACUUMS will do just that!
They are worked whenever you practice good
posture, and will respond even quicker if you
aggressively work at rebuilding them through
exercises like vacuums.

One of the easiest ways to do them is to stand
with your hands on your knees and suck your
tummy in. Try to pull your belly button to
your spine. You can do vacuums anywhere
anytime- I did some last night while brushing
my teeth and this morning sitting in the car.

Try this for ABS!!

Submitted by BuffMother on Wed, 2010/09/15 – 7:13am

Hello, hello!!!  Guess what??  I actually have SORE ABS!!!

So…I thought I’d share what did it with you and feel free to copy my “AB Kill” mentality from Monday-

#1 Run several sprints- 100m as fast as you can GO! (I did 6) …
#2 Do HIGH KNEE DRILLS (2 sets of 30meters)…
#3 Old school sit ups- about 200 of them…These were right after sprints

Then these items were done during my back, shoulder, bicep workout at the gym an hour later after refueling with water and raisins:

#4 Roman chair knee ups- about 60…
#5 Knee ups on a bench 2 sets of 30 reps….
#6 Ab hyper-extensions (like a back bend)- lower slowly 2 sets of 10-15 reps….
#7 AB wheels 1-2 sets of 15 reps…#8

Try it and Let me know if you get sore!!


My little man seems to be feeling better…He’s NOT a morning person like his mamma, so it was rough getting him up this am, but that’s no indication of how he’s feeling, lol!  The other kids are so much better at getting going and Gracie has her field trip today which made her POP out of bed FAST!!

I got in a benching (Chest/tri) workout with the hubby yesterday- so Legs are on tap for today instead.  Which willl be good since I am getting my neck adjusted today at the chiro- I can’t wait!! It’s been at least 6 months since I’ve gone and I LOVE getting adjusted!!!

Today’s also my day to run- so I’ll tackle that too– Maybe this evening-  I really love running at dusk!  I feel like I FLOAT at that time of day!

Okie dokie!! gotta go!!

I’ll be back this afternoon to check in on ya’ll!!  Have a kick-booty day! LOL!!


p.s. I thought this was interesting to discover- a friend of mine from when I competed in the NPC just won Mrs. Arkansas.  She is actually a IFBB figure pro, but I guess decided to quit competing in figure and go for something a little different.  Congrats Michelle Flake!!

Now is the time for warmer clothes

BRRR!! it’s been cold here this week~ Not that it gets anything like Minnesota, but it’s been chilly compared to the 60’s we had for the previous 2 weeks. I am pretty much against winter clothes…I hate bundling up!
What do you think?? do you like winter clothes? Or do you like summer clothes better?
But ~despite my protest, Now is the time for warmer clothes, jeans, scarves, coats and mittens ~ so…I’ve got to go up in the attic today to grab our box of winter accessories…I hope I don’t get LOST up there, lol!
I had a great workout day yesterday…and I did good on my diet too. Low carb and I DID eat greens too!! YAY!!
Here’s the workouts:
am fasted cardio: 10 min elliptical; 20mins of running intervals on treadmill; 12 mins of r-bike then abs
3 sets of knee ups on roman chair
3 sets of crunches on ab roller
stretching between

Squats 45×10
2 sets body weight bulgarians to help warm up
95×10 135×10x3sets
2 sets knee ups on bench for abs
Dead lifts 135×10x2sets romainian
135×10 conventional
Leg press low weight high reps- 3 sets
Leg curls 70×10 80×10x2sets
That was it, it was all good!! Now for today, I am not going to do fasted cardio…I am going to eat and head to the gym for a back/sh/bicep workout and intervals.
What do you think?? do you like winter clothes? Or do you like summer clothes better?

40 days to Fit! Day 36~another Monday!

