quick HI – value family

HI!! Just wanted to say HI and Happy Monday to you all!!  it is a rainy day here in hogville (AR)…anyhow, I have been working on the BBB contest stuff all day– we are close to announcing a winner!!

We went to the lake yesterday with some family friends…it was the first time I had been on a boat in at least 10 years, lol!  Isn’t that crazy!  Guess I’ve been busy, lol!  I get to go out tonight for a b-day dinner with my BIL and SIL, who I really value!  It is fun to have some family close by to share a little of our lives with.  I value family~ family has taken on a new spin in my life over the past year or so…I’ve always valued my immediate family- Travis and the kids, but not so much ALL of my family.  I guess family can be taken for granted a bit when you are younger…I think most people have a streak in their life where they just break away from their family a bit to find their own road in life.  I am now on the other side of that part of my life, at least I think I am, lol!!  Anyhow like I said I feel more love, care, concern, interest when it comes to my family these days, I really do VALUE them- flaws and all.

Hope you all are fired up for this week!!! I sure am…33 here I come!! WooHOOOOO!!!

p.s. I missed my workout again today~ Mondays are tough…I should be like Patti and just decide to NOT workout on Mondays, that may be a smart way to help with the “guilt” lol!

I challenge you to eat 3 servings of GREENS daily!!

During this is Week #8 of the BBB CONTEST- April 28- Your mini-challenge is to Eat 3 servings of greens each day!!

Eating GREENS takes effort and determination.  The way I get 3 in a day is to start my day with a GREEN, focus on eating greens for my “snacks” and having greens with dinner.

Greens are so good for your digestion, your bodies acidic balance, for nutrition, for energy, etc….

My favorite greens lately are:

Red, Green and Yellow Peppers
Green Beans
Brussels Sprouts

Others I eat quite often include:
stir fry veggies (my favorite is asparagus stir fry)
Romain Lettuce
Green and Red Cabbage
Spaghetti Squash

Get after those greens~ They are SO good for you and REALLY help lean you up!!!

Buffing Relentlessly!

Well…tomorrow we are set to start week #6 of the BBB challenge and last week was my BEST week thus far, minus the fact that I didn’t get the mini challenge done. I tried to workout with DH but he was just to busy with work….so anyhow I am hoping this week we’ll get to workout together :)

My last week went like this:
m- run, 4 sprints, abs hard!
t-legs and abs hard- c-day 1
w-off–but I did do 40 push ups c-day 2
t-back, sh, biceps, abs and intervals on treddy c-day 3
f-legs c-day 4
s-chest, run intervals d-day 5
s- c-day 6 Nothing yet for my workout

My POA for this next week includes-
2 days of sprints
3 other days of intervals
2 leg workouts
2 back workouts
2 chest workouts
3 extra cardios–add 10 mins to warm up and 10 mins cool down after intervals

Diet will be STRICT
two gallons of water daily

Today’s weight is 128
Goal for Friday is 125…

I know I can get there…because I am guessing about 2  of those 3 pounds that I need to lose are water…so really I am shooting to lose 1 real pound this week :)…I’ve been eating extra salt on my STEAK the past 2 nights, lol!

My plan is to try and take pics each day in my bikini~ it should be good motivation for the gym.

Today so far, I’ve spent the majority of my day cleaning and I’ve got a BIG puke mess to clean up still….DS puked a ton last night on the carpet  :sick:

Off to GET ‘er Done!!

GET some rest today girls…we have a big week of being relentless ahead of us again!!!

Be Relentless! Join the 4 week mini challenge for APRIL

Dear BuffMothers-

I would love for all of you ladies to join me in my 4 week- RELENTLESS Challenge!

I declare the next 4 weeks RELENTLESS!!!
Will you join me in that mindset until May 4th? (and beyond)
April had no “holidays” or built in “excuses” that could cause us to stray…so let’s rock it!!!
The challenge starts Monday 4-7!
(includes the weeks of 4-7, 4-14, 4-21, 4-28)

Let’ all take before and after photos, measurements and track our progress through these next 4 weeks!!

It will be a great way to keep us focused through the middle of the BBB contest

I’ll post my pictures and stats tomorrow afternoon….

What RELENTLESS means to me:
*Saying no to the temptation of straying from my diet-no dairy, no alcohol, no sweets, lots of protein, lots of veggies, taking my supplements
*Working out with an intensity that no one in the gym can match
*Being focused on my form and posture at all time
*Stepping up my cardio/intervals a notch
*Working out for a total of 1-2 hours six days a week, using every minute productively
*Focusing extra hard on my abs
*Practicing my posing
*logging my progress

This will be fun! if I don’t die.

p.s. at the end myself and some leaders here will the 6 most visibly relentless members of the RR and put them in a poll for you to vote for the winner!!!  The winner will get a fun SURPRISE PRIZE!!

No Foolin’

No Foolin’ this is going to be the best APRIL EVER!!!!!

We are going to ROCK the BBB contest and continue to Attain our DREAMS, Goals, Purpose and Legacy!!

Ladies, I am having the BEST time in the BBB contest and have a new found love for CARDIO~ lol!!!  I did some awesome intervals last night and some great r-bike this morning!!!

We are heading out to eat MEXICAN right now….so I’ll have guac instead of CHEESE!!
NO Dairy is going great!

Love you all so much!!! Keep pushing hard and stay focused; YOU CAN live your DREAMS!!!


Where is everyone today??

Could it be that today is “tired Thursday”  ?

I see a bunch of you online, but no blogs…are you so sore your fingers don’t work?

I am FEELING GREAT today myself!!  I am thinking about all the fun things coming up!!

The ARNOLD get together!!

March 1- our first official “BuffMother!” day~I’ll write up a great post about this in a minute!!!  By next year I expect this holiday to be HUGE!!

March 10th- our “BBB” contest~ I am all over this one myself

EASTER~ my kids just love easter and so do I.  I’d love to do some bunny pictures this year with the kids :)


CONTEST season- Trisha in about 3 weeks, Lisa’s April 18th, Deb, Jess, Leslie, Jeanette, Shana and maybe many others!!!
So much FUN!!!!  to get BUFF for!!!
Let’s have a great day!!!