quick HI – value family

www.BuffMother.com HI!! Just wanted to say HI and Happy Monday to you all!!  it is a rainy day here in hogville (AR)…anyhow, I have been […] Read More

I challenge you to eat 3 servings of GREENS daily!!

www.BuffMother.com During this is Week #8 of the BBB CONTEST- April 28- Your mini-challenge is to Eat 3 servings of greens each day!! Eating GREENS […] Read More

Buffing Relentlessly!

www.BuffMother.com Well…tomorrow we are set to start week #6 of the BBB challenge and last week was my BEST week thus far, minus the fact […] Read More

Be Relentless! Join the 4 week mini challenge for APRIL

www.BuffMother.com Dear BuffMothers- I would love for all of you ladies to join me in my 4 week- RELENTLESS Challenge! I declare the next 4 […] Read More

No Foolin’

www.BuffMother.com No Foolin’ this is going to be the best APRIL EVER!!!!! We are going to ROCK the BBB contest and continue to Attain our […] Read More

Where is everyone today??

www.BuffMother.com Could it be that today is “tired Thursday”  ? I see a bunch of you online, but no blogs…are you so sore your fingers […] Read More