3 Weeks DONE in the contest!! How Ya Doin'??

Please Comment On this BLOG with your progress!! Can you believe we are already done with 3 weeks of the  Contest!?! How are you doing? […] Read More

Starting NOW!

I am starting my new year “NOW!!” After all it is already the 5th, lol! I’ve worked out 2 of those 5 days so that’s […] Read More

We WIN!!

www.buffmother.com My son played his first football game for the season, he’s on the same team as last year…the 2nd and 3rd graders play together…so […] Read More

Fit in Fifteen!

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Braggin’ on my BuffMothers!

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Do you love yourself?

www.BuffMother.com Are you in love with yourself? You need be! You have to realize that it is vital for you to treat yourself with love […] Read More


I believe I have had a great month of BELIEF building this MONTH!! There is HUGE power in believing!! WE must believe we can have […] Read More