Another Monday!  My plan for today’s workout is to work my BUTT with lots of LUNGES~In order to hit your GLUTES when lunging there are several things you can do-

  1. Focus on using your Front leg for the movement.
  2. Bend forward at the waist (chest to knee) at the bottom of the movement to gain a GOOD stretch in your glute
  3. Pre exhaust your other muscles with exercises like – squats, leg extensions, leg curls, etc…
  4. Utilize WALKING LUNGES with weight they are proven to be the most effective at hitting butt muscles

Here’s a couple on of my FAVORITE moves for working my butt~ Smith BUTT Lunges: By bringing my  front foot in and leaning my chest towards my knee, my glutes are stimulated much more. BE PREPARED for a sore BUTT the day after these, lol!

And a couple other links to BUTT exercise videos:

Walking Lunges:

Starter Style Walking Lunges:

In other news…We have ton of FUN Stuff going on and many great tools that will help you get buff!
i’ll be sending out a newsletter with more info on all if it VERY SOON~ so please be sure you name is on the list.  You can sign up here

Now to catch you up on my workouts for the past 4 days~

Thursday- Did legs- had a GREAT workout!!
Friday- Had a great RUN outside!
Sat- Did a good Chest/Tris/Shoulder/bicep workout
Sun- Did a GREAT run Outside

The PLAN for this week is:
M- legs
T-Back, intervals (run)
W-Chest, intervals
Th, F, Sa- REPEAT M, T, W 🙂
Sunday- OFF

Let’s all have a GREAT WEEK!!



I’m back and ready to ROCK!!! I had a great rest day on TUESDAY which helped my lung Crud go away!!! Thanks for all the “get well” wishes and prayers…they worked!!!

Yesterday I got in a small workout (only 30 mins) of legs to get my MOJO flowin’ again and today I feel spectacular!!!
here’s my tiny workout from yesterday:

Leg Abductions paired with oblique twists
Leg Extensions paired with Leg Adductions
Leg press paired with calf raises

I’ve already got my grocery shopping done for the day and a bunch of work done~
My plan for the afternoon is to finish up some work by 2 and then get in a good boosting back, shoulders and bicep workout and 10 mins of cardio afterwards to test out the lungs smile

In other news…I am getting a big fat F on this week’s mini-challenge! I need to make up for it by starting today and doing some days next week. It’s been fun to see some of the pics this week from ya’ll!!

Well, I am off to get some eats and get more work done~
Have a GREAT day!!

Super Organization Day!
Happy Thursday to ya’ll!! I have had a very productive day once again~ got lots of bills and paper work done, plus I caught up with my BuffMother! TEAM members!!  It seems, You all are having a GREAT week too!!!

Yesterday I got in a really good back, sh, bicep workout~ my pipes are looking pretty shapely these days, lol!  I also finished up a couple leg exercises that I missed the night before– Then this morning first thing I got my 2nd synvisc shot in my knee.  My doctor is really nice and he shared his recent weight loss success story with me!  I love hearing success stories~ it fires me up to keep helping others get theirs!  Anyhoo….since I got my shot I really couldn’t get a workout in today~

Tomorrow, we are heading out on a day trip to Tulsa and the ZOO!!  the kids are very excited and so am I!!! I LOVE the Zoo!
when I was a kid,  in Aurora, CO, my Mom would be sure to bring us to the Zoo, the Amusement park and the Museum at least once during the summer…so I have a ton of fun zoo memories.  I want my kids to have some of those same type of fun memories.I do hope to do a small chest workout something tomorrow am before we head out to Tusla…and I’m sure we’ll walk a lot tomorrow.

In other thoughts and news….I been thinking and reading a lot of the posts about being sexy.  I really enjoyed both Julie’s and Crystals posts~ they are both very sexy and confident women!  I love learning more about feeling sexy and being confident…it’s amazing how often times just that little extra effort can make a HUGE impact in our lives.

I read an interesting article about nanotechnology ~ interesting stuff!  It is amazing how advanced science is becoming and how new technology can be good and bad.  The article’s main focus was about that fact that some nano-tech items could be very dangerous to our health because they are so small that they can pass cell membranes and cross the blood/brain barrier.  Definitely something to be aware of until testing has been done~ here is a website about NANOTECHNOLOGY

Well I am off to feed the troops,
Have a good night!!