Give AWAY!! Enter now~

A couple weeks back I had a longtime Team BuffMother member ask to do a give away of BUFFMOTHER products~ I said SURE, so she […] Read More

Make it GREAT!

Another week starts….2 weeks until kids go back school- I can’t wait!! My kids have gotten progressivly more lazy as the summer’s go on and […] Read More

Thank God it’s FRIDAY ~ Sowing Appreciation I found this quote in an article I read last week and thought it was GREAT, sorry I forgot to note the author: “Sincere […] Read More

Fantastic Friday!! I had a FANTASTIC day today!!! Lots of things happening in my life that are utterly FANTASTIC!!! One of which is ( getting […] Read More

Cool article!

Last night I got this e-mail– Dear Michelle, I just found your website and absolutely LOVE it! I’m the mother of a three-year-old and pregnant […] Read More


HOWDAY~ ! First off~Thanks for all the congrats and kind words about my bodyspace member of the month interview…It has been so nice to feel […] Read More

I declare June as “I Believe…” Month~

JUNE is here and I declare June as “I Believe…” Month~ Here is the scoop, I’d like for you to think, share and write about […] Read More

Big focus on BIG muscles and BIG movements!

Hay, Hay, Hay!! Great week!!! I am loving this consistency challenge~ I had a good leg workout yesterday- BIG focus on BIG MOVEMENTs! That is […] Read More